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Topic Subject: Bug List
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posted 10-07-02 23:06 ET (US)   
Thought it might be useful to keep track of the bugs. Here is what I have compiled so far.

1. The Zodiac Bug - where creating a 2nd family resets all your zodiac animals to Rat

2. Animal Request Bug - where you can't dispatch an animal to comply with a menagerie request.

3. Editor City Map Selection bug - in the editor, where you select the city maps for your player cities, if you have more than 100 or so maps in your cities folder, the list cuts off after the first 100.

4. The Two Heroes/No Hero but there He is/Frozen hero bug - two exalted heroes in your city can really mess up your heroes. workaround, dismiss the frozen hero.

5. The Replay Scenario bug - using Replay Scenario option doesn't reset all the game data.

6. The Multiplayer Difficulty Bug - In multiplayer, the host's difficulty setting does not over ride your previous setting, so while everyone else is on Normal or Easy, I'm on Very Hard. Everyone should be on the same difficulty. Workaround - set your difficulty to Normal or Easy before joining multiplayer games.

7. Troops don't return bug - I haven't seen this one myself yet, but it's been reported more than once.

8. The Tax Bug - awesome work by Nero Would determining that the taxes reported by the overseer do not equal the taxes reported by the individual houses.

9. The Positive Appeal Bug - residential walls are supposed to block both good and bad desirability. They only block the bad, the good still passes through. I like to think of this one as more of a feature, but it's not working as advertised so by definition is a bug.

10. Save Game bug - saving and reloading from that save causes your for sale signs to turn to huts and adversely affects immigration rates. Workaround: Exit Emperor completely and restart it. You can then load the saved game.
Edited, thanks Jim and Grumpus

11. Religion Coverage Bug - sometimes when you add religious buildings and have religious coverage, it's still not registering on the Religion Tab summary. Workaround: save and reload to update the religious coverage meters.

12. Cliffs at the Edge of the Map Bug-- This one is more of an eyesore that really doesnt affect gameplay from what ive seen. Ive created a few maps where there are elevations leading off the maps. If you have more than a 1 level elevation riding the edge it creates black holes, and those wierd blue tracking dots. The only way Ive found to work around it is to keep the elevations one tile away from the edge. This only seems to effect the bottom edge when the map is oriented north, and the eastern (right) edge.

13. Deleting Workcamp/Guild during Monument Construction can freeze the monument while it waits on a worker that's not coming back. Workaround: don't delete any monument building if there is a chance that building has a worker at the monument.

14. Military Morale Bug: When you place a fort (or several of them) and then turn the fort “off” (set it to “not working”), the soldiers will lose all their morale, even though the fort is empty (no soldiers in the fort)! I was mystified when this kept happening. I liked to place my forts while laying out the city – lay out and set up my military section of the map -- because forts don’t need inspector access, they could remain in place as “not working” without taking any harm. When I got suspicious I tested the not-working forts every couple of months and sure enough, they steadily began to lose morale as time passed and they remained not-working.

A related bug: When your troops return home from a distant battle, they will physically return to their forts but their status will be “Still” instead of “At fort.” They will lose morale until you actually give the command to each troop to return to their fort. They won’t go anywhere, but their status will change from “Still” to “At fort” and their morale will remain steady (or improve at normal at-fort levels if they were feeling blue after losing a battle).

15. The Menagerie Score Bug - the manual states (page 122) you get points for a menagerie, even when it's not a goal. Those points are not being reflected in the Player's Score. The line for the Menagerie points is there, but you get Zero for it.

16. Gifting an animal does not improve favor or show up in the history.

17. Farm Production/Irrigation - Still researching, but it seems apparent that something isn't right. See this thread for details.

A Tale in the Desert
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posted 10-21-02 22:17 ET (US)     51 / 126  

Quoted from Xau99 in message #50:

some improvements that would make the game a litle easier

1) Press 4 twice to get the Commerce acreen and click on the Yes/No under import/export. You'll get a selectable list of the cities that are actually trading PLUS the current trading partners who COULD BE trading but aren't are also listed, in pink or something. Clicking on their names centers the screen on the trading facility. That's actually quite a bit better than cycling through the warehouses and trading posts.

