posted 12-19-21 06:17 ET (US)   
I recently found myself having to replay the 6th mission of the SUI campaign when some of the houses in my two common housing blocks using a shared common market began devolving.

As if that were not enough, some of my elite houses failed to gain actor access, despite the fact that I had the three 3 X 3 support buildings within a 9 X 5 road complex with the 6 elite houses positioned outside the mentioned road complex.

The only prudent solution was, a common market for each of the housing blocks while the temple complex fitted perfectly where the elite housing was in my first attempt.

When I came to place the elite housing, it suddenly hit me. The residential gate options that give access to religious walkers.

That meant, all I needed in the first half of the elite housing, laid out either side of a straight road throughout, were inspector tower, tax office, herbalist and acupuncturist followed by the elite houses separated by a row of gardens.

Beyond that, and the other side of a residential gate, was a standard road (no grand way tiles over it) with the entertainment and 4 religious buildings plus an inspector's tower. All of which fitted perfectly at the South East stretch of land (the border as it was) and without residential walls.

I have not seen this most helpful of posts in the forum. One that should be pinned and readily available for players of this game.