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Topic Subject: Pelopennesian War Step-By-Step (Big Spoiler)
posted 10-28-00 14:22 ET (US)   
Last chance...will post my experience so far in the first reply.


posted 10-28-00 14:34 ET (US)     1 / 10  
Olympian Difficulty Pelopennesian War

Episode 1


-800 People in Homestead or better

500 BC

-Almost immediatly, I requested 2400 Drachmas and 12 Fleece from Corinth

-Got 1200 Drachmas from Thermopolis (sp?).

-Athens is annoyed and suspends trade

-Finished this first year with 1723 Drachmas, 844 population (witholding Fleece), a few sculpture studios and armories up, along with wheat farms.

499 BC

April: With 2293 Drachmas, Armor industry flourishing, and 16 Fleece, I'm just sitting around racking up some Drachmas.

July: First big wheat harvest. 28 in granaries, send 24 (gift of 16 and 8) to Athens

October: Athens likes me again - they start trading

December: 2404 Drachmas, 864 population, 22/24 Armor sold (6 left in Post for export), stockpiling Sculputres for when I will need to build sancuaries (at this point, have no idea when that'll be )

498 BC

March: Athens is Congenial, so I ask for Drachmas

June: Send off a request for 450 Drachmas to Thermopolis, Athens gives me 1600

July: Gift of 5 Fleece from Corinth, give Athens 16 wheat

August: Thermopolis is Congenial, so I ask for bronze

September: 24 Armor sold, 5 sitting in post

October: Thermopolis grants 11 bronze

December: 4522 Drachmas, 864 population, I release Fleece

497 BC

March: Athens needs 5 food, I send it right away. Finish the episode, 956 population (ALL Homestead), 6434 Drachmas

Episode 2


-Sanctuary to Ares

-Rule Olympia

497 BC

April: Started Episode 2 with 6477 Drachmas, 946 Population. Started buying Marble from Athens, Bronze and Wood from Phonecia (sp?). Later in the month I hit the 1000 population mark.

June: Debt (lol, as Caesar would say, I went through those funds fast ), 2000 Drachma "helping hand" from Athens. I request Marble from Athens so (hopefully) I don't have to import it.

July: Ares's Sanctuary placed, give 16 wheat to Athens and 16 wheat to Thermopolis

August: Olympia will attack in 6 months !!

September: Ask Athens for Drachmas once and Thermopolis twice (-341 in treasury). Built the first artisan so Ares can get on his way.

October: 800 Drachmas from Thermopolis, 8 wheat sent to Athens.

Novermber: 8 more wheat sent to Athens.

December: Get 1600 Drachmas and 15 marble from Athens, and 800 Drachmas from Thermopolis. Finish up the year with 2972 Drachmas, 1440 population (all in Tenements).

496 BC

January: Only one more month until that invasion!! I build more houses also (a bit of a worker shortage).

April: Ouch, I finally defeated the invasion. About 6-8 Hoplites, 2 Horseman, and 2 Rabble attacked. My 48 Rabble barely took them out (and I had to turn off most of my industries because of the worker shortage from calling the troops).

August: Six months until ANOTHER invasion!! I give a gift of 16 wheat and another gift of 4 wheat to Athens.

September: Win the Olympic Games! YAHOO! Ares's sanctuary is completed, I immediatly send him and his 2 Sparti to conquer Olympia.

December: I request Drachmas from Thermopolis and Marathon. Finish up the year with only 445 Drachmas, and 1548 population.

495 BC

January: Olympia Conquered in the nick of time (I think next month would have been that invasion)! Victory is mine!

Episode 3


-20 Fleece set aside for the colony

-20 Wheat set aside for the colony

-2 Sanctuaries

-80 People in Mansion or better

495 BC

January: Immediatly tell an existing Storehouse to accept olives, olive tribute comes around shortly. Then I build Olive Oil factories.

April: I get 800 Drachmas from Marathon, 1200 Drachmas from Corinth, and 11 Marble from Athens. However, Sardis invades in 9 months!

July: Two gifts of 16 Wheat to Athens, 6 months till the invasion.

August: Marathon needs troops in 7 months - dispatched the Sparti

September: Housing devolves because of lack of food, so I request Food from Thermopolis

November: Get 7 Fish from Thermopolis, and I build many more farms.

December: Place Artemis's Sanctuary, -99 Drachmas, 1937 population

494 BC

January: 1 more month until the invasion, 2000 population milestone.


September: 6 months until ANOTHER invasion. I send 32 Wheat to Athens.

December: 2741 Drachmas, 1258 population

493 BC

February: one more month until the invasion.

March: Thermopolis needs troops in 5 months.

April: Sardis needs Fleece - sent.

July: WIN that stupid invasion!!

August: Sent 3 (not componies, but individual soldiers!) Sparti to Thermopolis, 32 more Wheat - Athens, which was refused, and asked Olympia for Olive Oil.

October: Go into debt, and Corinth lends a "helping hand" of 1600 Drachmas.

