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Topic Subject: Wider aqueduct spans. . .
posted 06-28-20 20:43 ET (US)   
Wider aqueduct spans -

If you are creating an aqueduct that crosses a road,
the aqueduct will size itself to match the width of the road,
up to a maximum road width of 5 tiles.

When you are not crossing a road,
it seems to default to 3 tiles.

In some instances, a wider span may be desirable,
if you are focusing on aesthetics in your city.

You can get 4- and 5-tile spans, by laying down a
temporary section of road, creating your span,
and then deleting the section of road.

You must delete the temporary road from either side
of the aqueduct, since, if you delete the road directly
under the aqueduct, it will remove the aqueduct as well.

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posted 07-08-20 15:33 ET (US)     1 / 3  
Notably, on the last part, deleting the road, gatehouses are wider than an aqueduct (for width you mean length), while once placed, you have to add a road, best done with the map tilted, which is the best way to delete the road you mentioned.
posted 01-22-21 20:20 ET (US)     2 / 3  
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