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Draco's FAQs VII


31. How do I take a "screen shot" of my game?
Angel Omnivac recommends you do the following: (1) Press "Alt" + "Print Screen," This will save one image. If you do it again, you will overwrite it; (2) Open up your favorite Paint Program, PhotoShop, Deluxe Paint, etc.; (3) Click "New" to create a new document. You will see also that the dimension of it will be your screen resolution (800x600 for example). (4) Then you simply use the command "Paste," and voila! The screen when you pressed Alt + Print Screen will appear there. After that you can cut it, resize it, modify it, or do whatever.
32. What's the point of building temples to a God if I don't need their help? If I'm not going to be doing any sea-trading, for example, why do I have to appease Neptune?
While the favor of a particular god may not seem necessary on some maps, keep the following in mind: (1) As you progress, upper class citizens will want access to as many different gods as possible. Access to all 5 would be the best; (2) You may think, "who cares if Neptune is angry, there's no water on this map!" Your citizens, however, will not share this sentiment. It will bring down the mood of the people in your city, and they will not like you as much. Right-click on them, and you'll receive messages like, "the gods are angry with us!" or my favorite: "the governor is a heathen!" If the mood of your town goes down, you will begin getting messages like "one of your tax collectors was mugged—you lost $340 Denarii!"
33. I have a small temple to each of the gods, throw many festivals for them, but they're still not happy with me! What's wrong?
You probably do not have enough temples built. Temples are likes schools, or theaters: they can only serve so many people. Build a new set of temples to all the gods for every 750-1000 people or so. Build large temples if you can, plus an Oracle or two (which appeases all the gods).
34. What is the ratio for Entertainment structures and Industry?
For Entertainment structures, you generally need 1 training center per 4 venues. For industry, the ratio is 2 workshops for every 1 raw material building. In both cases, if walkers have to travel an excessive distance to their destination, the ratio will alter a bit.
35. If the Governor's homes do not employ any workers—and only effect desirability—what's the point of building them? I can build a large statue instead of a Governor's Palace for less than half the cost!
Impressions concedes the point that the governor's home is effectively nothing more than a big statute, with one important difference. Building a Governor's home has a huge effect on prosperity—the larger the better. Only the Triumphant Arch has a greater effect on desirability, which will increase your chances of upgrading housing to luxury Palace level, thus the effect on prosperity.