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Topic Subject: C4 Bugs - version 1.01
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posted 10-01-06 19:17 ET (US)   
Well it had to happen.

I have encountered a bug with the scenarion information panel not reflecting the difficulty level.

  • I started Djedu on normal and placed a few buildings. I saved the game.
  • I restarted the mission and selected hard difficulty. Everything OK.
  • I reloaded my saved game. The costs indicate that I am playing on normal, but the scenario information says I am playing on hard.
  • I loaded my saved version of the first tutorial (played at normal) and the scenario information shows 'hard'. The costs indicate 'normal'. I let the tutorial complete and selected 'play next mission'. The next mission starts and the default difficulty is now hard.
posted 01-01-08 03:06 ET (US)     26 / 51  
i dont think this is so much a bug , but an exploit anyways on levels that need a strict economic hand and denari is scarce to save money when i want to delete anything like trees weeds and things i pause the game and run an aquaduct through there then i click undo and it removes unwanted objects from the map FOR FREE !!

not sure if anyone knew this but thought ide mention it
posted 01-06-08 15:16 ET (US)     27 / 51  
ok i really have found a bug now :P

i was playing Lugdunum scenario and after a while i lost the advisor's voices all they did was do the animation and no matter what i do i cant get it back ... doh !

even on the next scenario still no sound with the advisor's speech , i looked for an option in audio and even played around with the settings , restarted the game everything i can think of .

anyone having the same issue or know a fix for it any feedback would be nice
posted 01-06-08 15:23 ET (US)     28 / 51  
You can toggle the speech on and off with the round button in the centre of the menu panel at the bottom of the advisors screen.
posted 01-06-08 15:38 ET (US)     29 / 51  
omg ... boy do i feel silly ^^ , i guess i was clicking around in there too much the other day lol tankyou kach .

there are 2 more bugs i noticed which might be well know already , placed a trade depot in lugdunum and waited months but '' no trader came '' even though it was evidentally adjacent to a road and was fully staffed , i removed it and the next one worked , but it makes me think this might be a process priority issue as the population was growing past 6000 and things were getting a bit laggy .

and even though my system specs are very high i think certain processes in the game have higher priority and in some cases one is sacrificed all together, aswell i noticed houses starving for food even though there was a fully stocked food market right next to it for months ..

also while building lugdunum i placed 6 grain fields and 3 farms as the builder menu states one farm can work 2 fields, anyway i later placed the same number of farms on an another island connected via shipbridge , and the silly buggers from one side would work on the farms miles away and this had a very negative impact on my food supply.

i think they should include a proximity system so the workers dont work on fields 1 months walk away , or even a order of placement , it was quite funny yet anoying .

ok update im on caesarea and im getting a little upset as the trader from sardinia will not come , i have tried replacing it 9 times now , and on the 9 th go the trader come but (THEY WONT BUY ANYTHING )... eek !!

clicking on them shows they only sell , but the empire window says they do infact want 90 units of glass anually!!

im just scraping by although importing exotic goods for caesar is a pain in the bum and buying off my nasty little neigbours isent very good either , so my only source of income is marble and furniture its a strugle lol.

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posted 01-06-08 18:17 ET (US)     30 / 51  
i guess i was clicking around in there too much the other day
I found out the same way.

There is a problem with traders. Sometimes after building a trade depot (or wharf) the traders don't turn up until the following January.

With the fields, it's just the way the game works. I've learnt to group all farms of one type together. I use lots of granaries to shift the food to where it's needed.

About the market, it wasn't set to exclude plebs was it?
posted 01-06-08 18:56 ET (US)     31 / 51  
well even though it took me 9 tries to get the traders from sardinia to come when they did they dont buy anything
and in caesarea scenario you really need to sell glass ( and i cant ) when i click on them it only shows thier exports no glass symbol ,and even if it does take them up to a year cycle to come , i really dont have time to wait that long .

reguards the farms/fields issue i think to say (thats just how the game works ) doesent go down with me.
say you have 2 islands which are connected and want 2 seperate food distributers one for each island which insures efficiency , so each housing district gets thier food quicker and less time traveling.
and to make things worse the game states : 1 farm can work 2 fields when i had 3 farm/6 fields on each island , and before i even set down the second set of farms the farm workers came all the way from the other island and worked on the fields even though they were at maximum capacity for fields ?

as reguards the market no they were open to plebs , i was watching his house and a few others with the same problem for years every year or so one pleb would fetch 100 food , then for the next year he would be in red food supply even though i had 8 granary's fully stocked with 3 food types and population advisor says food for 7 months was stored in the city .

so really i can't even finish caesaria , in turn the game has become unplayable
posted 01-07-08 02:24 ET (US)     32 / 51  
I don't know why the traders don't turn up. Have you patched to version 1.2?

About the glass exports, what is the export level on the resource advisor screen. Is it set to zero?