November: Dionysis invades! There seems to be a game "feature" - if a god invades, stagnating your city (cutting them off from the road to Greece) seems to make the god go away or just sit there doing nothing. Dionysis won't leave the city, but he's not causing problems (it's been 13 years, I don't think he's going anywhere )

December: The 3 Sparti were successful! Also 7 Olive Oil from Olympia arrived. Debt, Helping Hand from Marathon of 1200 Drachmas. Finish up with 1171 Drachmas and 2005 population.

492 BC

January: 10 Fleece was given to me from Corinth, and I laid out my Estate block (with only 2 Elite Housing in it at the moment)

February: 13 Sparta were sent to help out Athens

March: 13 Wine was given from Marathon, Sardis invades in 6 months

May: Sardis wants 10 Olive Oil in 7 months

June: Artemis's Sanctuary complete! Just in time, Corinth wants troops to conquer Sardis (I sent Artemis's Archers). Athens also needs 16 food in 6 months, which I sent. FINALLY, my olympic games started!!

August: 1 month until the invasion, my forcers save Athens, and I ask Marathon to strike at Sardis.

September: Athens trades less Marble

November: Marathon's strike was unsuccessful, Marathon is resentful, so I send them 24 Fleece, but they still suspended trade. I win that invasion, BTW (becoming routine )

December: 3411 Drachmas, 2429 population

491 BC

March: I send 24 more Fleece to Marathon

August: Only 2 months until another Sardis invasion!

September: 1 month away...

November: Their puny attack was defeated in the same month it came .

December: 5983 Drachmas, 2607 population

490 BC

January: Sent those 16 Archers, 21 Hoplites (including the 16 of Ares's), 11 Horseman (not companies, just two with 11 individual Horseman), and Athens at Sardis.

June: Sardis is conquered (obviously, then had one shield, Athens had 4, and I had my troops )!! No losses, lol. To get the 80 people I need in Mansions, I release the last of the horses.

September: We win the Nemean games.

November: I get a gift of 7 Fish from Thermopolis

December: Sardis is mad, so I send them 8 Olive Oil and 2500 Drachmas. Finish up the year (and episode) with 6363 Drachmas and 2588 population.

489 BC

January: VICTORY !!

Episode 4

You must choose a colony site now. I chose Taras, but it was awful !! I recommend choosing Ithica, even though I don't know if it's better ...


-Fulfill a forthcoming quest

-Rule Odessos

489 BC

February: Get 20 Wheat from Sparta

March: Ares wants Hercules for a quest, so I build Hercules's Hall

April: Get 20 Fleece from Sparta, Sardis invades in 2 months.

June: Bribed them 2450 Drachmas, obviously I wasn't in any shape to fight yet (not that I ever would be, lol ). I requested Drachmas from Corinth and Sparta.

August: I get 800 Drachmas from Sparta.

September: Won Pythian games!! Also get 1200 Drachmas from Corinth. I start my Wine and Fleece industries.

October: 1000 population milestone! Get a Helping Hand of 1200 Drachmas from Sparta.

December: 1343 Drachmas, 1313 population.

488 BC

November: First big grape harvest (about 57 carts). That should be enough for Hercules's 32 and the 24 for export.

487 BC

February: 3102 Drachmas, 1520 population (sorry, forgot to update in December)

April: Sparta needs 8 Wine in 12 months

July: I send that wine to Sparta

December: Sent for Hercules!! 6742 Drachmas, 1520 population

586 BC

January: Hercules arrives, Corinth wants troops to conquer Athens (yeah like we're really gonna succeed, Athens has 4 shields!), so I send Hercules (couldn't hurt )

March: I ask Sparta to strike Athens, hoping there's a chance in Hades (mistake)

April: That force heads towards Athens

June: Sparta is resentful , so I send them 2500 Drachmas.

December: 2 months until Athens invades!! I have 6764 Drachmas and 1520 population.

485 BC

January: 1 month till Athens invades, Corinth's strike failed

February: Big problem. That 7k of mine isn't enough to bribe Athens, so I surrender . Have to pay 1200 Drachma tribute now.

March: Sparta needs 8 Wine in 12 months, I send it right away. OH NO!! Tital wave!! Right where I had JUST PLACED MY ELITES! Oh well, looks like there's no room for them on this map then . On a happier note, Hercules goes to look for those Mares

May: He finds them . Odessus is discovered!

August: Sent Herc and Sparta at Odessus, figuring this scenario's just about over. In case I need some sanctuaries, I send 16 Fleece to Amphipolis to get them happy

September: I request Marble from Amphipolis, and gave them 16 more Fleece for good measure .

November: My strike is crushed. Oh well, it brought them down from 2 shields to 1, we must be getting close!

December: Sent 8 MORE Fleece to Amphipolis. 5367 Drachmas, 1520 Population.

484 BC

January: Sent Hercules (boy he's getting a workout !) and Olympia at Odessus.

February: 2500 Drachmas sent to Olympia, they're pretty mad at me now

March: Sparta needs 500 (only ?) Drachmas, sent that off right away.

August: Odessus attacks in 2 months.

September: One more month...

