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Topic Subject: Farm production and irrigation, or: Pecunia is confused
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posted 10-22-02 06:16 ET (US)   
This morning, I decided to do some tests with farm production and the effects of irrigation. I choose an open play map to do this (settings: Steel age, peaceful cities, no disasters, Map: Fo Yu Testin, random seed: this)

Climate: humid
Crops available: Rice and Soybean

I built a small city of 252 people, set up a farm, warehouse, inspector and well, and also an irrigation pump, which could be switched on/off if needed by a road tile. I laid out a farm, waited a year, let the harvest go into the warehouse, and noted the amount of food the farm produced. Food was then either given to the heroes or deleted (delete warehouse & rebuild warehouse). I tested 2 or 3 years per farm 'layout', and tested with both not irrigated and all irrigated. The results I have confuse me, and not just a little.

- In the following situations, North is always in the top left corner.
- The table with production lists 2 numbers for every situation, the first is the one I got in the first year, the second in the second year. After that the numbers repeat (if they are different).
- In all situations, there are 36 rice paddies, and 33 soybean fields. Fertility is 65% on all tiles.
soybean field
rice paddy

Situation 1:
Farm House

Not irrigatedIrrigated

Conclusion: do NOT irrigate your rice fields!

Situation 2:
Farm House

Not irrigatedIrrigated

Conclusion: you can irrigate your rice fields or not, the production will stay about the same. But.. be sure to irrigate your soybean fields.

Situation 3:
Farm House

<table border="1" cellpadding="2" Not irrigatedIrrigatedRice121220(!)20Soybean111188
Conclusion: WOW, you'd better irrigate your rice fields! but be sure you don't irrigate the soybean fields...

Situation 4:
Farm House

Not irrigatedIrrigated

Conclusion: is this how it is supposed to work?

I am really confused at the outcome.. the amount of fields is the same in every layout, yet production sure isn't the same. Any thoughts on this?

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posted 06-22-20 07:12 ET (US)     51 / 55  
No problem resurrecting necro threads as long as you have a relevant addition to them. Thanks.

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posted 06-23-20 02:06 ET (US)     52 / 55  
Hmm, I always assumed irrigation was plus 35% to fertility. So, a desert map without a decent water table may yield as low as 10% fertility, plus 35% for irrigation = 45% fertility. That's a wapping 450% expected increase.

Shrug, its a math thing, I think.

Gweilo had some desert maps with some streams that netted maybe twice the food production per farm if the player bothered with optimizing with irrigation.

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posted 06-24-20 03:45 ET (US)     53 / 55  
Since desert was mentioned, I thought I'd add a few more quick and dirty tests:

Semi arid around oasis (some good cropland but mostly poor and a small amount of desert - narrow band of rich and ideal cropland excluded) 10% to 48% fertility

35 fields of Millet + 34 fields of Cabbage.
Irrigated total food = 2000
Non irrigated = 1100
% increase = 82%

57 fields of Hemp.
Irrrigated = 1100
Non irrigated =600
% increase = 83%

High Desert (No Water Table) 10 % Fertility.

33 fields of Wheat + 33 fields of Millet
Irrigated total food =1600
Non irrigated total = 200
% increase = 800%

However, it is not so much the % increase that's important here, but the amount since the crop yield if not irrigated is tiny.
posted 07-08-20 16:27 ET (US)     54 / 55  

Irrigation will come into its own on desert maps. That is where the water table shows as yellow.

I always surround my desert farm tiles, where possible, with irrigation ditches, leaving no spaces between the ditch and the farm's perimeter.

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posted 02-22-21 06:15 ET (US)     55 / 55  
I tried it once with warehouses to store extra food in, and I will never do it again. In that city, the mill was set to GET foods from the warehouse. What happened: market lady got food from the mill, mill deliverymen gets wheat from the warehouse right next to the mill, meanwhile farm deliverymen (who were standing there) dropped their loads of wheat, mill deliverymen comes back with 4 loads of wheat, can't drop it, and can wait who-knows-how-long before he's "available" again to get goods. Soon after that I ran out of cabbage in the mill, and no one took it from the warehouse to the mill

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