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[EC04] Fortis Pons Norba

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 5000
Culture goal: 30
Prosperity goal: 50
Peace goal: 80
Favor goal: 60
Welcome back Governor! Your triumph in Lesontium was surprising to me but having you back is important these days. Many things happened while you have been gone. Some delegates try to take power in the senate to overthrow the emperor. We have to take care of them! But first my friend you will be send to Pons Norba. Your experience in warfare is needed there to bring safety over the city again. The last Governor wasnt succesful doing so and we need the outpost to further extend the empire and bring troops to the northern outskirts. The last Governor already has reinforced the town, so you dont have to take care of this. It will be your task to hire and train troops to defend what is left. Increase the population and economic infrastrcuture to stabilize the empire in this region.



-building outside of the fort is forbidden

-building additional walls, gatehouses, towers or pallisades is forbidden(repairing is alloud)

-have at least 1 Fort Auxiliaries-Mounted and 1 Fort Legionaries

The economic stability of Pons Norba relies on trade with the few ressources it can produce and upgrade.

Thanks for downloading :)

-delayed first Invasions
-raised starting Dn
-disabled rome raising wages
-adjusted request amounts
-slightly adjusted pricechanges for vegetables
-slightly adjusted demand for vegetables

-changed population goal to 6000
-removed the mine/stone from the fort
-tweaked invasionsizes
-tweaked special events
-completly reworked economy:
-changed empire
-reworked emperor requests
-enabled workshops
-reworked price changes
-reworked demand changes

-reworked win conditions
-added 2 spots for timber yard in the fort to expand trading with furniture or upgrade housing
-enabled hospital
-enabled military academy
-reworked invasionsizes
-removed flooded clay pit
-adjusted emperor requests
-reworked price changes
-reworked demand changes (trade with pottery isnt time limited anymore)
-changed rules to only have at least 1 fort Legionaries
-slightly raised starting Dn
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
augustusBoy I tried to play this map on very hard difficulty mode which starts with 3054 Denarii & 750 Denarii rescue fund. Without making any changes at all we would need about 10 houses, at least 4 temple (if you want to avoid god curses), basic services which are required in Augustus, one of each forum, school, theatre, market, granary, supply post, barracks, fort (invasion come very early) & at lest 4 farms. Don't forget temple & fort cost levy & also wages needs paying. One also has to open trade route which cost 850 Denarii.
By the time one does the very basic setup, one would be in negative funding. Given trade is very minimal & on going expense of wage/levies I never manage to recover resulting into invasion & legion attack.
I don't think this map could be won(at lest not by me on very hard level). For me this map needs some modification. Either in trade or in terms of invasions.
File Author
Hello augustusBoy,

Thanks for downloading and playing my map in early testing phase and giving critical feedback! :)

I adjusted the starting Dn to cover early economy and slightly tweaked the demand and price for vegetables to stabilize late game income.
I pushed back the early invasions by 2 years but didnt change the later ones so about year 5 to 10 the "recovertime" between invasions is reduced.

Wages arent raised by rome anymore to get that out for now and see if cityfunds react positiv to that.
augustusBoy Even after your adjustments the trade opportunities are so little that after wages & temple levies barely anything left to build on. I manage to get 3 forts but then you have 3 different attack of decent size from 3 different locations which never going to work.

If you don't want to change building available then may I suggest have 2-3 weapon factory pre-built or 2-3 pottery pre built so that user can get proper trade going and have at least few denariis spare to build city.

Once I got to 500 population it was impossible to make any money so roman legion wasn't issue anymore but I wasn't left with any saving to built city on.

User should be able to save few hundred denariis at the end of the year or else expansion is impossible. Starting Denariis could be reduced by 1000 if you like if other changes especially around trade are made.

Also I would advise you to try your own map as you would have realise straight away that its still impossible to play let alone win. I won't be playing anymore test maps I'm afraid as it seems bit of waste of time.

It is very different type of map and gave me inspiration of creating some of same sort for myself. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
V 1.3 fixes all the inconsistencies and makes the map beatable and enjoyable. Everything work, additional goals can be beaten.

Balance: 5
Limitations to your fort composition and raw materials are tailored to challenge you but retain fairness. military features simultaneous attacks and some are quite large, still beatable. Some creativity with labor is required late game.

Creativity: 5
Interesting to not have most of the map available for building, map is flat and allows for standard block designs that is the only thing that can be disputed.

Map Design: 5
Flat, fertile and central climate makes for relaxed city building.

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:I enjoyed playing it, can be beaten quite quick. Would maybe appreciate more city building elements than military but its a good map.
File Author
Hello Marek,
your playthrough covered some aspects which i need to look into again and inspired me for v1.4 which is going to come out at some time.
Thanks for supporting my maps.:)
If you did not check out Marek on twitch yet, now or never!!;D
CeasarPizza This map is alright, quite relaxing and straight forward. I tried to remove as little road as possible to remain the aesthetic. Overall enjoy playing it.
File Author
Hello CeasarPizza :)
Sounds interesting, you kept the initial roadlayout.
Uploading it to completed cities would be nice to see how it worked out!
And as always thank you for playing and so supporting my maps.

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Map Design5.0
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