About the markets, how much food is in the market? You really need one food market for every 2500 people.
posted 01-08-08 19:17 ET (US)     33 / 51  
hey kach ,

i might of given the wrong impression about myself when i hastely posted about the advisor speech problem ^^

im no idiot i know perfectly well how the trading system works , and when the empire window states a certain neighbouring province (wants a particular comodity) and yet the trader although taking 9 replacements of the trade depot to actually show up '' shows he is not buying anything only selling .
after 11 years i waited no matter what export settings i set he dident buy even 1 unit , if a trader actually wants goods it will be displayed upon clicking on them and evidentally there was only the selling icons in thier display hence the game thinks he doesent want anything .

my game is version 1.2 i patched this a long time ago funny thing is i never had any trader bugs before i installed 1.2 patch .

reguards the market bug/error the population was at 6000 and i had 4 markets fully stocked the houses affected were right next to them , they just took roughly a year to go and get themselves 1 unit of food while other homes much further away had 6- 7 units of food ? , although i had more than enough markets (open to everybody ) there was still a distribution problem .

i know how to build ive played pharoa , emperor ROTMK , c3 for many years and im 100 % certain alot of these problems are indeed bugs and not my incompetence, there is room for alot of improvement in c4 not only with bugs but general game dynamics .
it seems the only real difference between c3 and c4 is the migration to 3d graphics , apart from that there is what seems to be less control and less diversity and more restrictions than c3 , i personally think too much time was invested in (eye candy ) rather than a properly functional city building title.
i love city building and although caesar 4 is lacking , its still the best city builder out there and perhaps thats the reason why i am playing it , its a shame not many developers are into this genre of game as if there were we would see more variety and even better actuall competition amongst developers and as a result BETTER CITY BUILDING GAMES
posted 01-08-08 23:09 ET (US)     34 / 51  
I've no idea what's wrong. Do you want to send me a save game and I'll see if the conditions re-occur on my computer? Send it to
posted 01-16-08 17:41 ET (US)     35 / 51  
hi guys

i have a very annoying bug..and i read some places about other people having that bug too..but no solutions is the problem...

i cant make my sheep or cattle farms work..i try everything (i surround both farm and field with road)..but i cant produce wool or meat..please dont flame me about roads or that kinda things..thanks for any help..
posted 01-16-08 18:15 ET (US)     36 / 51  
Hi risudy, welcome to the forums.

OK, no flaming.

Could you tell us a bit more about what happens? Like, how far are the farms from the pastures? Do the farms have full employment? Have you placed two pastures for each farm? That sort of stuff. OK?
posted 01-18-08 08:14 ET (US)     37 / 51  
thanks for your attention,

but i try everything..

i do 2 pastures and 1 first farms take animals to the pastures..once the pastures are full with animals, thats all..nothing happens..(the same thing for sheep too)

yes full employment..

and farm is near to the pastures..i tried many things, next to pasture(touching and not touching positions) , rotating the farm and pastures...

thats a save file of my game version 1.2 i think
posted 01-18-08 15:10 ET (US)     38 / 51  
Thanks for the saved game.

It takes some months for the sheep and cattle to be ready. I let the game run until the end of of September. By then the sheep farm had six wool stored and the worker from the cattle farm was on the way to collect the first cow.

Does this happen when you play? If not, there is something wrong and I think I would un-install the game and re-install and re patch it.
posted 01-19-08 19:06 ET (US)     39 / 51  
thank you very very much it was nothing to do with any crazy things i do it is really september..i wait and do nothing till september..and they start to it the same on your games..anyway thank you very much..
posted 06-25-08 18:37 ET (US)     40 / 51  
I have an issue with fountains. I had full employment - even had 86 equs. jobless.

and suddenly one of me equ. buildings was de-evolving.. down to basic and all equis gone! had that "pissed" look and and it said "will evolve with fountain water" when the fountain was RIGHT NEXT to the building.(and yes on the same side of the road)

This happens a lot I notice, one or two Equ buildings suddenly 'loose' fountain access even with it right next door. I placed a second fountain and it took over a year for them to "have fountain access" again.. *sigh* it's random and apparently has no rhyme or reason.
posted 06-26-08 10:54 ET (US)     41 / 51  
Have you set your "water" to high or highest in your labor tab in the advisors panel?
I HAVE seen something similar, but only because the family was too busy buying food. But it wasn't enough to make the home devolve.
posted 10-02-08 18:49 ET (US)     42 / 51  
This problem with fountains used to happen sometimes prior to the 1.2 patch. Xenxander, perhaps you need to patch your game.
posted 01-28-09 15:20 ET (US)     43 / 51  
This may be known already (I haven't been around long enough to read everything )- placing plazas obviously substantially enhances desirability nearby, but they are expensive. If I immediately undo them I retain the desirability effect (and get my money back). Unfortunately the effect does not survive a save/reload.

