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Emperor: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Downloads
posted 10-03-02 14:29 ET (US)   
I just want to take a moment to explain a few things about the new downloads section.


  • The Downloads database is run off another user database.
  • This means you can't use your Caesar3/Pharaoh/Zeus/Emperor forum login.
  • You can use your Stronghold, AoM, DS, HG Main, etc. login.
  • If you do not have a logon on the other database, you'll have to make a new one by registering at the downloads page.
  • To make life easy on you try for a login (username) identical to the one you haev here.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but it should be fixed by the time the user databases merge.

When you upload you have to choose a category. You have the following options.

  • Campaigns
  • City/Open Play Maps
  • Completed Cities
  • Multiplayer
  • Miscellaneous

Please note this means the following:

  • Campaigns - A PAK file, optionally with any new MAP files used in this Single Player campaign.
  • City/Open Play Maps - Maps for Open play, not completed cities. These are maps without population, remember?
  • Completed Cities - Any city that is completed, whether from Open Play, the Campaign, a contest or whatever.
  • Multiplayer - A PAK file, optionally with any new MAP files used in this Multi Player campaign.
  • Miscellaneous - Anything other than the above, sounds, patches, anything

Thanks for helping us out.

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posted 10-15-02 13:20 ET (US)     1 / 16  
FYI: Angel Zen just fixed two things with the Downloads section:

  • Fixed getfile.php bug where it mishandled files with spaces in them.

  • Added "no-cache" directives to all DL pages. This should eliminate most of the problems forumers experience.
  • posted 01-01-03 22:42 ET (US)     2 / 16  
    There's something wrong with the "Introduction" button on Download/review pages (how to rate). gives weird response!! (No page exists). This one::

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    posted 01-01-03 23:55 ET (US)     3 / 16  
    Thanks Andyblast, its been fixed now
    posted 03-02-03 14:19 ET (US)     4 / 16  
    Why is it when you go to review completed cities the review categories are things like "map desing" and "story/instructions"? Those should only be used for reviewing campaings.
    posted 03-03-03 16:08 ET (US)     5 / 16  
    The review system is set up for reviewing campaigns/maps, it was never really intended for reviewing saved games. I would suggest if you wish to comment on a saved game you should just make a comment without scoring.
    posted 03-04-03 15:54 ET (US)     6 / 16  
    Hi Jay & Mere,
    Can Jin-wudi be added to completed-city submission form Origin pull-down menu?
    posted 04-19-08 14:35 ET (US)     7 / 16  
    I am playing Emperor as two differet players on my computer. In whose folder do I put the supplied .SAV files I get from the Completed Cities section? I tried a random (the newer one) user and I found that Emperor performs an illegal operation and quits when I load that .SAV file.

    Should I create a new user by the name used by who uploaded the SAV file? How do I get to know that name?
    posted 04-19-08 17:30 ET (US)     8 / 16  
    SAV's are often compressed in Zip format so you first need to unzip them.
    I prefer to do file transfer to my desktop so I don't have to hunt down where the file goes.
    Windows XP will do the unzipping by right clicking the ZIP file and choosing 'Extract All...'.

    I prefer to use a newly created or Emperor named 'test' to look at someones savegames since they can mess up your city by replacing your city with theirs in a continuation mission.
    I usually only have one EmperorName, other then 'test', that I use for playing unless I am playing different Scenerios in the same timeframe.
    'shaun' for general play
    'test' for looking over someones savegames
    'Contest21' for playing a contest map from Otto's site
    'Beta' for playtesting one of Gweilo's Scenerios

    Open the newly created folder and 'Copy' the ??????.SAV file and then 'Paste' it into "C:\Sierra\EmperorRotMK\Save\DesiredEmerorsName".
    You may have to right click the SAV file and 'Unblock' the security under the 'General' tab before Emperor will be able to access the data.
    Open Emperor
    choose the EmperorsName you moved the ?????.SAV file.
    choose 'Load a Saved Game' and select the name of the file you moved(??????? without the extention '.SAV')
    click 'To the City'
    Use the 'P' button to pause the game while you look around.

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    posted 04-20-08 01:51 ET (US)     9 / 16  
    Thanks, shaun1, but the problem turned out to be that I didn't have the patch (I suspected it in the back of my mind). I read through things the patch fixes, and found that the patch can open pre-patch files, but pre-patch version cannot open patch-version files.

    I hope this post will be useful for others with the same question when they visit this thread.
    posted 04-20-08 03:53 ET (US)     10 / 16  
    Thats OK.
    I thought you were a different visitor that Gweilo had already mentioned the Patch update too. My bad for not checking.
    posted 02-23-11 16:54 ET (US)     11 / 16  
    My open play don't open.When i goto " go to city " the game come back for the SinglePayer menu.
    And when install a new sav. file and open the game close.
    what do i do?
    posted 02-23-11 18:44 ET (US)     12 / 16  
    Do you have the game patch installed? If not, do that first.

    Expand your fun by downloading free custom campaigns for Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.
    Visit Zeus Heaven to expand your knowledge of Zeus and Poseidon.
    posted 10-27-11 21:34 ET (US)     13 / 16  
    To Whom It May Concerns,

    Hey all, I downloaded the patch update; however the bonus campaign: "Emperor Jin Wudi" didn't appear in my campaign list. I tried creating a new account to see whether or not that is the problem but still nothing.
    Any help is appreciated.

    posted 10-27-11 22:16 ET (US)     14 / 16  
    avictorious, it can be tricky to find it. First off, did you select 'Custom Campaigns' ? That is where you will find it, not 'Historical Campaigns'. Then, you need to scroll to the very bottom of the list of Custom Campaigns. It will be there listed as 'X Emperor Jin Wudi'.
    posted 01-30-14 00:16 ET (US)     15 / 16  
    any body can teach me to play this game?
    posted 01-30-14 15:19 ET (US)     16 / 16  
    any body can teach me to play this game?
    NewHero -

    Sure, please let us know which area you need us to give you advice on the game. Also, please create a new thread about it because this section is only for seeking help with downloading problem.
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