2) The Military seems to allow one one unit at a time through a narrow gap. It the tile is already occupied by some member of a different company, the loser will circle around and try again later.

Demoralized troops will try to visit the Palace, rather than returning directly to their Forts.

3) The Food Buyer will always favor the Mill with the MOST TYPES of food available, even if she doesn't need all of them, because that mill is the least likely to run out before she gets there. Just keep a variety of food available in both Mills and she'll just take what she needs to satify the Market Square requirements. The Food Buyer search range is around 35 tiles.

4) Blessings lower the happiness of the Hero. Consequently, you very much want to steer Guan Di, for example, to the Forts that need the most material. The Building Blessings do need to be manual, so the "wrong" building doesn't get blessed. It's by no means a free benefit.

Extend your grasp of the Empire at Serpentineum
posted 10-22-02 17:31 ET (US)     52 / 126  
Wonky Warehouse Bug

I've only seen this one once, in a competition scenario, but...

I placed two warehouses next to each other, one for housing supplies and one to hold extra food. I went set the first to get 12 hemp, 12 ceramics, 4 tea, and 8 paper. Then went to set the second, and it had been reset from the default to the settings of the first warehouse. Checked to make sure I had selected the right warehouse, and set the second to accept 8 each of 4 food types. The settings of the first warehouse were changed to these settings at the same time. Tried deleting one and rebuilding, problem persisted. Deleted the other, problem persisted. Tried deleted both and rebuilding, problem persisted.

My best explanation for this is that I had built the warehouses on top of city ruins; were they haunted??

posted 10-22-02 23:51 ET (US)     53 / 126  
Request about overlay colours:

I use the hazzards overlay a lot and it is really hard to see the green buildings on the mini map. To me, it would be a lot more logical if the damaged buildings were green, and the buildings that were about to collapse into rubble were red.

posted 10-23-02 06:30 ET (US)     54 / 126  
I'm going to buy this game when it arrives (not yet in Asia! ).

I have a question, can we complete the single player campaign(s) before the patch is available? I don't care much about multiplayer bugs because my friends only play AOK style RTS online.

posted 10-23-02 07:49 ET (US)     55 / 126  
Welcome to Emperor Heaven aCCoUnT INvALiD

None of the bugs are the type that stop you finishing the missions so you can safely buy the game and play until there is a patch available.

posted 10-23-02 14:12 ET (US)     56 / 126  
A few more bugs after playing some time:

1) If I have a group of industry buildings nearby and I have turn them off, when I tied to set to "working" not only one but some of them will activate, for example 5 instead of only one...

2)monuemts can freez if the labarors camp are cutt of from the working pool, same as deleting them (really odd, when I was completing the earth wall at Quin campaign

3)Funny grafics problems at the edge of the maps just like Zeus and the other games

Except for the monuments problems, The others bugs are not important to end your goals

Besides, Emperor is one of the best gamer I ever seen (and wich require so litlle hardware to run

posted 10-23-02 15:13 ET (US)     57 / 126  

1) When I access a trading station, I cannot cycle through to the other trading staions without having to close the one I am at and rick click the next one. I have to repeat this all the time just to monitor the trading stations. In Zeus it had a next trading station or button, that allowed you to cycle though all your trading stations without having to close and reopen. Can this be fixed please.

I miss this as well, but you can do something similar from the world map. You can cycle through the cities and click on 'orders' to change trading orders.

3) I developed my basic housing away from the elite housing, so that each would have its own mill to hold food. However the the lady from the food shop on the common housing would ignore the mill that was 2 blocks away from her and walk all the way (8 blocks away) to the mill where the elite housing was. Causing delays and devovling of my common housing. Why does she not go to the closest food mill???

Food buyers ALWAYS buy from the mill with the most types of food available - solution: only have 1 mill, keep the types of food in the mills the same, or use unconnected blocks.

