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Draco's FAQs I


1. Those sheep and zebras are so annoying; can I kill them or eat them?
No, you can't kill the sheep or zebras. You can, however, get them to move (most of the time) by placing a 2x2 building right next to them. In most cases, they will move when you place it right near them. If the animals are in the way of invading forces, you can look on with grim satisfaction as they slaughter the annoying beasts!
2. I just had a major drop in available workers, but I did not see any mass emigration?
Check your housing, it probably upgraded to a large or luxury villa, which only houses patricians. Patricians don't work (they just sit around and drink) but pay really high taxes!
3. Help! There are wolves ravaging the people of my city and terrorizing the countryside!
As soon as you hear the first howl of the wolves, slow your game down to speed "10" or "20." Identify where the wolves are, and build a wall around them so that they're surrounded. Later, you can use your Javelin throwers to finish the job when you're ready.
4. My housing is on fire, but several Prefects have walked past the building like nothing unusual was going on. Are they dumber than the Market Traders?
You're not alone in witnessing this complete lack of professionalism and courtesy from your law enforcement/fire fighters. One theory that has been offered, is that when a fire breaks out, the AI tells a number of prefects to drop their swords, grab a bucket, and proceed expeditiously to the fire. However, the AI will not later assign a closer prefect to put out a particular fire if another prefect has already assigned. Thus, a prefect who has put out one fire in a 4 square blaze will not reload with water once his blaze is put out, as other prefects have already been assigned to it. Of course, those other prefects may be on the other side of the city, and the first may have been able to put all of the fires himself by the time the reinforcements arrived. It's an AI shortcut that cheats your cities. You will notice that settlers also have the same sort of psychology: they come onto the map with a destination in mind, and get confused if that destination is removed before they get there.
5. What does it matter if the gods are angry? Does it have any effect on game play?
Absolutely. (1) The people of your city will not be happy if the gods are displeased. (2) More importantly, the gods will either bless you, or curse you depending on their disposition. Impressions has explained that each god has a major and a minor "wrath" event for when they're upset, but each only has one "blessing." Some are more dangerous/useful than others are. For example, if you are unprepared for a coming attack (either because of an early attack, or because you are recovering from a recent large batter) Mars" blessing event may save you. If he's "exalted," he may send a "Spirit" to watch over you that can entirely wipe out a small invasion, and take a big chunk out of even a large one. Ceres may either boost your crops, or kill all of your growing crops. Mercury may either spirit some of your stored goods away, or allow you to find "extra" goods stored in your warehouse/granary. Neptune may either calm the seas/boost trade, or cause storms which can sink a trade ship while it's at your dock (this bad, but it is rather amusing to see the sunken ship in front of you dock). You get the idea.