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Topic Subject: Military
posted 05-30-21 14:46 ET (US)   
I have the Roma Modificado Again SCN, I would loooove to know how to add military in there as well. Is there anyone who can create that ???

DeeDee Sund
posted 05-30-21 22:31 ET (US)     1 / 10  
Hi deedee! I don't think anyone is doing much with Caesar IV scenarios at the moment.

You could always try posting a comment on the download page, or even read the editing guide and try it yourself.
posted 06-06-21 13:24 ET (US)     2 / 10  
deedee1, All the information is on the site here, however I have made a tutorial on youtube, search "Caesar IV Scenario Editor Tutorial"
It covers how to setup military. If you need help just ask.
posted 06-06-21 15:28 ET (US)     3 / 10  
Amen: when it comes to these kind of things, i am completly clueless. I have printed out the editor pages having to do with orders and requests and have read and read and read again. And i understand nothing. Can you make it for me ??? Scenario was Roma modificado again. absolutely looooove that scenario. Just want Rome to be able request soldiers

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posted 06-10-21 07:12 ET (US)     4 / 10  
Hi, Are you referring to a city on this website in the Downloads/Custom Scenarios

I will need to know exactly which one you need changing.
posted 06-11-21 14:42 ET (US)     5 / 10  
THE TRADE EMPIRE - Panem et Circenses
Modified rome scenario

I think i got the miliraty requests working Discovered in the XML file that military requests were there just never opened in the actual Scenario editor.

Looks like my "fix" didnt work. I even tried to "copy" the request input from other scenarios that have military requests and input them directly into the where they belong in the editor but no requests from Caesar. all numbers were formatted correctly.

Now my burning question I have followed the instructions to change imports to other things but i try to save and go back to the new game and check to se if it changed but it didnt How do i change or add other import goods. I want to import other exotic goods like silk or incense and other exotic items. Any help would be great !!

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posted 06-12-21 05:37 ET (US)     6 / 10  
I cover adding imported/exported goods in the youtube tutorial at 22minutes. After you do that then click the red [x] (top right) and then save.
posted 06-12-21 14:38 ET (US)     7 / 10  
Amen. I tried with the editor, things changed there and so i saved it. Started again and none of my changes stayed. i watched your posting but again failed. i love this particular scn so i hope you can help me i run using steam and that is where i am saving data to.
posted 06-14-21 07:02 ET (US)     8 / 10  
hi, I've had a look at the scenerio you mentioned and there is a bug on it which prevents the *.cs file working.
Anyway I've sorted that issue and its in the link below. Scenerio now called Roma2.

There are 4 request for goods followed by 2 military request. (All within 3 months for testing purposes)
1 iron
2 jewelry
3 spices
4 furs
5 military deadline 1yrs
6 military deadline 3yrs

You can play around with it and add more or change the times as you wish. Please note that The Editor is buggy so some changes might not show in the editor name field, and sometimes you might need to modify the xml file. As an example I had to sway jewelry with spices. Sometimes the wrong item is saved into the Editor.
To add more military request you can now add them directly to the *.cs file using any text editor.e.g. Notepad++

Finally let me know once you have downloaded the file from dropbox.
posted 06-18-21 13:50 ET (US)     9 / 10  
THE TRADE EMPIRE - Panem et Circenses
Modified rome scenario is the one i am looking for

downloaded your scn. only 2 req's show and that is iron and jewelry. have taken some of the txt from the xml file and copied into the xml of the one i want but that did not do what i thought it would do. i am mostly out after getting military req's no attacks tho just to supply to caesar.
i want to be able to import more exotic goods (perfum, incense, honey, cosmetics silk) there are 48 trade posts so i figure it cant be so hard to adjustments . i tried myself but could not get them to change and stay saved to use.

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posted 06-18-21 15:32 ET (US)     10 / 10  
Let us tackle one thing at a time.
Place all the files in the directory called

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Caesar 4\C4\Data\Scenarios

You can edit with Notepad the file called Roma2.cs and add as many military request as you want.
the Roma2.cs file currently contains 2 military request for support, not invasions.
// First military request
requestInfo.mRequestID = 2;
requestInfo.mReward = 10;
requestInfo.mPenalty = 0;
requestInfo.mStartWeek = 9;
requestInfo.mVariance = 1;
requestInfo.mRecursionWeek = 0;
requestInfo.mDeadline = 48;
requestInfo.mFirstWarning = 14;
requestInfo.mSecondWarning = 24;
requestInfo.mTravelTime = 4;
requestInfo.mWorldSiteIndex = 2;

request = new MilitaryRequest();
request.AddCohort(sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Aux, 1);
request.AddMilitaryRequest(requestInfo, game);

So in the example above, a message occurs at week 9 requesting military support.
Next message at week 14 , then week 24 and the request needs to be filled by week 48 (which is 1 year)
Your support is needed to fight off 1 legion of germanian auxillary fighters (kGerm_Aux, 1)

I suggest you place some houses and play the scenerio for 3 game months so you can see what is happening, then change the values and see the changes in a new game.

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