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Topic Subject: Bug List
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posted 10-07-02 23:06 ET (US)   
Thought it might be useful to keep track of the bugs. Here is what I have compiled so far.

1. The Zodiac Bug - where creating a 2nd family resets all your zodiac animals to Rat

2. Animal Request Bug - where you can't dispatch an animal to comply with a menagerie request.

3. Editor City Map Selection bug - in the editor, where you select the city maps for your player cities, if you have more than 100 or so maps in your cities folder, the list cuts off after the first 100.

4. The Two Heroes/No Hero but there He is/Frozen hero bug - two exalted heroes in your city can really mess up your heroes. workaround, dismiss the frozen hero.

5. The Replay Scenario bug - using Replay Scenario option doesn't reset all the game data.

6. The Multiplayer Difficulty Bug - In multiplayer, the host's difficulty setting does not over ride your previous setting, so while everyone else is on Normal or Easy, I'm on Very Hard. Everyone should be on the same difficulty. Workaround - set your difficulty to Normal or Easy before joining multiplayer games.

7. Troops don't return bug - I haven't seen this one myself yet, but it's been reported more than once.

8. The Tax Bug - awesome work by Nero Would determining that the taxes reported by the overseer do not equal the taxes reported by the individual houses.

9. The Positive Appeal Bug - residential walls are supposed to block both good and bad desirability. They only block the bad, the good still passes through. I like to think of this one as more of a feature, but it's not working as advertised so by definition is a bug.

10. Save Game bug - saving and reloading from that save causes your for sale signs to turn to huts and adversely affects immigration rates. Workaround: Exit Emperor completely and restart it. You can then load the saved game.
Edited, thanks Jim and Grumpus

11. Religion Coverage Bug - sometimes when you add religious buildings and have religious coverage, it's still not registering on the Religion Tab summary. Workaround: save and reload to update the religious coverage meters.

12. Cliffs at the Edge of the Map Bug-- This one is more of an eyesore that really doesnt affect gameplay from what ive seen. Ive created a few maps where there are elevations leading off the maps. If you have more than a 1 level elevation riding the edge it creates black holes, and those wierd blue tracking dots. The only way Ive found to work around it is to keep the elevations one tile away from the edge. This only seems to effect the bottom edge when the map is oriented north, and the eastern (right) edge.

13. Deleting Workcamp/Guild during Monument Construction can freeze the monument while it waits on a worker that's not coming back. Workaround: don't delete any monument building if there is a chance that building has a worker at the monument.

14. Military Morale Bug: When you place a fort (or several of them) and then turn the fort “off” (set it to “not working”), the soldiers will lose all their morale, even though the fort is empty (no soldiers in the fort)! I was mystified when this kept happening. I liked to place my forts while laying out the city – lay out and set up my military section of the map -- because forts don’t need inspector access, they could remain in place as “not working” without taking any harm. When I got suspicious I tested the not-working forts every couple of months and sure enough, they steadily began to lose morale as time passed and they remained not-working.

A related bug: When your troops return home from a distant battle, they will physically return to their forts but their status will be “Still” instead of “At fort.” They will lose morale until you actually give the command to each troop to return to their fort. They won’t go anywhere, but their status will change from “Still” to “At fort” and their morale will remain steady (or improve at normal at-fort levels if they were feeling blue after losing a battle).

15. The Menagerie Score Bug - the manual states (page 122) you get points for a menagerie, even when it's not a goal. Those points are not being reflected in the Player's Score. The line for the Menagerie points is there, but you get Zero for it.

16. Gifting an animal does not improve favor or show up in the history.

17. Farm Production/Irrigation - Still researching, but it seems apparent that something isn't right. See this thread for details.

A Tale in the Desert
Flogging will continue until morale improves.

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posted 10-09-02 19:43 ET (US)     26 / 126  
In reply to Unpronouncable's post:

Ive had that very same thing happen to me! I sent a catapult (only had three men in it though), a full unit of infantry and a full unit of crossbow-people (hehe), against a one-shield vassal and was defeated! I only lost 3 men from each of the units except the catapults which lost 0.

Can a person only gather info from a vassal? I sent a spy to Shu, and all I could do was gather info... and that is another thing. Even if I leave a spy in a city for years I NEVER recieve any reports, and sometimes I cant even use the spy map... *sigh*

It seems to me that Emperor is going to earn the title: "Buggiest CB Game Ever" hehe.

