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Topic Subject: newbie needs a bit of help with Poseidon
posted 12-14-04 10:45 ET (US)   

I've been searching everywhere for an answer, and this looks like a place where someone might be able to help (I hope).

I've played completely through Zeus and thought is was great, so I picked up Poseidon and started playing. I love all the new stuff in this expansion, but I'm having a problem on the first scenario. One of my goals is to build a modest pyramid. I placed the pyramid, an artisens guild right next door, and a warehouse full of marble about 8 squares away, but the artisens won't start building! I've tried deleting and replacing all 3 structures in different proximities to each other, but the artisens still won't start construction. When I right-click on the pyramid, it says that no marble is available, but THERE IS!!! BTW, employment is perfect, too.

Could someone please give me some suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? I can't wait to dive into this game. Any help would be much appreciated.

posted 12-14-04 11:10 ET (US)     1 / 7  
The first thing I would check is that you haven't accidently set marble to stockpiling as it then can't be used. If that isn't the case check carefully the access to the pyramid, making sure there is a road connecting the storage yard, artisans and the pyramid.

I can't check this particular mission as I don't have Poseidon installed at the moment, but there are two different marbles available in Poseidon, marble and black marble. Make sure if the pyramid says it requires marble that you have marble and not black marble available and vise versa.

Hope that might help, if not post again.

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posted 12-14-04 11:26 ET (US)     2 / 7  
Thanks for the reply Merepatra! Unfortunately, I've already checked on all your suggestions, and all the criteria is met. The pyramid calls for marble (not black marble), but just in case, I mined a bunch of black marble too. Still no luck. Road access shouldn't be the problem, because the pyramid, artisens, and warehouse are very close to each other and definitely connected by road.

Maybe I'll start looking around for patches for the game. Maybe it's a bug????

posted 12-14-04 13:26 ET (US)     3 / 7  
There is one patch (2.1) for the game, but I don't know if any problems related to pyramid building were fixed. Nevertheless, it's good to install the patch anyway, you can find it here.

If the patch doesn't help, could you send a saved game to pecuniam(AT) so I can take a look at it?

Angel Pecunia | HG Downloads programmer and techie
Caesar IV Heaven | Children of the Nile Heaven | Citadel of Poseidon (Zeus/Poseidon) | The Great Wall (Emperor)
posted 12-14-04 14:21 ET (US)     4 / 7  
Thanks, Pecunia! I took your advice and downloaded, then installed the patch, but am still having the same problem.

So, I have just emailed you my last save in case you wouldn't mind taking a quick look. If you have the time, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

posted 12-14-04 15:14 ET (US)     5 / 7  
Ok, I took a look at your save and found the problem:
If you look closely, you see a wooden plank/tile on one of the pyramid's sides. This wooden plank is the 'entrance point' to the pyramid: all materials have to be delivered there. Connecting that plank to the main road solves the problem

[edit] Tip for future pyramid-building: you can rotate the pyramid with the 'R'-key before placing it. That way, you can move the 'entrance point' to the desired side of the pyramid

Angel Pecunia | HG Downloads programmer and techie
Caesar IV Heaven | Children of the Nile Heaven | Citadel of Poseidon (Zeus/Poseidon) | The Great Wall (Emperor)

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posted 12-14-04 15:20 ET (US)     6 / 7  
THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH, Pecunia!!!! I'm back in business. Woo-HOOO!!!
posted 11-16-20 10:57 ET (US)     7 / 7  
Hi, just want to add that this has helped a lot. Additionally for me, one problem I had was that the items were stockpiled. they can be 'un'stockpiled by pressing on the item, lets say marble, in the distribution tab (item subtab (not map subtab)) and this is confirmed by the item changing from yellow to dark blue.

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