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Topic Subject: Why can't I build certain buildings?
posted 10-20-21 18:48 ET (US)   
I grew up playing the earlier Zeus and Pharoah and Caesar games and have had a great time finally playing Caesar IV on a computer that can actually run it. But I'm having a frustrating gameplay issue: I'm not allowed to build some buildings.

This sort of made sense in the Kingdom tutorial, because they want to slowly introduce mechanics and not overwhelm players all at once. But now I'm in the regular Republic campaign mode and I'm still seeing many options greyed out for no reason. Some are legitimately blocked because I don't have enough money or resources (like factories or temples that require raw materials that aren't there). But others don't make sense, not even from a game progression or rating limitation standpoint. Why can I build a big expensive library but not a much smaller and cheaper school? Why can I build large bathhouses, but not hospitals or even barbers? I also can't access the Basilica or Forum, the Obelisk decoration, or any entertainment options beyond Odeum/Theater and the Actor's Guild.

This is really cramping the gameplay because I can't match jobs to workers with smaller services. If these are supposed to stay disabled on certain maps (dumb!), is there any way to enable them with a cheat code or file tweak? I doubt I'll play more than a few campaign maps, and I want to have access to all the buildings in the game on the ones I do.

posted 10-21-21 15:12 ET (US)     1 / 3  
Hi Jordan117 Welcome to Caesar IV Heaven.

The missions were designed to allow only certain buildings. This is especially true of the early missions, even in the Republic Campaign. It's probably so you can focus on what the mission is actually about.

If you want to build everything, try a custom scenario from the downloads section.
posted 10-27-21 16:21 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Thank you. I realized that some of the options were blocked due to a lack of upstream resources (no iron = no weapons = no gladiators = no colosseum, for ex), but starting a non-campaign scenario or custom game sounds like the best option to unlock everything.
posted 12-19-21 06:35 ET (US)     3 / 3  
You need to persevere. The whole point of buildings being greyed out, as you put it, is all part of the challenge. If everything was available, you would only need to import exotic items.

Missing support buildings tend to be linked to the ratings. Who needs a Circus when the culture rating is moderate or lower.
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