And another thing, when I sent my full three forces to Haungxian to help them out, we were defeated, Now, with my 2 shields on my city, and the shield on their city (3 shields), against the Nomad's camp, which at that time was only 3, they should have atleast had a stalemate, but nope, they came home in defeat, not once, but twice!

And is it in the game that every ally in the country becomes annoyed when one ally becomes annoyed..? hehe

"Can we go to the Planet of the Baconmen and get the marrow sucked from our bones?" --from Ed Edd and Eddy
posted 10-09-02 22:29 ET (US)     27 / 126  
EmperorJay, you have it backwards. All the pre-release hype said the res. walls would block all desirability. That's now how it works, it's a bug. I do however agree that Vaia's points about one tile of res. wall blocking all the bad appeal is really the more major issue than whether I can put gardens behind the walls and they still affect the houses 2 or 3 tiles on the other side.

On the Entertainment, someone might look to see if what it's really telling you is how many years since your last Grand Festival (the ones that come every 12 years on the year of your Animal).

On spies in single player. You will never see a spy map in single player other than your own. Because the AI isn't actually building a city. The spy map is only used in multiplayer.

All this talk about failed conquests reminds me of something I read in the manual. On page 120 under Tips on Building a Powerful Military, it says


Use diplomacy before you launch an invasion. The military is just one tool of diplomacy. If you ignore diplomatic favor and alliances before you embark on conquest, then you have much to learn about the art of war.

I haven't really read it all, but here is an appropriate link to a translated text.

Hmmmmm. Just a thought, but what if your chances of success aren't just determined by the size of your attacking force? What if selling goods to an ally at higher than Imperial Standard or demanding harsh tribute from a vassal just makes the next city you try to conquer "fight just that much harder in order to avoid having to live under your oppressive rule"?

On the use of spies in single player, I've had some good success with sabotage. Someone posted somewhere that they actually saw the shields on the enemy city go down on the empire map as their spies did their dirty little work. Sabotaging Military well before you plan to invade seems a sensible and especially cost effective measure to help ensure your success.

Every city that is your ally cannot be allied against you. Having trade agreements with other cities is nice, but not nearly as nice as having actual Alliances. Besides, they can send you additional troops to protect your homeland from opportunistic invasions while your boys go off to fight.

Finally, the Chinese were notorious for buying off their enemies. Attacking someone who's already hostile towards you is probably not a good idea. As sneaky as it sounds, you should try to maintain decent relations with everyone you intend to stab in the back later.

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

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posted 10-09-02 22:51 ET (US)     28 / 126  
The first invasion is not always defeated. Playing at very hard I have succeeded more often than not. I usually send two companies for every shield the enemy has shown on the world map. Also I always send spies to sabatoge the enemy military beforehand
posted 10-09-02 23:03 ET (US)     29 / 126  
I tried sending gifts to the revolting vassal, and that didnt work, 2400 cash, 16 crates of whatever they needed, animals... and even suggested an alliance so they wouldnt be a vassal anymore. But they kept right on, then I tried the military.

I sent spies but all I could do is gather information. Ill always try to gain favour with revolters before I try military strength. I dont even excute emissaries! :P

"Can we go to the Planet of the Baconmen and get the marrow sucked from our bones?" --from Ed Edd and Eddy
posted 10-10-02 01:16 ET (US)     30 / 126  
Bug Administrative City (turned off not working) Tax collectors (turned off) Tax is still being collected on about 43% of the population

"I have met the enemy, he is us". Pogo
posted 10-10-02 06:54 ET (US)     31 / 126  
Well, after extensive testing (meaning I had today off & could play all night)...

I've come to the conclusion that it's not a bug - it's one possible result of having a spy in your city. (Or maybe my troops are as greedy as everyone else's, but report a loss instead of a bribe.)

Sun Tzu turned a spy after 4 failed (even though massively overpowered) invasions in a row - I sent a single unit back to the enemy city afterwards, and conquered it without losses.

Guess I'm going to have to re-think my 'low police presence' philosophy of city-building. LOL

posted 10-10-02 17:20 ET (US)     32 / 126  


Originally posted by Homegrown
On the Entertainment, someone might look to see if what it's really telling you is how many years since your last Grand Festival (the ones that come every 12 years on the year of your Animal).

Very good suggestion Homegrown. I hadn't even thought that it might be referring to the Grand Festival.

