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Draco's FAQs VI


26. What are all of the levels of promotion, and the cities you build with that promotion?

The promotions differ somewhat from the manual, since the manual was finalized before the actual game was.

Level Promotion Cities
1 Citizen Only one
2 Clerk Brundisium
3 Engineer Capua (P); Tarentum (M)
4 Architect Tarraco (P); Syracusae (M)
5 Quaestor Miletus (P); Mediolanum (M)
6 Procurator Lugdunum (P); Carthago (M)
7 Aedile Tarsus (P); Tingis (M)
8 Praetor Valentia(P); Lutetia (M)
9 Consul Caesarea (P); Damascus(M)
10 Proconsul Londinium (P); Sarmizegetusa (M)
11 Caesar Massilia (P); Lindum (M)

M = Military Assignment

P = Peaceful Assignment

27. I've started trading, and I'm rolling in cash, but then the city I was trading with stopped buying from me. I went to the "Empire" screen, and it says "0-25 bought" on the item I was selling. Then, a few months later, they were buying again! What's going on?
What happened was that once your trading partner hit their quota for the year, they stop buying/selling. Note which month of the year you are in when you check the Empire map. At the beginning of January, it will always show 0 of x, later in the year, you may already have traded their full supply/demand. Your trading partner will not buy an unlimited quantity from you, only what they need for the year.
28. I have another trading question. Sometimes my sea-trading partner only sells 1 or 2 units of the good I'm importing. How am I supposed to keep my markets stocked with pottery, for example, if they only sell me 2 units of it?
What happened was that it took too long for the ship to load/unload. Impressions has explained that there is a time limit for ships at a dock. If it takes too long to load/unload, the ship sails away after only partially unloading. Keep a warehouse *right* next to the dock to minimize walking distance for cart-pushers. That way you should get 4-8 clay and 4-8 wheat when the ship comes in.
29. One more trading question: Natives. Can you only trade goods with them that other Roman cites are willing to buy, or can you sell *anything* to the natives?
Check your trade advisor. You can only set goods to "export" if you have open trade routes for that good. Natives will only buy goods that you have set to "export," thus, you must have an open trade route with another Roman city for that good. Impressions says that natives will buy any good that you are exporting, two cartloads at a time.
30. Sometimes when I try to "wall up" the wolves, they run straight through the walls while you're building them. What's up with these "ghost wolves"?
What happens here is that the wolves have a movement path already programmed, so they are following that path when you place the wall right in front of them. You either have to put the wall far enough in front of them so that their movement paths will be updated before they get to the wall, or build the walls when the wolves are lying down. Be careful! If you place the wall too close to the wolves, you may see wolves seemingly appear out of nowhere; always near, but on the wrong side of where you have walled them up. Impressions has said (with a wink) that the wolves are "breeding." If a new wolf is "born," and the walls are too close to the wolves, the new wolf may very well appear on the other side of the wall. When you wall them in, you need to create a small 'buffer' zone. If all of the wolves on the map are dead, no new wolves will be "born."