While I'm here, did anyone ever get to the bottom of the 'uncrossable bridge' issue? It is mentioned in goonsquad's Burdigala Walkthrough but I never saw a resolution. I really would rather have avoided having to delete and rebuild that bridge - if only I knew what I was doing wrong.
posted 12-06-09 02:23 ET (US)     44 / 51  
Hi, I'm having a problem with actually running the game. Every time I click to play the game, I am greeted with a white screen and the music for the game, but nothing else, then when I am in the main menu (or so I can only assume) I sometimes see the cursor... I should have the right system/hardware requirements as my friend recently built this computer for me with Caesar 4 in mind. He says the graphics card should be a 256MB nVidea, but in reading the FAQ for the game, got a bit confused when it was saying something about the nVidea cards on laptops. Just wondering if any one can help me as I've searched for a legal copy of the game for 2 years, finally bought the copy for $19.95 from EB Games, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play it!!! *cries*

**EDIT** haha, never mind people. His video card was not what he thought it was. problem will be solvered by tuesday

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posted 12-06-09 08:17 ET (US)     45 / 51  
Not really a bug ... never mind

Hope you'll get it working and have fun!
posted 03-06-10 11:10 ET (US)     46 / 51  
Playing the map Carthagen, in a period of 10 years I send all (about 30) demanded goods by Rome, all the time sending gifts with all my savings.
My Favor was 53-54 all the time and not a point better.
My city had 100 prosperity, 100 peace, 60 culture, 5000+ citizens, 90k money and was perfect in all other ways (religion, unemployment, finance).

Then, even though having at least 20 prefect offices, all working with full number of employees, a several buildings started burning, which resulted in unstopable fire and my city burned to the ground - prefects couldn't stop it, because probably their AI is terrible, so 2-3 fires on different places at the same time surely means end of the city.

Of course, there were many solutions to this problem, but the best one for me was in the add/remove programs.

Still, I'm wondering, why my Favor didn't rise for 10 years fulfilling every request and why didn't prefects manage to put out the fire. Is it abnormal, or am I the stupid one?
I'm writing this with all the respect to this company, and I have played many of its city builders (although all have similar problems, but still remain great).
And not to mention how useless is the Favor adviser. Your favor is rising due to recent "something".... but... NOT.
Also mismatch on the Favor rating between "Ratings" and "Imperial" Tabs - they often show different numbers.
And many many others...

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posted 03-06-10 15:10 ET (US)     47 / 51  
Desert scenarios can be tricky. You need a fine balance with the prefects. Not enough and everything catches fire. Too many and the AI becomes stupid and and can't assign the prefects properly. Never run on fast speed in desert scenarios.

Check out this thread for fires and this for your Carthago problems.
posted 03-06-10 18:17 ET (US)     48 / 51  
Thank you kach, you've been a wonderful support. The only bad part is that the programmers of C4 don't prove to be as good as you in their job. The "too many prefects" explanation sounds reasonable, because I didn't have so much trouble when they were less (I decided to build more to eliminate the chance of starting a fire at first place) and then the big fire happened.
This is something, that should be fixed in update, not written as a work-around in a forum, because it is not based on logic, but on AI and game mechanics problems.
Also I play on fast speed almost always (I am the "power player" type), so as you say, this might be additional bug contributing to fires.

The Favor stuff for Carthago scenario means simply the following:
"If you miss several demands, you cannot complete the mission". It is as simple as that. You lose favor which you cannot gain back. This is an information, which should be in map description, not in a forum, even the official one. It is unreasonable to expect players just to guess it and certainly repeating a mission for such problems or playing the same mission dozen of years with no development is no fun.

This is my opinion as a game designer, though not one related with PC games.
posted 04-06-10 17:32 ET (US)     49 / 51  

About the markets, how much food is in the market? You really need one food market for every 2500 people.
I don't think it's the markets, he was talking about the farms themselves. And that's the trouble with this game. As you cannot click on a farm and then click on two fields to 'assign' fields to that farm, the workers (2 when fully staffed) will just be assigned two random fields of their respective type.

I had two farm industries on a map once, and cattle farmers were escorting cows through my two city entities to deliver them to the farms on the opposite ends of the map.

It's just 'the luck of the die' and there's nothing you can do about it, save having a literal island cut off.. but if you did that, no immigrants could get there.. so I supposed having a bridge, and then removing it might work.. but not many maps give you this specific option.
posted 04-22-10 20:56 ET (US)     50 / 51  
As a general rule in C4, you should try to have all farm fields of each type grouped close together and farmhouses nearby. If you need to have some fields in a distant location, it is a good plan to have a couple of extra fields in each group, ie (number of farms + 2). Farm workers will go to the nearest available vacant field and if all nearby ones are being worked this leads to crossovers and loss of efficiency.
posted 12-13-14 06:45 ET (US)     51 / 51  
Towers are "outside" city walls.
Simply extend the wall one tile past the tower.





then the tower is "inside" the walls.

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