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Topic Subject: C4 Bugs - version 1.01
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posted 10-01-06 19:17 ET (US)   
Well it had to happen.

I have encountered a bug with the scenarion information panel not reflecting the difficulty level.

  • I started Djedu on normal and placed a few buildings. I saved the game.
  • I restarted the mission and selected hard difficulty. Everything OK.
  • I reloaded my saved game. The costs indicate that I am playing on normal, but the scenario information says I am playing on hard.
  • I loaded my saved version of the first tutorial (played at normal) and the scenario information shows 'hard'. The costs indicate 'normal'. I let the tutorial complete and selected 'play next mission'. The next mission starts and the default difficulty is now hard.
posted 10-01-06 19:47 ET (US)     1 / 51  
Not sure that really counts as a bug -- I would pretty much expect that you cannot change the difficutly level of a saved game. This is generally a good thing, since it prevents the cheat of building most of the city at the cheaper, easier level, then changing to the harder level only at the end.

Sure, it could be clearer about that in the display, if there were enough room for it, but that would be unusual enough that they might not bother. They might even sorta expect you to know that.

posted 10-01-06 20:19 ET (US)     2 / 51  
I can't have explained very well. I am playing on normal, but the scenario information panel says I am playing on hard. So somewhere there is a flag set that shows I am playing on normal, and somewhere there is another one that shows I am playing on hard.
posted 10-03-06 12:03 ET (US)     3 / 51  
No, I did get that. You've got two contradictory indicators. What I'm saying is that the normal one is correct because that's what the save was. It would be better practice for the thing to say "hey, you can't change that now!", instead of letting you think you'd succeeded. So the indicator is a bug, but the failure to change levels is not. Or are we saying the same thing here?
posted 10-04-06 16:20 ET (US)     4 / 51  
Yep. Same thing, different emphasis.
posted 10-04-06 17:32 ET (US)     5 / 51  
The bug would be that the current displayed difficulty is not correct. Also the next scenioro is assuming 'hard'. The problem that can occur is a player accidentally changing difficulty and not know what the true level is.

kach should test if going to an easier level also causes mis-reporting and next scenerio issues.

My 2 cents worth on testing

posted 10-04-06 23:54 ET (US)     6 / 51  
Shaun, I did and it does.
posted 10-06-06 05:40 ET (US)     7 / 51  
I had a problem with my reservoir and aqueduct in Syracusae.

  • I placed a reservoir and some aqueduct, then I placed the pump house.
  • The reservoir never filled.
  • I saved the game and then reloaded it, and the reservoir then filled.

The reservoir looked empty, the fountain wasn't running and the water overlay was pale blue.

I think I can reproduce this. If I reload the saved game, delete the reservoir and pump house, and then replace them, the reservoir doesn't fill.

posted 10-09-06 03:28 ET (US)     8 / 51  
I was testing stuff on the Roma map and found a problem with the trading ports.

You can mothball them to save labor but they still function perfectly. Shouldn't happen; the ships should stop delivering even if the markets pick up the goods.

posted 10-09-06 13:31 ET (US)     9 / 51  

Quoted from Kach:

I was testing stuff on the Roma map and found a problem with the trading ports.

You can mothball them to save labor but they still function perfectly. Shouldn't happen; the ships should stop delivering even if the markets pick up the goods.

Ooooh, I call "feature" on this one. That's nifty.

I've seen some oddities in loading saves where the overlay is showing the bathhouse isn't working, but it's clearly piped and staffed. I'll keep my eyes open for something more definitive than that.

I've also had saves of cities that were running just fine for years before the save, but when reloaded, they immediately burst into flames.

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posted 10-10-06 05:51 ET (US)     10 / 51  
I've found a bug (or feature if you prefer) with the entertainment coverage. I built a circus. While the chariots were preparing for a race, I disconnected it from the road (saving 99 equite workers). Over a year later the chariots were still preparing for a race and my housing still had circus coverage. This can't be right.
posted 10-10-06 09:37 ET (US)     11 / 51  
Lol, Kach,

at the rate you are going we will be able to build cities with no population soon, or did you get "C-IV - special edition"...

Anyways, nice going keep us posted.

PS, maybe thats why most of the online scenarios are for 'highest population'...?!?

posted 10-10-06 17:53 ET (US)     12 / 51  
More Djedu bugs.
I tried it on Easy and the Labor info kept getting mixed up. It showed I had 200 unemployed plebs but wouldn't fully staff farming. It would clear up if I saved and restarted the game. Then it would run a while and happen again.
posted 10-13-06 06:17 ET (US)     13 / 51  
Not precisely a bug, but something I would like to see fixed: many times, the in-game warnings are useless.

"Food stocks are low" has never conveyed any useful information to me. I check, see that the granaries have plenty of food, but the food market is momentarily out. It very quickly will not be, more food is indeed on the way, there are enough farms and they are producing sufficiently. So what was the point of this warning? ("Wolf!, Wolf!", it cried.)

