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Caesar III: Game Help
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Topic Subject: housing and taxes
posted 03-16-00 22:41 ET (US)   
Hi everybody!

Here's something that's bothered me for about half a year (or whenever I got this game and played it first):

If you go to the Tax Overlay Screen, some houses have columns without a "top" while some do. Does this work logically? I mean, in the ratings screen, if we have the numbers we need, we get a topped column... if we don't, our columns are without a top. So, in the Tax Screen, would it somehow mean that the houses with the topped columns are paying for themselves (or bringing in enough money so that that house is "profitable" and isn't making me lose money)?

I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask


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posted 03-17-00 00:52 ET (US)     1 / 20  
Hi Latus,

I did not even know that completed ratings gave columns tops. Is it possible that the uncompleted columns means the house still have more tax to pay in the year?


posted 03-17-00 11:37 ET (US)     2 / 20  
Just as in the fire and damage overlays when a column appears without a top it means that there is very little of whatever the overlay tells about (i.e. tax, fire danger, etc). If a house, say a medium insulae, is just halfway through the tax year, because it pays so much its column will have a top even though it's not finished paying while a humbler dwelling will have no top on its column because it has so little to pay.
Hope that helps.
posted 03-17-00 15:44 ET (US)     3 / 20  
The height of the columns show how much that housing had paid during that year.


posted 03-17-00 22:09 ET (US)     4 / 20  
Both Olivia Chillia and Thanh2002 are absolutely correct.

The Great Maximus

posted 03-18-00 00:05 ET (US)     5 / 20  
Yup, Olivia Chillia and Thanh2002 are absolutely correct.

Vizier Johnleemk

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posted 03-18-00 08:22 ET (US)     6 / 20  
hi people,

i've just started playing caesar3. its a nice game. but i'm having a problem, which makes me frustated. that is my city's expenses is always more than income. because of this, i have to resort using cheats. hope you people can help me out.

( spurs )

posted 03-18-00 10:44 ET (US)     7 / 20  
Ave spurs,

Don't cheat!

You should read the many hints and details provided here and at other sites to learn how to develop trade. This is where your income is really generated.

If you try to feed your people first, you will never get your trade going in the later game levels. You have to unlearn the training levels. It didn't make sense to me at first either, but once I saw how it works, well, I'm a wealthy caesar (not really because I expended all of my personal wealth achieving that rank).

I am actually replaying the entire game focusing on how much money I can personally accumulate.

I now build one housing block early on with temples, a clinic, a prefect and an engineer. This usually gets me enough workers to build the most profitable trade available in a city level. Beware of over-building, too. Once the money starts coming in, I expand the trade until it is maximized.

If that is enough, then I begin building and improving my city. If I need more workers early, I'll build a second housing block near the next area I want to expand to. If I need more money, I'll start on the second most profitable trade item.

Be advised though, raw materials and foods provid you with a pitance of a profit. Make and sell finished goods. Later, as you grow your housing levels, be sure you expand your industry to accomodate each items use at home. Otherwise you will either lose trade income (the more likely case) or your housing will de-evolve to a level that doesn't use a particular item.

Beware of the market ladies! They strike quick and never do what you want them to do.


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posted 03-18-00 10:45 ET (US)     8 / 20  

There are 2 ways of generating money in the game:
1. Taxes: Taxes alone will probably not be sufficiŽnt to make profit (even if you place it on 10%). I always keep my taxes on 7%.
2. Export: You need to generate money by export, this should be one of the first things you do when you start a map: Look at the empire and see what goods you can export. This way, those problems should be over in no time

I don't think, therefore...

posted 03-18-00 14:49 ET (US)     9 / 20  
Hi spurs, welcome to the forum.

I usually start trade first, and recommend it, but (like most things in Caesar III) there are other ways (which is one reason I love the game). It's OK to produce food first, especially in the early maps, but don't wait long to make finished goods (or marble) for export. In some of the more difficult military missions, it might make sense to start city defense before either trade or food.

It is possible to survive on taxes if houses are evolved to a high level. I think some custom scenarios with limited export possibilities may require this, but I haven't played any. In all of the career missions trade is the best way to make money, at least at first.

One more thing. If you download the "patch" (the Mac version already has it), you can change the difficulty level. Hard is the default (which I always use), but many people play on Normal or Easy.

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posted 03-18-00 18:42 ET (US)     10 / 20  
Hi Spurs,

Welcome to the forum.

Other people will have different methods of attack but this is the one I use.

The first thing I do in each game is pause it, check out the trade routes. I look for either marble or (in military) weapons export. Marble is the most profitable export. Weapons you normally need produce for your legions. Then what other export to the same city are needed or what items are the most profitable.

I then calculate how many rare material sites and workshops I need.

I return to game screen pick out sites that produce the rare materials. Build enough small or large tent housing to get two (or three) rare material sites going. Unless Caesar has given me lots of money I do not produce any food until I start earning trade income but start setting up other industry blocks to maximumize export for all goods.

As soon as the first rare material is produced I build the required workshop, adding more workshops just before next rare material is produced. Just before the first finished goods are produced I build the wharehouse and open the selected trade route. I aim to have sold the first goods by the end year one. By the end of the second year I normally try to have enough industry to sell maximum export goods to all trade routes.


posted 03-18-00 22:44 ET (US)     11 / 20  
Welcome, Spurs !