4) The god's or ancestral figures, do they not bless buldings randomly during their patrolling. Or do I have to click on bless every time they are close to the type of building that they bless. e.g. Xi wang mu blesses Jade carvers studio. Does she bless them on her own or do I have to keep clicking bless when she is in fromnt of the carvers studio???

Blessings now cost appeasement - if Xi Wang Mu is exalted, and you tell her to bless 10 jade carvers, then she'll drop down to contented or even lower, and leave the next month. So the choice would be randomly auto-blessing heros who go away very fast, or requiring manual blessings. Since x months of heros is often a requirement, I prefer the manual blessings.

posted 10-24-02 18:10 ET (US)     58 / 126  
I also forgot to mention that walls do not keep out th ewild animals. They actually walk thru the walls, needs to be fixed


posted 10-24-02 19:17 ET (US)     59 / 126  


They actually walk thru the walls, needs to be fixed

Nope, not a bug. They made them this way on purpose so you could no longer fence in the predators.

posted 10-26-02 07:07 ET (US)     60 / 126  
During the Beta, the Earthquake Rubble Removal bug came up, this hasn't been fixed however. I had an earthquake, removed some rubble and the game crashed, I will try to recreate later.

Reproducible (sp?)

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posted 10-26-02 07:47 ET (US)     61 / 126  
In the editor, if I disable the city gate, but enable city walls, the player will be able to build city gates anyway.
posted 10-26-02 17:09 ET (US)     62 / 126  
During play I realised also that the game is limited in what it offers. I did not have lacquerware, but I could import either lacquer or lacquerware. So I decided to import Lacquer only to find I did not have the production buildings to make the wares. I could understand in the beginning of the game when I did not have the raw materials to make the stuff. But shouldn't it give me the buildings if I am able to import the raw materials. I have three trade buildings that allow me to import the raw lacquer in excess of 50 , but only one trade staion gives me lacquerware of 12. Is this intentional (to kinda make it challenging???) or is it a flaw.


posted 10-26-02 22:35 ET (US)     63 / 126  
Did you actually import lacquer? The lacquerware maker should become available once lacquer is set to import. What mission was this in?
posted 10-27-02 11:22 ET (US)     64 / 126  
Sound bug: turn all sounds in the game off, and right-click on an animal. You just can't make those beasts to shut up
posted 10-27-02 11:28 ET (US)     65 / 126  
I think similar warehouse problems may already have been posted but....

I noticed laquerware building up in one of my warehouses even though there was space for it in two 'selling' trading posts. Fiddling with the empty/don't accept settings didn't make any difference and when I tried to use the laquerware as a gift, the pop-up told me I had none in stock. I thought I'd set up a new warehouse and try and transfer it but every time I set the second warehouse to 'get' it also reset the setting of the first warehouse from 'empty' to 'get' as well (and vice versa).

I'd already finished the campaign when this happened so it wasn't really a problem. Strange though....all I could think was perhaps I had too many warehouses???

posted 10-27-02 11:40 ET (US)     66 / 126  
It was the Sui Mission (if I wrote that correctly). Yes I did import lacquer and had to give it away becoz it was taking up room.


posted 10-27-02 18:28 ET (US)     67 / 126  

In Zhou 7 you can import jade, but no carvers are available. I just checked my save and I imported it to give away to Xi Wang Mu as homage. Carvers were not activated even after importing it for years.

Is that a bug?

posted 10-28-02 11:58 ET (US)     68 / 126  
I encountered what might be a bug - the north of the city was protected by two lines of wall parallel to each other. Access through this double wall was provided by two gatehouse - one in front of the other. I found it handy against invaders like the Xioungnu who have relatively few infantry in their force. The problem was that farm carts would not pass through it. Nor was area between the two parallel walls accessible. There was no obstruction save for the two gatehouses. There was no break in the road. The problem went away when I demolished the gate and rebuilt it in the exact same away and there was no obstruction. It is hardly a serious problem but it seems like a bug to me.

The other possible bug is that the number of units in a company distort in heavy fighting when casualties are being taken.


