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Blood Under the Bridge

Author File Description
Governor Jon
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 8000
Culture goal: 0
Prosperity goal: 85
Peace goal: 95
Favor goal: 90
Salve Governor,

The Empire is in need of weapons and the iron around a small outcrop along the anatolian coast has proven to be very well suited for the needs of our legions. I'm sending you there to establish a city that can produce them in large quantities. I trust you will do well, despite the dangers that are present in the region.

There is also a drought in the area, so you will have to import food, nevertheless, I expect a healthy sized city that is able to support itself and fend for itself to set an example to the region of the might of Rome in the face of adversity.

Do not let me down Governor.
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DDR Jake This map beat me senseless. The numbers do add up to show that the criteria are possible, but how one designs the city is beyond me.
mathieu Same for me. I can't find a good solution. I tried a solution with forced market ladies... But my loop was way too big. Devolution all the time. It's so hard to move food in Julius. If you place the granaries in the middle, the efficiency of the farms is not enough to feed 7.2k plebs.

My current strategy is 94 SI together with 8 GVs. This should lead to a prosperity of ~92. Just enough to compensate for SC labor access. The biggest issue here is the import of food for the GVs. With the earthquake there is not enough space for granaries and the trade routes become very awkward. Same for dock placement. At least there is a somewhat feasible spot for a dock up north.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
See balance.

Balance: 2
Uhh... Incredible hard map. Especially with the earth quake which kills the only reasonable dock spots. I think its not possible to win this map without building out to the edges and pre stack the invasions. The pop goal of 8k is hard to achieve without tent spam in the end. In my run I didn't test it to the max. I could have upgraded my SI to MI and get a little more pop in. But with all the fumigation and uprisings in the end, I wanted to leave this map as fast as possible :D

So to sum it up why I have just two points here:
- Almost impossible to win without pre stacking invasions
- Most likely some tent spam needed in the end
- Triple fumigations and attacks/uprisings
- Earth quake in a spot which makes sea trade very awkward

Creativity: 5
I think it's a nice idea to have food just in one place and find a way around it. There is a lot of potential in this map. But the points mentioned above made it not very enjoyable to play.

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
I really like your maps. Always a pleasure to play them. But this one was brutal as hell :D
Governor Jon
File Author
Thank you Mathieu! :)

Yes, it is perhaps hard to the point of being cruel, it is not something I usually strive for in a map! I'm glad you took the time to give it a whirl though, the feedback is appreciated.
Brugle I have a question, especially for DDR Jake, mathieu, and Governor Jon:
Do you use "future history"? The map would be much easier knowing invasion locations, and it would help knowing the quake location, where four 1x1 houses would merge, requests, and trade changes.
I might give this scenario a try if I can use "future history".
DDR Jake Salve Brugle.

I play and stream my maps blind, so I do not have future history to use.

That said, anyone can play these maps however they wish to. Indeed, for this exceptionally brutal map, I would encourage you to use every advantage you can including future knowledge.
mathieu The future history I use, is brute forcing my way through and jumping back in the save games :D I uploaded my "winning" save in the completed cities section a couple of minutes ago. If it can even be called like that with all the hacks I had to use. At least I know the 1x1 spots for mergers. I actually don't know them when building on fertile land. But on this map you need every bit of fertile land anyway :D

[Edited on 02/06/23 @ 09:55 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Rats in the drinking water. Euggh. Three back to back for a double fumigation was rough.
Given the (future) limited access to dock space, opening up with Alexandria is a trap that limits food trade throughput.
Land/Sea trade problems on a map that wants you to import food is just nasty. Especially for those of us who want an optimal solution.
Invasion points so far apart on a map with dangerous invasions and no academy is not fun. Doubly so when so much is needed to be placed against the map edge. Though this one I viewed as less of a problem by the end of the map.
The increases in available food from trade partners came a lot too late to be especially useful.

Balance: 5
The Financial Balance was superb; I was able to build up a sizable warchest in the first decade or so, but after that spent the next two decades treading water fiscally. So not the most financially challenging map, but given the challenge lay elsewhere I thought it was perfect.
The disparate invasion points aside, the ramp up of invasion difficulty was good, and... to avoid saying anything too spoiler-y, the disparate nature wasn't too bad in the end.
The city design part was definitely the greatest challenge of this map, but that was what made it brilliant.

Creativity: 5
You have created a superb logistical puzzle that was very enjoyable to solve.

Map Design: 5
A pretty map as all yours are.

Story/Instructions: 4
Some of the issues addressed in the playability section could have been ameliorated by hints/outright statements.

Additional Comments:
Always love your maps. Watching Jake play Caesar's Alcoholism was what got me to buy the game, and was the first(!) map I played (naturally I failed miserably).

Spent much of my weekend with this map after watching Jake play it (so I knew where the earthquake was, but built there anyway) and it sure was tough. Managed to get a win and came back to it this evening to scrounge my way to 100 prosperity.

Overall, thanks for another enjoyable map!

[Edited on 02/06/23 @ 06:48 PM]

Governor Jon
File Author
For Brugle, I don't typically design a map with the necessity of 'future knowledge' in mind for the player, however this map is a little cruel so I would not begrudge anyone that makes use of it in order to finish it, by all means, play how you wish to, as it is not my place to say otherwise.

For Keinwyn, thanks for the feedback, those are all good points and some that I hadn't even considered before. I'll definitely remember to lay off trade route troubles in future maps where I want food imports to be a significant factor so that was a good shout.
Glad you were able to finish it!

[Edited on 02/06/23 @ 08:25 PM]

Brugle Eventually I expect to try this scenario, copying DDR Jake and not using "future history". (I rarely use "future history" in C3 missions--Rebel Lugdunum was an exception where I needed to check a few things to ensure that an "eternal" mission was possible.)

I'm not fond of battles, and there's no military academy. However, there aren't many invasion routes: near the entry, near the exit, and some on the fertile E land mass. Those are far apart, so where should forts go?

Prosperity should be doable, but designing everything will take me a long time.
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