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Topic Subject: Elite works?
posted 09-26-22 19:15 ET (US)   
In caesar and pharaoh, elite citinzens doesnt work and only paid taxes. Cos it you limit them.
Is the same here? I didnt find anything sayint they dont work (neither saying they do). My question is because i know the other games, but yes. Sorry if it is too noob
posted 09-28-22 09:46 ET (US)     1 / 2  
They pay taxes, yes, but in Zeus and Poseidon, Elites are your army. Without them all you have is stone throwing rabble.
There are no forts, the elites are summoned from their houses and become Hoplites (infantry) and Horsemen (cavalry). You must have a Palace first.

The more elites you have and the more developed they are determines the size of your army (up to a limit) and whether they become hoplites or horsemen. Elite agoras (markets) will also need shops for armour and horses or chariots.

Triremes are crewed by the common people, but they also require armour and wood to build and maintain.
posted 10-04-22 22:16 ET (US)     2 / 2  
But they dont work. That was the main question because no place said it directly (or at least i didnt found it). I knew the army thing
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