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Caesar III: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Those Darn Trade Ships
posted 03-17-00 02:21 ET (US)   
I just found out about this site today - don't know why it never occured to look online - so if this has been dealt with before, please humor me and help me out PLEASE!!!

For some reason, I very often (every game at one point or another) have the problem where no trade ships will stop at my dock. The dock's fully staffed, as are my warehouses. I've tried it with one warehouse, I've tried it with many. They can be full, or nearly empty. But sometimes I just can't get them to stop, and then I end up running out of money. =(

It doesn't happen all the time - it seems if I set certain warehousesd to empty and move my trade centre around, sometimes they stay.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? What'd you do?

From Just Another Caesar Addict,

posted 03-17-00 04:10 ET (US)     1 / 8  
Welcome in the forum, Tzatziki.
Have you checked the number of goods the trading cities have bought during the year? If your warehouses are full, it can happen that the cities buy the amount they want very early in the year, then they does not buy anything more.
Other possibility? you are stockpiling goods, or forgot to say you want sell them. It can happen if you have stockpiled them to answer a Caesar request, and forgot to retrieve the previous setting.

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posted 03-17-00 04:20 ET (US)     2 / 8  
Hi, Tzatziki!

What do you mean by "don't stop"? Do the ships come to the dock, stop for a at least a second and then leave, or do the ships just avoid docks altogether? Do all ships behave the same, or it is different for different trade routes (if you have more than 1 sea route)?

Please, tell us which mission are you playing!
Are you just exporting, or importing as well by sea?

If both docks and warehouses are staffed (and connected by road - it sometimes happen you delete one tile by mistake, check it!) and either set to ACCEPT the imports or containing exported goods, all should run smoothly. I suppose you know about yearly quota, i.e. that you can export/import only a set amount of goods of each type to/from any city during one game year? And also that you have stored more than is set by "Exporting over xxx" at trade advisor? These things are the same for land and sea trade. Plus, there are other things mentioned by Claudia, like Stockpiling or not selling at all...

Hope this helps... and if it doesn't, just tell us more and we will try to find out!

Cherub Baltic

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posted 03-17-00 16:56 ET (US)     3 / 8  
I've had a simular problem in Miletus. I had a dock (then two), two or more warehouses, trade routes open to both cities, trading on ,roads to everything. What was happening was the ships would dock and they would say that worker were getting things and the little dock workers would go back and forth from the dock to the ship (a few times) and then when the ship left it was complaining that we never buy or sell anything. They finally started to buy things but I'm still having trouble getting them to sell things (like clay). Any ideas what's wrong. Thanks
posted 03-17-00 17:25 ET (US)     4 / 8  
Ave Tzatziki and Correale,

and welcome! My early visits here taught me a great deal, and I still am not as wise in the ways of Rome as others here are.

If you have the opportunity, visit Grumpus the Elder's websites for real detailed information for both Caesar 3 and Pharaoh. He is a god!

I believe that when you begin trading or change a trading pattern, it takes one messenger (ship or donkey train) to stop by your trading center and return to the other trading city to let them know they can buy your goods, or sell you things. then the subsequent traders begin to trade. I am not wholly sure of this.

It is also important to have a good placement of your warehouses in relation to the docks and any production sites. If cart pushers don't have too far to go, they will maximize your effeciency.


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posted 03-17-00 18:23 ET (US)     5 / 8  
Correale, to import goods or raw materials, you must use them, so build a pottery as soon as you open clay trade.
posted 03-19-00 00:33 ET (US)     6 / 8  
Boy, do I feel like a nut! After reading the posts, I realized I hadn't set anything to "trade" yet. *sigh*
I know it's happened during other games though, and maybe not for the same reason, so now I've got some pointers (aka a check list) for the next time it happens =)

Thanks a bunch for your help!

Happy Trails!

From Just Another Caesar Addict,

posted 03-19-00 14:18 ET (US)     7 / 8  
Tzatziki and Correale,
Welcome to Caesar III Heaven. I hope we hear from you often.

On a good day, if I'm careful and lucky, there'll be a few significant mistakes (forgetting to build an engineer post, putting a temple where the dock should go, setting pottery to import instead of export) in a mission. On a bad day, there'll be dozens. (But I feel like a nut all the time.)

posted 03-20-00 06:31 ET (US)     8 / 8  
Don't worry, Brugle, your not alone...
Just yesterday I was wondering why trade had stopped in one of the ET-lympics scenarios. Well, I had a request from Caesar and switched to stockpiling. When I had enough goods I sent them off and un-clicked stockpiling.
A year or two later I realised that this doesn't automatically swicthes on your trade again.

and it's not the first time this happened either...

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