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The Town Square
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Topic Subject: OpenCaesar 3
posted 04-11-13 01:17 ET (US)   
We try to restore this wonderful game

Project can be find here - old rep
or here - new rep (linux,win)

If you like this game you can support us in Steam

Near time i add CaesarIA in Steam greenlight, you voice very important for me.
Thanks to all.

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posted 04-16-13 06:17 ET (US)     1 / 26  
I've glanced over your headers, and you certainly have done a lot of work. Are you planning to add changes to the original gameplay or to just reimplement it for different platforms?
posted 04-24-13 02:09 ET (US)     2 / 26  
After reparing functionality of original game we planned expansion and a multiplayer

Windows demo.

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posted 04-24-13 05:07 ET (US)     3 / 26  
Sorry, that link doesn't work for me, because I use linux. I will have to try compiling it from source, but not today, I have too much work now.
posted 04-25-13 03:17 ET (US)     4 / 26  
+ Houses now may to raise/lower level
+ Roads have more priority for movement, than earth
+ Service buildings now may hire workers in the district (as in the original game)
+ Wells influence "desirability" of the earth

posted 04-27-13 21:34 ET (US)     5 / 26  
This is an interesting project, I have added it to the list of independent games here.

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posted 05-01-13 13:21 ET (US)     6 / 26  
+ clay pit work (now it makes clay and takes workers)
+ fix algorithm of movement prefect.
+ fix warehouse work.
+ fix rules of hire workers for prefecture.
+ fix of the trader food picture.
+ added priorities of hire workers for different types of buildings.

win demo
posted 05-07-13 05:15 ET (US)     7 / 26  
The installer size is reduced... but same enough big (78 Mb)

+ work of the market, granary, prefecture are corrected
+ houses may upgrade without mistakes to 3 levels.
+ the bug with stiffening inhabitants is corrected
+ the bug with drawing of roads is corrected
+ some mem leak are fixed
+ the desirabilities updating is corrected

It is possible to download a demo here
posted 05-21-13 20:48 ET (US)     8 / 26  
Hi there, looks good - just like the original thing!

Don't mind my asking, since I haven't read much about your project. Why did you guys create this open-source version of C3 in the first place? What's the diff from the original, I'm wondering? Thanks.
posted 05-24-13 13:55 ET (US)     9 / 26  
Hello, I am glad that this great game is still interesting to you.
1 . Simply we very much like this game.
2 . Meanwhile game won't differ from the original
3 . As will all functions of original game are added, there will be additions (big cards, game on a network, there are more than types of buildings and people, loan from other games of a series) and many more... but now i want restore original game... welcome...
posted 05-28-13 07:23 ET (US)     10 / 26  
+ work of farms Is restored
+ windows with information for different buildings (a well, the market, a farm, a granary) are added
+ the algorithm of construction of roads is corrected
+ messages for events in the city are added
+ corrected market and granary works.
+ the bug with removal of burning buildings fixed
+ creation recruiters for service buildings fixed
+ add creating screenshots in game
+ support for .sav of files of original game is added
+ work on game save/load start


posted 06-05-13 13:32 ET (US)     11 / 26  
Map of the empire

+ the Project finally moved to cmake so problems with assembly it has to be reduced (on the main compilers build)
+ map of the empire
+ Settings of buildings and designs are taken out in the separate file
+ corrected loading \removal of images from cache
+ gardens\plaza added
+ localization under Windows now work.
+ the window with settings for a granary improved
+ creation of screenshots under the linux fixed
+ no depended from boost::time
+ json parser (configuration files) fixed
+ instructions on installation were updated, now there are less than steps and is more easy

Unfortunately an installer I can't lay out, will be a bit later. To 3-4 levels of houses (it is 1-2 mission of original game) the project workable.

That was in the original

Such look (without stuff) now

Granary settings
posted 11-27-13 12:09 ET (US)     12 / 26  
Settings of a display resolution and full-screen mode can be changed in the app/resources/settings.model file

Updatings of revision 902:
* the main changes concerned stability of game, fixed crashes and friezes has to be less
* influence of gardens on the surrounding territory, now at big gardens the bigger radius and influence Is counted
* consumption of resources by houses Is corrected, the number of inhabitants in the house is considered now
* way calculation for the emigrants/homeless corrected, now they don't pass through houses
* the Warehouse/grannary now save orders
* Now citizens can interact with others, information about cages round themselves and can react to it
* Through ruins of buildings now possible to go
* animation of theaters/amphitheaters/school of gladiators corrected
* Settings of animation of buildings can be changed now in the configuration file, before everything was in code only
* Now inhabitants recalculate the way if it broken
* empire trade now saving state
* fix crash games during removal place for fishing
* layer for display of crime level added
* added protestors, they appear in houses with a high crime rate and burn down with a row standing buildings
* Prefects kill protestors if they appear in the range of their sight
* Citizens turn now towards events, for example the prefect fight fire with the necessary animation
* Online installer add

to download:
(Windows/Ubuntu/Online installer)

posted 12-14-13 06:08 ET (US)     13 / 26  
+ add sound engine and ambient sound
+ translations improved, now has to work equally at linux/win systems
+ academies and barbers serve houses and employ workers
+ prefect doesn't go now on burning ruins
+ citizen correctly go now on roads, without jumping in nearby tiles
+ cartpushers with olives find creameries and bring them olives
+ fortifications are drawn without distortions
+ towers and guardsmen are added, towers need 6 workers,
then guardsmen who will patrol walls available
+ gate are added, inhabitants can pass through them
+ ramp (liftings to mountains) aren't now an obstacle and inhabitants consider them at pathfindinf
+ walls doesn't fall now over time
+ updater check OS condition when downloading files

