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Topic Subject: Caesar III open-source remake crowdfunding
posted 09-17-14 12:46 ET (US)

CaesarIA is an open source remake of a real time strategy game released by Impressions Games in 1998 Caesar III.

I remember the first time I played Caesar III. It was a wonderful amazingly smart game that made me feel that the city lived its own life even after I finished playing. This feeling stays with me ever since. One can spend hours observing the life of the city even without interfering with it: the plebes and the patricians, the merchants and the students everything and everyone is in balance. This game has given me enormous pleasure during many days I have been playing it. During any activity in this game such as constructing new buildings or taking care of its citizens' health, bargaining with neighbors or waiting for the barbarian besieges, you have the feeling as if you were a real governor to be known even in Rome.

CaesarIA aims to expand the possibilities of this classical city-building simulator and to add new features to the city life. Currently, the game works on following OSs: Windows, Linux, Mac, Haiku and Android.

Requirements to people we need.
Artists we all love the old Caesar but it was made 15 years ago, and it has its own parents. We need a step forward. This remake requires new textures, that would be unique for this game, reflect Roman architecture but at the same give it a fresh breeze making use of modern graphics.

Programmers all of us know how much knowledge is required to develop a good quality game even if one has time and good fortune. In this game the behavior of all city's objects is predefined but it's possible to diversify the set of these actions so they will not repeat often making the game world look real and immersive. There is plenty of freedom here, but experience in c++ and a broad view would anyway be of great use.

Talented writer ever felt immersed in the plot of a game? That is exactly what this game needs. So I am searching for someone who can draw the player's attention by the plot and by game events presenting an interesting story in career mode.

Composers the sounds that surround us when we are playing are of great importance. The city strives to be filled by new sounds, voices and songs, which will submerge you in its ancient Roman city atmosphere.

I invite all of you to participate in my project, you can find the game's source code on the main page as well as you can download builds for different OSs. On the following page I estimated the prospective expenses on different needs based on a reasonable hourly rate. Also I know that it is impossible to put some strict deadlines in such creative projects because requirements can be changed, the terms can be shifted or broken as a result the final quality will be worse than one planned before.

I am unfortunately not a high-qualified game developer, but the good news is that I have many successful projects in my portfolio. There is really not much difference between developing software or games. For more than five years I have been developing a naval diver detection systems with strict deadlines and occasionally changing requirements. I have been using computer graphics and many other technologies to achieve my goals. It makes me feel positive about the outcome of this project and I am keen on putting all the effort into it.

I do believe this project will succeed.

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posted 10-14-14 11:31 ET (US)     1 / 3  
Sounds cool - I cross posted this link to Tilted Mill here.

In regards to new music (which Caesar 3 definitely does need as the original music is funny but gets irritating) - check out the open source soundtrack for the open source rts game 0 Ad here. This is an ancient military real time strategy project in progress similar to the Age of Empires rts series.

You can download the entire soundtrack for free - some of the music tracks sound like they could fit into an ancient Roman city building theme so this can be an option for music.

Maybe emailing the composer and asking which specific tracks were made with a Roman theme in mind may help?
posted 10-20-14 04:33 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Sounds cool - I cross posted this link to Tilted Mill here
Just so you know, the link is broken. For some reason, none of the links to the Tilted Mill forums work, they just lead to 404 Not Found pages.
posted 11-06-15 13:43 ET (US)     3 / 3  
I realize this is a rather late response, however, I do have a background in writing - specifically poetry - I have a degree in creative writing and I run a small publication (again, poetry). I'd be interested in doing some writing if you still need someone and are still working on the project.
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