I find frequently that I am unable to click on cities in the world map having been able to do so earlier. If I move the pointer over the city there should be a little boxed message 'click for information' but when this problem occurs there is nothing. Oddly the only thing I can click on are invading armies and suchlike. I think the problem is connected with changing resolution but iirc it has occurred without that. Whenever it occurs it is necessary to either reload or quit and restart the game.

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posted 10-28-02 14:38 ET (US)     69 / 126  
The old warehouse bugs are still with us.
  1. If you delete a warehouse and replace it in the same spot, the AI doesn't seem to see it, and any orders you give to the warehouse seem to end up applying to a different warehouse
  2. If your farm cartpusher arrives at a warehouse with 4 in his cart and room for 3 in the warehouse, he leaves 3 in the warehouse and then moves on to the next with 4 still in his cart.

I really wish they had fixed this!
posted 10-28-02 14:55 ET (US)     70 / 126  
Mere and Gustavia, What Mere describes is how the waresmaker would work in Multiplayer. For single player, however, because all the trade items are predetermined and preset, the maker building should be available from the beginning if the raw material is available anywhere in the world. Is it a bug? Possibly, but more likely the designer made it that way by purposefully unselecting the waresmaker from the Available Buildings list in the Editor. Just because a resource is available, it doesn't necessarily mean that in your population, you have workers with the skills needed to staff such a facility.

Pecunia, feature. In order to get walls "over" a road, you have to use a Gate, so if you can build walls, a Gate will always be available. Residential walls work the same way.

posted 10-28-02 15:14 ET (US)     71 / 126  
I noticed another oddity and possible bug while building in iron age Guangzhou on the normal difficultly level in open play. My city was conquered by Duanghuang and made to pay tribute. Given that Duanghuang was asking for items of tribute that were only produced by rival cities I stopped paying tribute and was invaded. The strange thing was that after I defeated one or more of Duanghuang's invasions it became my vassal, albeit with its tribute suspended. Have I missed something or is it a bug?

That problem with the parallel walls and gate I described earlier reappeared when I loaded the savegame. The other problem of being unable to click on cities can be caused by minimising and then resuming the game - though it might not be the sole cause.

posted 10-28-02 17:03 ET (US)     72 / 126  

I havent played any of the multi-player, so if things work differently there, I wouldnt know Thanks for clearing that up.

I would expect commodities to be available in the Empire that I would not be able to use. For example, being able to import jade, but not have a carver. That would be a design choice, as you said.

I was just confused about this "activation" part. If it was supposed to happen, it didnt and maybe *that* was the bug. Not the fact you could import a (nearly) useless item.

posted 10-28-02 19:51 ET (US)     73 / 126  
I am adding to a bug that Wendoolicus touched on. I have to incountered this problem twice while replay the campaigns due to a C++ error. It is during the Zhou campaign. While in the city of Ying Wendoolicus spoke of not being able to fullfill a request for wild pig and not being able to fullfill with the palace menagerie holding one. When I open the map and click on Loyi and fullfill its request it shows wanting Lacquerware. During this time Lacquerware is not available and besides they asked for wild hogs.

I have a saved game with this problem inprogress if anyone is interested.

posted 10-29-02 08:25 ET (US)     74 / 126  
Homegrown, I'm working on a campaign in which I want the player to be able to protect the city against tigers with towers, but I don't want the player to build gates..
And besides, why would there be an option in the editor to turn city gates OFF while it's always on when you have walls enabled?

[edit] The other way around would be more logical: if you have a gate enabled, walls should be enabled automatically. After all, you need walls to build a gate.

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posted 10-30-02 03:41 ET (US)     75 / 126  
Well of course you're right, Pecunia. I was just trying to spin it in a positive way for BA.

I confirmed the Super full delivery cart reported by kach and have added it to the list.

There definately appears to be something wrong with farms and irrigation and production, so am adding that as well.

This list is way longer than I had hoped.

A Tale in the Desert
Flogging will continue until morale improves.
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