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[SC01] Kingdom of the Pyramids

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Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 7000
Culture goal: 40
Prosperity goal: 70
Peace goal: 90
Favor goal: 90
!!!MADE WITH AUGUSTUS V3.2.0.300-c387565e and requires such or higher!!!

5000 years ago in the Nile River Valley, a fertile corridor of land with mild climate that stretches over 1000 miles through the heart of Africa, our story begins. Along the winding banks of the Nile, small communities of farmers and hunters settled in this lush environment, taking full advantage of the abundant resources provided by the river. They built homes, cultivated crops, and fished the waters, all while developing their own distinct cultures and traditions. Over time, these communities grew and expanded, eventually giving rise to some of the most sophisticated and enduring civilizations in human history. As these communities grew and flourished, their people began to worship a pantheon of gods and goddesses, many of whom were associated with the natural world and the forces that governed it.

These early settlements became more complex, people developed a system of government and social hierarchy that allowed them to thrive. They built irrigation systems to control the floodwaters of the Nile and improve crop yields, and they traded with neighboring regions to acquire goods that could not be found in their own land. Over time their civilization grew and powerful leaders emerged. The paharohs, who were believed to be childs of the gods and treated as such. With that power and influence they expanded the borders of their kingdom, called Kemet, and established a strong central government. They built massive monuments, the pyramids at Giza and the temples at Luxor and Karnak, to demonstrate their wealth and power and to honor their gods. The Kingdoms power continued to grow over the centuries, and it expanded its territory to encompass vast areas. From the southern regions of Nubia to the fertile plains of Mesopotamia, Egypt extended its rule, and its pharaohs gained a reputation for their wisdom, beauty, and divine authority.

As Egypt continued to flourish, its society became increasingly sophisticated. The pharaohs and their nobles developed a complex bureaucracy to govern their growing kingdom, and the priests of the many gods and goddesses held great influence over the people. The civilization developed an intricate system of writing known as hieroglyphics, which allowed them to record their history, religion, and culture in great detail. Egyptian art and architecture reached new heights during this time, with the construction of grand temples and elaborate tombs. The pharaohs were buried in massive pyramids, which served as both their tombs and symbols of their power and wealth.

Despite periods of upheaval and decline, Egypt endured for thousands of years now, leaving behind a lasting legacy of accomplishments. The Egyptians made important contributions to mathematics, medicine, and astronomy, and their knowledge and technology helped shape our world and empire. And yet, even as I look to the past, I am also keenly aware of the challenges that face me in the present. Egypt is a land of great wealth and beauty, but also one of great complexity and strife. As I sit here I am reminded that the world is always changing and that the fate of Egypt can turn on a single decision or action. But I am not daunted by these challenges! For I am Cleopatra, last of the pharaohs, and I am determined to lead Egypt forward into a new era of prosperity and greatness!





In the southern vicinity of Cleopatra's Palace lies an old valley where valuable marble can be obtained at a considerable cost.

To the north of the pyramids, there are tombs carved in stone that house priceless artifacts at risk of being stolen by local grave robbers seeking to profit from them.

Cleopatra has enemies who could potentially launch an attack on the Egyptian metropolis from the mountains.


Thanks for downloading :)

-raised pop goal
-reduced peace goal
-reworked landscape
-reduced marble availability
-enaibled more entertainment
-tweaked invasions
-tweaked requests
-reduced prices for tradable goods
-significantly raised trade quotas for wheat, and a bit for fruits
-changed starting date
-disabled native mission
-disabled military academy
-disabled tower
-enabled large temples
-raised romes wages a bit higher
-reduced fertile land on the startingside riverbank
-moved dock spots
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