Download new version of the game (2013.12.14)

Download online installer
posted 02-16-14 10:02 ET (US)     14 / 26  
+ Initial language is changed to English
+ mission engine recoding, add events with fixed birthtime, load mission localization when mission start, loading new mission after win
+ first training mission from original Caesar III (r) added
+ widget for text display now show images like original game
+ work on macosx and haiku (on mac need to start in a full-screen mode, but may will be loss events from mouse)
+ Cyrillics symbols work on mac improved
+ fixed color scheme on mac
+ add tooltips on information layer "Religion" and "Education"
+ add event locust attack on farms with the subsequent consuming of a crop Is added for some time
+ add information layer of "Problems"
+ frequency of updating territory around the reservoir fixed, water layer sometimes vanished when was large number of consumers
+ Baths/fountains show warning message when constructed far from the reservoir
+ add new citizens opinions
+ fixed crash "Entertainment" layer if the house was left by inhabitants
+ calculation rating of culture equale such original game
+ fixed broke water layer near fountain at new month start
+ improved descriptions for farms and extracting buildings
+ fixed getting user home directory for linux
+ fixed crash when using fast load function on windows
+ fixed display of the unemployed near the senate building

Mac OS X (10.8.3, zip) (better in fullscreen)
Haiku(gcc2, zip)

P.S. for Mac need install SDL, SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer frameworks
for Linux\Haiku need install SDL, SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer by package manager
posted 03-16-14 18:02 ET (US)     15 / 26  
So Open Caesar 3 became CaesarIA on Moddb.

More links here:
Source Forge
Git Hub
Bit Bucket

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posted 03-26-14 16:51 ET (US)     16 / 26  
So is this the same as the original? Or better? Or an attempt to make it like the original?

What is the result?
posted 03-26-14 23:07 ET (US)     17 / 26  
Yeah after restoring the original game there are plans to expand it - such as adding more resources (water + flour = bread). If you follow the links there are more details and discussion.
posted 04-10-14 02:55 ET (US)     18 / 26  
changes b1362

+ prefects attack enemy soldiers
+ atlas of animations redesign, fast search in the atlas, settings of animations in the configuration file
+ fish places cease to appear if in the city there is no river, or not access to the river
+ fix bug with a freeze citizens after loading game
+ road construction is corrected, now it no use existing roads
+ movement system for citizens use control points, not direction list
+ can use different speeds of movement for citizens
+ localization of the first training mission is corrected
+ city services reset when loading new game or saved
+ fix crash a sound theme at card change (pc)
+ add emperor and opportunity to send him gifts is added
+ add briefing for 4 missions and prepare of mission in Tarraco
+ In a repository stable branch is added, from where it is possible to download last stable sources
+ added garbage on water
+ way search now use deep water and shoal different
+ Employees try to find a way to the base if on a way was broken, instead of removal from map before
+ It is corrected shifts for low/ship bridges. Also bridges are drawn without auxiliary tiles
+ add ADB console ouptut
+ Now it is possible to hold a festival
+ fix the admission of processing of some events of a touchscreen on the android (the buttons are pressed by one tap)
+ loading games on android Is corrected


P.S. Need test on real machine, but i have only VM for win,mac

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posted 04-16-14 08:59 ET (US)     19 / 26  
If you like this game you can support us in Steam

Near time i add CaesarIA in Steam greenlight, you voice very important for me.
Thanks to all.
posted 01-18-15 01:27 ET (US)     20 / 26  
posted 09-27-15 14:14 ET (US)     21 / 26  
Hey guys.
Big fan of your work.
Downloaded the caesaria-0.5-macos-build-20150924
but i have problem with installing it.
The file says
# Thanks for Anakros from
# Run this sript for download dependencies and install game
# then run ./caesaria.macos from console


curl -O
curl -O

hdiutil mount SDL2_mixer-2.0.0.dmg
hdiutil mount SDL2-2.0.3.dmg

mkdir -p $LIBDIR
cp -r /Volumes/SDL2/SDL2.framework $LIBDIR
cp -r /Volumes/SDL2_mixer/SDL2_mixer.framework $LIBDIR

chmod +x caesaria.macos && chmod +x updater.macos

I dont know how to run a script.
Could you guys help me?
posted 09-30-15 11:04 ET (US)     22 / 26  
So after many tries, i finally understood what to do.

I needed to open terminal-app
run the script there
then run the ./ceasaria.macos in the same app
posted 09-30-15 12:20 ET (US)     23 / 26  
Is this game actually in active development? It would also be nice if the game was available on other sources than just through Github and also gave an indication as to whether the game is actually fully completed.

It's an interesting project, but the OP hasn't posted in a while and I fear the project is abandoned.
posted 10-02-15 22:55 ET (US)     24 / 26  
Check the links above, there was an update after your post.

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posted 01-19-16 19:44 ET (US)     25 / 26  
This is AWESOME. I love this game and it is so nice to see someone revive it. Now if only we could have a new Alpha Centauri.
posted 04-08-16 02:04 ET (US)     26 / 26  
WHAT ????? WTF !!!


sorry guys, i'm a huge fan of caeser III and please, tell me the project still works...

i speak bad english (Frenchie, from Paris ) i don't understand if we can already play with ur project (under windows seven)

In all case, YOU guys are FORMIDABLE !!!

keep making us dream !

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