"More weapons are needed for our cohorts!" though the recruitment center has 18 weapons, and the fort has only 5 vacancies, which are being filled as we speak. Workshops are staffed, have materials and are producing more weapons.

Warnings should bring my attention to something I urgently need to attend to, not situations that don't need any action at all. Their intentions are good, and in the right situation would be greatly appreciated, but as it is they're just annoyances.

posted 10-13-06 19:39 ET (US)     14 / 51  
The following are bug encountered by many players:

1.Sometimes after loading a save file,a trading partner will stop sending caravans/trading ships,though the game interface shows everything is OK.The solution is reload the save again (might not work),or an earlier save file.

2.Some cities(especially Carthago) will have to problem of 0 security without reason,again reloading the save file might solve the problem.

posted 10-15-06 19:38 ET (US)     15 / 51  
A defect certainly, maybe not enough to be a bug:

Carthago has a completely land-locked lake near the sea, but clearly cut off from it enough to be entirely ringed by roads.

Sea trading posts on the lakeshore not only work, but prosper. No ship ever calls, but goods disappear and appear there. Trading by sea is so much easier without all those pesky ships, no?

Thinking this was a fluke, I rebuilt so that all of my water trading posts were on that lake. It works well.

posted 10-18-06 05:59 ET (US)     16 / 51  
kach, first problem of difficulty level you mention. As you demonstrated with others, you must have both a bug and a design. If you increase the difficulty level at Pharaoh during the game, you will play at Hard but be rewarded for Normal. If you decrease the level from hard, you will play at Normal and be rewarded at Normal. That is clear enough. Confusing displays must be a bug.
posted 10-22-06 03:15 ET (US)     17 / 51  
I think there is a problem with favour. I seem to be able to avoid the one point annual penalty as long as I load a saved game. When I play for through a complete year, I lose a point. If I save and re-load, I don't seem to lose a point at the end of December.
posted 10-26-06 16:31 ET (US)     18 / 51  
I have a problem with the Empire map. If I want to open a trade route, my pc crashes. Not every time, just enough times to get very very very annoyed!!
In the Kingdom (practice levels) I never had any problem with it. In the 1rst level of the second stage it sometimes came up. Now I'm in the 2nd level (Narbo) and I get to open a trade route ... AFTER I rebooted a dozen times... literally.

Can anyone help me with this? Or do I have to uninstall and reinstall again (me don't want that...)

posted 10-26-06 19:51 ET (US)     19 / 51  
Welcome blue_fairy.

Yes, this is a known problem. The solutions are discussed in this thread on the TM forums. The TM link is the same as the one mentioned in this discussion in this forum.

posted 10-31-06 10:27 ET (US)     20 / 51  
Homegrown mentioned earlier he had seen saved games showing no Bath house coverage on the overlays, but the facility was staffed and working.

Recently, I noticed saved games from other players showing this. After loading the save, each Patrician house shows "Needs Hygiene - Devolving". Looking at the Health Advisor, the number of Bath houses is listed [ex: 2] but the coverage is None.

The houses dont devolve, but continue to show the downward arrow and the message.

This only happens on saved games by other players that I have downloaded, I havent seen it happen on any of my own saved games.

posted 10-31-06 19:25 ET (US)     21 / 51  
I have seen this happen when saved games are loaded. However, shortly after I un-pause the game, the message 'Needs Hygiene - devolving' disappears. I assume the overlay would be working then too, but I haven't checked.
posted 10-31-06 21:23 ET (US)     22 / 51  
A definite request bug, which occurred in the Lugdunum mission. Rome requested pottery -- at last, a request I can probably satisfy, so I set myself to stockpiling away. Tempus fugited. Nice little stack of pottery growing, so I went to my Imperial advisor just to see how things were going. He says, "Rome requests pottery", so I double-click on the request, to get details.

It says, "Rome requests pottery", but the icon it displays is for glass, not pottery, and it says I have zero in storage. True indeed! I have no source for glass or the sand to make it with, nor glass factories available in this scenario. Though I have a potful of pottery, per the request, it seems it really wants glass.


posted 11-11-06 11:09 ET (US)     23 / 51  
Two bugs related to military:

1. Recruits en route to the fort disappear into thin air if you deploy the fort (or it is auto-deployed when an invasion begins). Very annoying if the disappearing recruits just took the last of your limited stock of weapons

2. Towers placed connected to the city walls are counted as being outside the protection of walls, and lower your security rating. If you're going for 100 security, you better not place any towers...

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posted 12-23-06 11:13 ET (US)     24 / 51  
I have a bug in Nicomedia. I know the waterlevel is about to rise, but I never knew this was already a problem in Caesar’ time.
The eastern side of my map disappears under the sea.

When I go to the overlays the water has gone.

posted 03-12-07 13:23 ET (US)     25 / 51  
hello, i have a problem. after the instalation of the caesar iv, and when i am ready to start the first game, the follow message appears : THE SAVE GAME ISN'T VALID. INVALID SAVE GAME MAY CAUSE ISSUES IF YOU DON'T RESTART CAESAR IV.
what to do?
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