October: Paid 4200 Drachmas (OUCH !!) to bribe them

November: Our strike failed, again. Olympia decides to rebel (for some reason, it thinks we asked them to strike TWICE on the same exact date...I think it's a mini-bug). I send 32 Wine to Corinth, guess who gets to help me conquer Odessus now .

December: I get 1200 Drachmas from Corinth (I asked earlier, forgot to record when). Finish up with 3593 Drachmas and 1520 population.

483 BC

January: Because they were hostile and I didn't want to get invaded AGAIN, lose, and lose the whole episode, 4 Wheat sent to Athens, 500 Drachmas sent to Athens, paid my tribute to Athens, and finally sent 8 Wine to Athens

April: Sparta needs 8 Wine in 12 months

May: Sent that wine

July: Sparta and Hercules sent at Odessus, 16 Bronze sent to Sparta, 16 Wine sent to Corinth (I would invade with them because they're Helpful, but...they don't have troops to spare ).

November: No big surprise, strike crushed

December: 2500 Drachmas sent to Sparta (they're mad), Olympia's rebellion ends. 5026 Drachmas, 1520 population.

482 BC

The end is almost in sight! Trust me !

January: Corinth wants troops to attack Athens (I never should listen to their messed up schemes...), so I said Hercules

March: Sparta and Olympia both strike at Odessus at my command, Odessus is pretty mad so they invade in 2 months

April: One month...send off 16 Bronze to Sparta

May: Bribed them the stupid 2250 Drachmas so they would go away.

August: BOTH those strikes failed! ALMOST time to give up more try

December: 10113 Drachmas, 1520 population

481 BC

January: Remember Corinth's strike from last January? That failed. Hercules FINALLY comes back. I send him and Corinth (who's "recovered" from needing troops) at Odessus in a final attempt.

March: Odessus attacks, bribed 1400 Drachmas.

April: Sparta needs 8 Wine in 12 months, I send it.

May: Guess what? I win !

Episode 5


-Rule Athens

-Rule Amphipolis

-Rule Eretria

-Rule Delos

-50 people in Estate or better

This absolutly awsome! Thrilling! Wonderful! Exciting! You gotta do it on your own to appreciate it !!


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posted 10-28-00 18:05 ET (US)     2 / 10  
The entire adventure is one of my favorites Don't normally do war of any kind But loved this adventure About Athens it's a scripted event I think, they stop trading off and on no matter what their state of mind
posted 10-29-00 00:29 ET (US)     3 / 10  
Whoa...this may be jumping to a conclusion, but you chose Ithica, mouse, right? Taras had me tearing my hair out!

Was about to give up and do Ithica (even though I don't really know if it's any better) when I FINALLY conquered Odessus...spent 9 years there!

Will be updating shortly - last episode looks to be a piece of cake, comparativly.


posted 10-29-00 06:49 ET (US)     4 / 10  
RSC.. Ithaca is slightly different, but I dont think anyone would say it is easier In fact, a few might say it is worse

Establishing colonies is hard work

Angel Gustavia
Caesar III Pharaoh
Zeus Gustavia's Garden

posted 10-29-00 12:01 ET (US)     5 / 10  
Heh, I'll try it out sometime and see how it goes .

I've calmed down now - almost ten years there had me a little...on the edge .


posted 10-29-00 19:38 ET (US)     6 / 10  
Submitted my Sparta to the downloads, don't know how long those things take to be posted though

About to embark on Episode 3 (yeah, I got a bit ahead ) in the Trojan War, looks...scary more ways than one...

I'm also going to try to sumerize my experience, becuase as it is it's too much of a spoiler and not much of a help to anyone that needs it.


Update: Draco has updated the downloads section and my Sparta is ready for download .

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posted 11-11-00 17:00 ET (US)     7 / 10  
I'm on Ep. 4 (?) of the Pelop War as well and have also chosen Taras (don't you get to build both at some point?)

I am having a heck of a time conquering Odessas as well. I also have tried Hercules alone and in combination with other allies. No room for elite housing.

I was thinking if i could get some marble, i could build Ares' Sanctuary and get a couple of Sparti to help but that isn'n working out either.

I have tons of money.

Guess i'll just keep plugging along until it happens.

A Tale in the Desert
Flogging will continue until morale improves.

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posted 11-11-00 17:51 ET (US)     8 / 10  
RSC, Homegrown,

2 elite housing at 16 occ. the two armies from sanc. & the hero took care of O. for me in Taras - its in download section....... oh, just realized I play 'hero' level, things might be different for you.

(I believe I raided once before invading)

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posted 11-11-00 20:13 ET (US)     9 / 10  
I think i'm going to have to replay the episode. It's been 15 years, Hercules is AWOL galavanting around, and i just don't see it happening.

A Tale in the Desert
Flogging will continue until morale improves.
posted 11-12-00 00:31 ET (US)     10 / 10  
There probably was room for Elites on the islands, but I got off on the wrong foot - I placed ALL the elites, watching them for immigrants...then rumble, rumble rumble, I see waves churning all around my palace island !!! That was the end of the Elites.


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