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Caesar III: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Relative newbie who just registered
posted 03-02-00 19:59 ET (US)   
Friends, Romans, Countrymen! I am a relative newbie who has just registered in this message board/forum, and judging from stuff you guys have posted, its a great forum! I am just a beginner in Caesar (I am struggling to beat the Capua Engineer scenario without using any cheats). Does anybody have a link to Grumpus' site? I hear its quite good. Also, does anybody have a trainer or patch for Caesar III that actually works?! If so, where can I download it? Thanks, I look forward to using this Forum, and visiting as frequently as possible! (I'm 16, just in case anyone wants to know)

-Caius (Sorry, I don't know how to do a real signature!)

posted 03-02-00 20:29 ET (US)     1 / 12  
Hi Caius Brutus, welcome to Caesar III Heaven.

Grumpus's site contains a lot of useful information, and is fun to visit besides. From this site's Links page, go to Impressions' official C3 site, and from their Community/Fan Sites page, go to "Which Way to Rome?".

The "patch" for the Wintel version of Caesar III (the Mac version already has it) is also available on Impressions' site, but it isn't a trainer (if I understand what you mean). For unlimited money, you can use one of the "well cheats" which is described on this site's Cheats page and also on Impressions' site. However, I recommend that you don't use the cheat--all career cities can make plenty of money, if you learn how to do it.

By the way, I failed in my first try at Capua (with Caesar hauling me away in chains), but (after a couple hours sleep) beat it the next time, and haven't looked back.

posted 03-02-00 20:48 ET (US)     2 / 12  
When you first get the game, Capua is very hard! Now i complain about Massila! Anyway, if you keep yourself on a budget, have "rich-people areas" you will probably suceed! I recommend not going for all the big stuff first, destroy all the lower stuff in the middle of the city, when you have the funds, and people to work it! And i have been to Grumps's site once or twice, and i must say, it's a very good site!

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posted 03-02-00 21:24 ET (US)     3 / 12  
Good thing you aren't Marcus Brutus, otherwise we'll have to revenge for Caesar's life.


posted 03-02-00 21:56 ET (US)     4 / 12  
Ave Caius Brutus,
Welcome to the forums. Go over to the Test Forums to get some tips about HTML signatures. There are tons of helpful folks out there that will be more that happy to lend a hand. Keep your chin up about Capua. I don't think anyone ever did well on that level when starting out. There is just so much to learn. And heed Grumpus' words he is a wise wise man.


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posted 03-03-00 06:00 ET (US)     5 / 12  
Hi and welcome
The best advice I can give you, learned it myself the hard way, is:
Go Slow!

- Get some housing
- Get some industry/export
- Get some food

Only then expand and even then do it slowly. You don't have to finish the game inside a day.


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posted 03-03-00 06:46 ET (US)     6 / 12  
The big difficulty with Capua is that you have to unlearn what you have learned in the 2 tutorial maps: you have learned building in this order: water, fire posts and engineers, senate, temples, food, theatre, school. At this stage you have small casas, and you begin to build industry then trade. This has put a lot of people in Caesar's galleys. The order should be: water, fire posts and engineers (all 3 toguether), temples, clinics, then industry and trade, then food and other requirements. Depending on the map, you can have to build your army in the same time, but not in Capua.
posted 03-03-00 09:53 ET (US)     7 / 12  
Welcome to Caesar Heaven, Caius Brutus

You are right, we are a helpful bunch and all remember how it was to be a Newbie. You might want to get familiar the with Heaven site, as there is a lot of useful info posted here to start you on your way.

The main page where you come in, Senate has a nav bar on the left to get you to the various sections. In the Strategy Section, you can find Walkthroughs for the various Peaceful and Military campaigns, info about Housing blocks and a wealth of other goodies. I would also recomend the FAQs. Grumpus's site Which Way to Rome should also be bookmarked; great content and a wonderful read just for his unique sense of humor.

Go slow, learn the basics, and have patience. Caesar is always looking for new governors that can develop profitable cities for him

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posted 03-03-00 10:14 ET (US)     8 / 12  
Ave Caius Brutus,

and welcome.

I've been Caesaring for almost a year now and just went back to Capua to try something new I learned about. I'm hoping it helps me in Londinum, though I'll probably work through several levels before I try it where I left.

Unfortunately, I overplayed and had 20 villas with a matching loss of workers (50-75 per villa). I won late last night and will do Syracusae this evening. The strategy I am trying is probably wrong for the early levels, but I do get a chance to try it out before I need it.

That's why I love this game, well, in addition to the interesting and nice governors who visit here. Hmmm, Maybe if we could get the leaders of the world in on this forum...

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posted 03-03-00 10:15 ET (US)     9 / 12  
I would concurre with Claudia Gallica on the order of buliding things and with Jayhawk on taking it slow. I am of the oppion that the first thing you do is to get your first export industy running before anything else. Once that is established you have the muched needed cash flow to use for expansion. This is even more critial as the game goes on am you have less funds to start with. It is usully not util I have exported something (or goods in a warehouse to export) that I start on building farms and start working on upgrading the houseing and starting new housing blocks and get my other export industries up and running. After that it is just building and expanding to meet the rating requirements.
posted 03-05-00 11:15 ET (US)     10 / 12  
Capua trouble, heh? You have no clue how many tries it took me to beat that level, Claudia Gallica is right, you have to unlearn everything that you learned in the training levels. Just keep experimenting - and don't be afraid to make mistakes! Trust me, when you beat that, it will feel like a real accomplishment. Remember, after you beat Capua, Tarraco is WAY easier. It only took me about 3 tries to best it. I consider those two as an extension to the 2 first practice levels, they prepare you for what's ahead: Miletus, uh... then Lugdunim, eek!

I hope that you enjoy the forum. I just joined a few weeks ago and have been getting helpful tips since! Everybody here is very nice and helpful.

Have fun!

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posted 03-05-00 12:26 ET (US)     11 / 12  
Welcome, Caius Brutus !

Marcus Lindicus already said it, but feel free to drop by the test forums. You can get tons of help with HTML and we can help you with a signiture .


posted 03-05-00 13:32 ET (US)     12 / 12  
Hi Caius Brutus

Welcome, and it's great to see your you embark upon your journey to Caesar. You will enjoy evrey minute..of it, and we want you to share your thoughts about it.

We are always here to help, so just ask.

Angel ET

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