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Topic Subject: Zeus / Poseidon - Bug List
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posted 09-24-06 16:34 ET (US)   
There are only two real bugs in Zeus / Poseidon that weren't addressed by the 2.1 patch (did anyone else spin Horse Ranches around like a propellor when that patch came out?), and both are fairly easy to work around:

1 - problem sometimes when you place a Cattle Ranch in a game, it won't let you place any Cattle (it will tell you to build another Ranch). This is due, probably, to the regenerative capabilities of the Cattle Ranch; every once in a while, a rancher will bring a calf out to the meadow to replace Cattle taken.
1 - solution as soon as you place a Cattle Ranch - before it becomes fully employed - place your Cattle on the meadow. As long as you can get 1 Cattle in place, you should be fine. If all else fails, save your game, exit Poseidon, and reboot your computer. When you restart Poseidon, immediately place Cattle and you should be fine.

2 - problem in the "Buildings Allowed" section of your settings, you normally click on an item (and turn it yellow) to prevent that item from showing up in that map. However, the Gazebo and Flower Garden are reversed... click on a Gazebo to keep it from showing up, and it still does - but the Flower Garden won't appear, and vice-versa.
2 - solution just remember that they're reversed... if you don't want people to be able to place a Flower Garden, click on the Gazebo in your settings to disallow it, and vice-versa.

Both of these are fairly easy to work around, and only one - the Cattle - can be a problem for the player. Both solutions work, making these minor bugs very survivable.

David "Nightwolf" Masters
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posted 11-02-14 06:10 ET (US)     26 / 31  
Hi Tree Nymph,

There could be another explanation for the problem you've experienced: If you've excluded the theater from your housing block and added a stadium to the city, your houses can still fully develop to the townhouse level, but only while your stadium is active (showing people). If insufficient competitors reach the stadium it will empty from time to time and your houses will temporarily devolve one level. Some houses are excempt, as they get a culture bonus when a competitor walks by. You can fix this problem (it isn't a bug) by placing a gymnasium or two close to your stadium, so it gets enough guys to remain active.

Then again, this may have nothing to do with your problem.
posted 03-25-15 12:19 ET (US)     27 / 31  
When Zeus is attacking the city, if the palace is destroyed and repeatedly rebuilt, there is a bug whereby some of the units become confused and think that their standard is a tower or something. You can still order the units around, but their standard won't be visible. This would be okay, but for the second part of this bug: maintanence offices (and possibly other buildings) stop producing walkers. I _think_ that if the palace is deleted, they will start working again, but only so long as the palace stays deleted. This would actually almost be a cool Zeus curse (he is supposed to be nasty after all), but I am pretty sure it is a bug.

Solution: You are completely and totally screwed. Restart the scenario. To avoid, don't rebuild palace until Zeus has his fun, or rebuild it way far away, so he has to walk a long way to walk.
There is also another way on how to prevent the Zeus bug. In fact, this also works with all angry gods except Hermes (who runs into the city instead of spawning) and Poseidon (whom uses the water to appear). Firstly, take note at the spot where the angry god/goddess appears and right at the spot, place a road and along with it, place watchposts. As many as probably 6 or 8 would pretty much do (along with at least one maintenance post to prevent them from collapsing). So once the angry god/goddess appears, the watchmen will distract him/her by just being in the way and the god/goddess will fight to get through. Eventually, the god/goddess will disappear.

I believe it's pretty much borderline cheating though, so I don't really use it except when it's annoyingly necessary, like in an episode that's just asking for this bug to happen, where Zeus or the other palace destroying gods just appear (either one or together at the same time), tear down your palace, f*cks off, and appears 3 seconds later to do the same thing again; only to have a 256 man army march down against you in 1 month to destroy you. I mean, come on.. What's the point of that? But if anyone wishes to use this tactic, then be my guest.

I'm not pretty sure what happens if you just place a building on top of the angry god spawn site. Either the spawn site might shift to another place, or the building would probably be destroyed in the way. Either one of the two may happen..

On another note though, is this forum still active? o.O I mean.. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who comes on here everyday these days.

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posted 03-26-15 12:38 ET (US)     28 / 31  
Yes, it's still active. But mostly browsers, not posters.

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posted 05-19-15 06:36 ET (US)     29 / 31  
So glad I've found this thread! Didn't think anybody still played these games! Zeus/Poseidon player here. Somebody posted higher up about the walker limit and how once cities are big enough it all sorta goes haywire and the houses end up devolving like crazy because nobody comes out of the agoras or they come out at very extended intervals or nobody gets food for the agoras etc. Same issue occurs with water bearers and many other walkers.
Has anybody found a possible solution for this? Very interested as my cities cannot grow past ~15k due to this.

Another issue which MAY be a bug, or related to the previous issue. When playing in these massive cities, I have found that when I attack an enemy, the enemy is undefeatable at times. I may throw everything I have (20 horse armies, 6 triremes, all my vassals) and the enemy strength is just at 1 shield, yet I lose every time. Any ideas?

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posted 05-19-15 09:56 ET (US)     30 / 31  
Another issue which MAY be a bug, or related to the previous issue. When playing in these massive cities, I have found that when I attack an enemy, the enemy is undefeatable at times. I may throw everything I have (20 horse armies, 6 triremes, all my vassals) and the enemy strength is just at 1 shield, yet I lose every time. Any ideas?
That's not a bug.
That's an element within the game itself. It is basically a 6 shield city, meaning it cannot be conquered. Most of the time, you have to wait until the city that's undefeatable has a military decline. THEN you can unleash your army and conquer it.

The only case I see where there's no military decline event is in "Two Worlds Collide" adventure concerning Thera in the Poseidon expansion. Thera cannot be conquered and even if you've completed that adventure, you still have to fight off Thera's invasions in the last episode which are.. A LOT!! But it's not a bug. It's simply an element in the game, and it's really fun repelling those invasions from Thera in that particular adventure.

Really great fun!!
posted 02-10-22 13:59 ET (US)     31 / 31  
Another bug is that if a Major Shrine to Poseidon is destroyed by a flood which permanently alters the coast whilst it is being constructed, the game doesn't let you rebuild it.

The only way I could see to win was to reload an earlier save, manually delete the shrine, and rebuild it in a safer location.
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