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Topic Subject: Modding some variables for a fighting oriented mod
posted 09-07-22 13:54 ET (US)   
I'm looking into the Model files and I am planning for a mod that player should focus on the battle and not face the natural disasters (This can only be solved by limiting to 1 ancestral hero because if you modify damage rate it will be unplayable as the enemy cannot attack your building). And I have a few things to ask about the modifiers:

1. How to get limitless forts since the enemy will be very strong and no sabotage allowed?
2. How to increase the arrival rate from immigrants because the enemy will attack very soon?
3. What is the game engine of this game?
4. Is there anyway to play multiplayer decently since I couldn't find any source of video for that? I really want to help fixing the connection of multiplayers.

Thanks in advance.
posted 09-08-22 07:16 ET (US)     1 / 2  
I am not involved in mods for this game, so I cannot answer your questions very well, but I can share some things I know.

The Campaign Creator manual states that "The maximum size of a single invasion force is 256 soldiers, and you can have a total of 500 invaders in a city at one time." So if you want to exceed 500 enemy soldiers arriving to fight at the same time, then you would need to hunt down that code and modify it (if possible).

As for multiplayer, I know people can still play multiplayer using the Game Ranger platform.

Good luck on this project.

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posted 09-08-22 13:01 ET (US)     2 / 2  
Thanks I will keep going on, beside Gameranger multiplayer is only playable with 2 players not more.
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