On further investigation, though, here are my findings. The number of years since the last festival decreases by one every month.

On the very bottom of the report is a message that tells you how many years until the next Grand Festival and it behaves correctly.

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posted 10-10-02 20:29 ET (US)     33 / 126  
I noticed something while playing the first episode of Zhou. When the two vassals rebel, they keep trading with you even though they say they arent. The boats keep coming to the wharf, and the caravans to the posts... I dont know if it is a bug, but its kinda funny to see a supposed non-trading vassal sending ships to my ports. and they appear to be taking my goods and giving me stuff.

"Can we go to the Planet of the Baconmen and get the marrow sucked from our bones?" --from Ed Edd and Eddy
posted 10-11-02 02:15 ET (US)     34 / 126  
Looks like I may have a bug with the ministry of commerce. The ministry reports that I have 5 lacquerware. I actually have 5 in a warehouse and another 4 in a trading station. The trading station is set to not selling and the quatity not to sell is zero. .... On second thoughts, perhaps since I set it 'not to sell 0 bronzeware' it is not a bug! lol
posted 10-11-02 07:31 ET (US)     35 / 126  
I have gotten the c++ error. I am currently playing the user created Grand City download. I need to build the pagoda but every time I try to place it, I get the c++ error and can not continue.
posted 10-11-02 11:59 ET (US)     36 / 126  
Hi just just have a few bugs.


in two maps I had problems with that issue, the inmigrants families (just a few of them) get trying to pass the gates (the walls for desirebilities, not the military) they start flashing and freezing until I delete that gates and then they continue with their walk like nothing had happened.

Nu-WA mede a wird thing in one map. She was frozen on a street and then the game said there was no hero in the citie, then hhoter hero arrived and the problem was solved...

GRAPHIC, some rock at the edge of the maps get rare graphic problems when I build a road holding the mouse button.

100 Whaet appear in the mill when I put it the first time (same happened to me in the otther series...) and also a farm gave me 100 wheat...

Thats all for now, I have nothing more to say... for now...

posted 10-11-02 15:37 ET (US)     37 / 126  
HG, it's not so much the favour as the history. I would like to see who I've sent an animal to a month after I've sent them.

Another "bug".

Troops got stuck in a section of the map that you could not scroll to (bottom part) and thus I could not select them to send them back to the fort.

How did they get stuck there you ask? Well, I clicked on Huang Di (Who was near the bottom of the screen), placed his banner in the centre of the map (happened to be my housing block) and then clicked on gather troops. I thought the troops would gather around the banner instead of around the hero. One of the banners(my infantry) ended up below the visible part of the map in the "staging area" and thus I could never move them since.

Unless someone knows of a way to select the troops without a man or flag, there is no way to get your troops back to their fort or anywhere else on the map. I even tried to do summon troops with Huang Di later (when he was in the middle of the screen) and they would not come unstuck. Delete/undo also did not do the trick.

Since this was in MP, I'm not sure if I have a save game, but I can surely check if it's wanted.

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posted 10-11-02 15:42 ET (US)     38 / 126  
Jaguar: I haven't tried this in Emperor, but in Pharaoh and Zeus you can see closer to the edge of the map on the top and left sides of the screen than you can on the bottom and right. If you rotate the map to put your troops at the top or left of the screen, you might be able to select them.
posted 10-11-02 16:33 ET (US)     39 / 126  
When scrolling to a residential gate in the spy map (in this case my own city), tooltip shows 'unused'.
posted 10-11-02 16:38 ET (US)     40 / 126  
THanks for the tip, Nero Would. I forgot about that. It did indeed give me enough extra map to chose one of my infantry men and send them home.

It would be nice if we could do that from teh imlitary full report though... /me wants to add that to the wishlist.

posted 10-11-02 17:42 ET (US)     41 / 126  
About halfway down the list there was a discussion of when the cash gifts that emissaries deliver are deducted from your treasury. I observed last night that they are deducted when the emissary leaves your map, not on arrival. (If anyone's still interested. )
posted 10-12-02 01:13 ET (US)     42 / 126  
Defective Tower in Preplaced Wall

The walls underlying the upper right tower in SP 7 Song-Jin, 1 Kaifeng, are apparently defective.

As illustrated in the following snapshot at [GIF, (91.57 KB)] the enemy troops walk right through the wall. Once I deleted the tower, added the corner section of wall, and replace the tower, it protected the city as one would expect.