I suggest you take a look at Grumpus's is here. It has A TON of information on starting a successful city, and as you get into the more difficult cities, you will find the data section fabulous .


posted 03-19-00 00:59 ET (US)     12 / 20  
Hi Spurs,

I won't tell you what to do being a benevolent Imperator ... but remember that cheating will leave you empty in this sort of game. The journey of trying new strategies and perfecting them is far more rewarding than getting the purple robe by typing in a few cheats. Everyone in the Forums are very helpful when it comes to giving advise. As far as making money goes, having prosperity will make you more prosperous. With that in mind, you should try to build up your housing because the better the housing, the more taxes it pays. Then make sure your population is registered for taxes by positioning tax collection buildings near the folks you want to tax( if the tax collector doesn't walk by, then that house is getting away with not paying taxes), and be patient, often its overbuilding that gets you into debt. The other way of bringing in money is trading, open a route and have the products ready, tell your trade advisor to export how many you want and you'll start making money.

The Imperator

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posted 03-19-00 11:31 ET (US)     13 / 20  
Ave Garry and All,

Marble is the cheapest to set up, but it is not the most profitable. Let's see if anyone can keep up with my logic.

At 15 units for each of marble and weapons, you are behind on the set-up costswith weapons, but the income is identical at Dn 900.

15 marble = 4 mines @ Dn50 = Dn200
15 weapons = 2 mines + 4 workshops @ Dn50 = Dn300

marble miners = 40 @ Dn30 = Dn1200
Iron miners = 20 + smiths = 40 @ @ Dn30 = Dn1800

Marble 15 @ Dn140 = Dn2100
Weapons 15 @ Dn180 = Dn2700

Marble = Dn2100 - Dn1200 = Dn900
Weapons = Dn2700 - Dn1800 = Dn900


At 25 units for each of marble and weapons, you are more profitable with weapons.

25 marble = 6 mines @ Dn50 = Dn300
25 weapons = 3 mines + 6 workshops @ Dn50 = Dn450

marble miners = 60 @ Dn30 = Dn1800
Iron miners = 30 + smiths = 60 @ @ Dn30 = Dn2700

Marble 25 @ Dn140 = Dn3500
Weapons 25 @ Dn180 = Dn4500

Marble = Dn3500 - Dn1800 = Dn1700
Weapons = Dn4500 - Dn2700 = Dn1800

You must also consider the cost to open trade routes, building warehouses and docks, building the infrastructure and the workers paradise

Just something to think about.

(Yes, I have all of this in a spreadsheet. After doing all of these calculations several times by hand...well, I did say in a different post that it takes me several times to get something down. It takes most people one bout to give up on boxing. I boxed for nine years.)

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posted 03-19-00 14:51 ET (US)     14 / 20  

Workers aren't paid in denarii, they're paid in tenths-of-denarii (I forget the word, it starts with s). The cost of wages isn't a big factor. So you can even make (a little) money selling food, not that I've ever bothered.

When starting a city, it's important to get a positive cash flow quickly. Not only is marble cheaper to set up than manufactured goods, it is also quicker to start delivering. So, all else being equal, I'd start a marble export industry first.

But all else is seldom equal. Often, the most important issue is how an industry fits into the early development of my city. For example, I might plan to eventually have two housing blocks, one supplying labor access to export industry A, the other supplying labor access to farms and export industry B. In this case I'd probably build industry B first, to avoid having to start both housing blocks early.

posted 03-19-00 16:17 ET (US)     15 / 20  
Welcome to the forum, Spurs!

The best way to generate money at the beginning of a game
is to start your trading as soon as possible.


posted 03-19-00 21:46 ET (US)     16 / 20  
According to Grumpus's site (the link is in my previous post), workers are paid in Sesterces, which are 1/10 of a denarii.


posted 03-20-00 06:17 ET (US)     17 / 20  

one other thing to consider is the per capita income. I feel that Marble has an advantage when labor is in short supply. Also, you compare marble with weapons, the highest selling ticket. How does it compare with say, furniture?
Could you do that too with you spreadsheet?

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posted 03-20-00 06:42 ET (US)     18 / 20  
Ave Bugle and Citizen Paul,

You are right, of course. My point is one of maximum profitability. I'll now have to recalculate, but I suspect I am still right.

If it is available, I also always set-up marble first. Like I mentioned, it has a lower set-up cost.

What I cited was similar numbers for each trade good. Any experienced player knows that you trade different levels of goods, and therefore should figure out what will generate the most income/profit and emphasize building that. Even in "tight" labor situations. I can usually build a robust economy with about 3-4 housing blocks at the large tent level. After that, then I focus on food and housing development.

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posted 03-23-00 07:07 ET (US)     19 / 20  
hello people,

my city is already earning money.

but i've encountered more problems:

1. i have more than 300 units of marble in my warehouses, but the most i could export is 100 units. what shall i do to export more??

2. my warehouses are fulled, what shall i do??

3. i couldn't build anymore houses nor buildings. whenever i tried to build, the same messages will appear - " your city needs more worker" or " people are eating more than they are producing".

please help


posted 03-23-00 07:31 ET (US)     20 / 20  
Hi Spurs,
1) turn the marble industry to inactive for sometime, it will free your warehouses after some export, and also free workers.
2) the amount of export you can do is decided by the trading cities, + the proximity of the natives (if they are close to the warehouses, and pacified, they trade a lot). 100 loads per year on export, it is a lot!
3)build more houses! To have the food message does not means that you cannot build the houses, only that you'll need to rearrange your food production/distribution. Note that if your granaries are full, you do not produce food until a market buyer takes some food and you can have this message
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