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Topic Subject: God Encounters
posted 05-22-20 07:09 ET (US)   
Besides Hera > Zeus and Zeus > everybody else, Aphrodite > Ares, Hermes, Dionysus and Hephaestus, how do other god encounters tend to (always?) play out? I can't seem to find anything more precise about their power rankings, other than the fact that some gods fend off invading gods some of the time. Athena seems to whip most attacking gods, but maybe not consistently? Hades doesn't seem to do anything about invading gods, and I've often seen Dionysus stumble right through an invader. Surprisingly I also can't remember ever seeing Ares lift a finger in that regard.
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The order of powerful of gods is :

1 Zeus
2 Poseidon
3 Hades
4 Hera
5 Demeter
6 Athena
7 Artemis
8 Apollo
9 Atlas
10 Ares
11 Hephaitos
12 Aphrodite
13 Hermes
14 Dionysos

Of course Hephaistos and Ares are stronger than Aphrodite if They are friendly and if Aphrodite is an hostile godess. And Zeus beats Hera if Hera is hostile and Zeus is friendly.
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Thanks. Didn't know that Ares and Hephaestus are effective proponent gods against Aphrodite.
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