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posted 10-12-02 16:34 ET (US)     43 / 126  
An update for the Zodiac Bug.

I have been playing using the rat as my zodiac animal. I have found that creating a new emperor using a different zodiac animal always seems to reset the default animal to the latest one created.

I have one mission completed as a tiger while all the others in that dynasty are rat.

Work around seems to be to create another emperor name with the desired animal and then go back and continue playing under the original name.

posted 10-13-02 14:35 ET (US)     44 / 126  
Here's one I came across today.

Trade quantities not reset between episodes

I am playing the Shang dynasty and when I returned to Bo in episode three after completing the city of Baoji, my trade partner Hsiang still shows the items traded in this year from when I was in Baoji, thereby reducing the items I can sell from Bo for this year. Should these not reset?
I would think so, especially since there is about 30 years between those two episodes.

posted 10-14-02 10:10 ET (US)     45 / 126  
I had the not reset between missions bug several times

and yes it makes NO SENSE to have that occuring
i havent tested the military enough i prefer to have money availble


posted 10-15-02 08:49 ET (US)     46 / 126  
ive encountered the abnormal runtime error twice now in a certain scenario. the game crashes to the desktop...thank goodness for autosave. ive had the game about two weeks now and this is the first time this has happened.
posted 10-18-02 18:23 ET (US)     47 / 126  
About point 16 - in the city of Ying (Zhou dynasty) I have an animal in my menagerie (wild pig). I just got a request to send an animal to another city, but when I tried to send the request, it says 'not enough in storage'. Is this a bug?Have tried putting 2 pigs in the palace, but the palace menagerie message only advises the number of TYPES of animals, not the actual number of animals within each type.
posted 10-18-02 20:31 ET (US)     48 / 126  

Quoted from homegrown:

10. Save Game bug - saving and reloading from that save causes your for sale signs to turn to huts and adversely affects immigration rates. Workaround: Exit Emperor completely and restart it. You can then load the saved game.

This can actually help you if you already have your housing block serviced. There wont be any residents in the homes, but when walkers pass by, the housing will have access to that service.

posted 10-18-02 21:43 ET (US)     49 / 126  
Population Histogram

The game year run from Feb x through Jan x
followed by Feb x+1 through Jan x+1

Unfortunately the Histogram base wasn't shifted, so 12 months into the game the date at the left of the histogram is identical to the current game date.

Extend your grasp of the Empire at Serpentineum
posted 10-21-02 18:55 ET (US)     50 / 126  
I have encountered some of the above mentioned bugs so I will not repeat them. I do however want to point out some improvements that would make the game a litle easier (that is unless I am missing something during play).

1) When I access a trading station, I cannot cycle through to the other trading staions without having to close the one I am at and rick click the next one. I have to repeat this all the time just to monitor the trading stations. In Zeus it had a next trading station or button, that allowed you to cycle though all your trading stations without having to close and reopen. Can this be fixed please.

2) When I send off my troops to battle or use them at home, after battle I send them back to their training stations, very often they are in disarray. Some of the soldiers are standing on the road or the grass and not in the training station in a normal format. I have tried to move them off and back again but they never stand in the right place, even when I click on types of formats, nothing.

3) I developed my basic housing away from the elite housing, so that each would have its own mill to hold food. However the the lady from the food shop on the common housing would ignore the mill that was 2 blocks away from her and walk all the way (8 blocks away) to the mill where the elite housing was. Causing delays and devovling of my common housing. Why does she not go to the closest food mill???

4) The god's or ancestral figures, do they not bless buldings randomly during their patrolling. Or do I have to click on bless every time they are close to the type of building that they bless. e.g. Xi wang mu blesses Jade carvers studio. Does she bless them on her own or do I have to keep clicking bless when she is in fromnt of the carvers studio???

I think that is all for now

p/s I am a little disappointed with the format of the game. It is like there is no connection between each city that you build. Its like I am continously building a new capital/city without even enjoying the first capital or the new cities that you built for it, e.g. Build capital (thats fine) then go build city to establish production of iron (no problem), then go build another city for silk (ok understandable to a point ), then go build another city for something else. Then the journey is over, the emperor has died and a new emperor has come into the picture welcome to a new era.

I did not even get to interact with the capital from the other small cities that I went and build. Its like I'm building new cities continously that have no correlation to each other.

my point of view.


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