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Zeus: Adventure Design
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Topic Subject: Walls and enemy behaviour
posted 06-01-20 08:20 ET (US)   
Do enemies (any troops or monsters) always try to go around a wall to get to their objective as long as there's an opening somewhere? Or can they just decide on a whim to punch a hole and create a direct path instead?
posted 06-04-20 07:11 ET (US)     1 / 5  
It depends on how dense the wall is... the denser it is, the less likely enemy troops are gonna punch holes into it... but if you had a wall that's say... 2x or 3x thick, don't expect to see enemy troops find another detour.. they're just gonna punch holes on that thing.

This is just a guess, but I think it all depends on what path is faster to get to your palace.. punching through a wall section to go on the shorter path, or going through the longer path? So the denser the wall, the easier it is to "convince" the enemy troops to take the path you want them to take.

But if there's no alternative pathway besides the route blocked by walls, they're gonna punch holes on it no matter what.
If we're talking about monsters, they will almost always try to find a gap in a wall to get to their target. Seal off the gap, and make another distant gap, and they will go to that gap no matter how far it is.

But if their target is also set to "military", they'll just break the wall regardless.

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posted 06-04-20 12:29 ET (US)     2 / 5  
Thanks! I thought I could maybe make a tower defense adventure, but that would require some surefire way of herding enemy troops with walls. I guess I'll find out whether it can be done when I'm testing.
posted 06-07-20 08:46 ET (US)     3 / 5  
I tested some different wall densities (1-5) on troops from every faction, turns out x3 is the least likely to get attacked, whereas thicker or thinner walls get torn down more often. Most of the wall damage on x3 occurs when troops are waiting around for the rest of the war party to catch up. With every other density they punch holes in the walls. I also tried double spaced corridors, but that seemed to make wall attacks more likely.

Wall density: 1
Wall density: 2
Wall density: 3
Wall density: 4

I thought if I set the troop count to 1 and added a bunch of simultaneous scripted attacks, I could avoid the waiting around issue, but that only made zero troops appear. Setting troop count to 2-3 however made 1 troop (hoplite) appear, and I only saw one or two of them very briefly try to attack the walls while moving through the corridors. Setting troop count to 4 made 2 troops (hoplites) per scripted attack appear, and that's when I started seeing them attacking the walls more, but since there was only 1 of them from every war party doing it at the same time they never managed to destroy any before their +1 caught up.

Wall density: 3, 12x1 attacks

1 troop per attack kinda works, but it does have the downside of the player getting bombarded by 1 invasion message per troop. I'm also not completely sure if they would still stay off the walls if I added 500 1-man attacks, and I'm not going to try to find out, lol.

I'm out of ideas using the Poseidon editor. Could something maybe be done about the messages with the hex editor I've seen some of the map creators here use?
posted 07-06-20 10:10 ET (US)     4 / 5  
500 1-man invasions?

Looking at your last post, I think you're making this so much more complicated than what it really is, lol.. I mean, what's the point of even doing that?? :-S And the limit for each episode is 120 events, so it's impossible even if you want to do that.. Just leave them waiting, lol.
I'm out of ideas using the Poseidon editor. Could something maybe be done about the messages with the hex editor I've seen some of the map creators here use?
A hex editor is something I DON'T recommend for you, even if I knew how to manipulate the messages. From your posts, I can tell that you're not experienced enough with the Zeus/Poseidon editor itself, let alone using a hex editor to make your adventure.

Get some experience in using the editor until you're familiar with it... at least 3 or so years experience, and more experience with playing the game as you figure out the editor's eccentricities.. only then you'll be familiar enough to actually try a hex editor.. and even that, it's questionable as to whether you'd end up breaking your adventure or not.

Before going to the deep end, learn how to swim first, otherwise you'll drown.

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posted 07-16-20 06:04 ET (US)     5 / 5  
what's the point of even doing that?? :-S

Like I said, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to make a tower defense style map, like Defense Grid or something similar. The 1-man invasions appear to solve the issue with enemies attacking walls while waiting around for the rest of the troop to catch up to them, but obviously that is not doable. I was merely wondering if anyone knew of any possible solutions that I was unaware of.
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