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Topic Subject: Question thread for favorite housing blocks
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posted 01-12-01 14:52 ET (US)   
This I intend to put as a place where we can put our questions about these great housing blocks. I also think it is sensible to have it as an archive. This place is going to hold my question at least but all are welcome to post here.

It is probably my habit from C3 days that I go very heavy on desirability (or appeal as in Zeus) when building estates. And yet when I look at these blocks, ie. reply 18 ,I see that very little desirability structures are used. Does it really work like that? Am I exagerating by puttting at least 12 gardens per estate? Just wondered...


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posted 02-05-01 15:55 ET (US)     51 / 96  
I do have a save, but that "only" has 20 or 21 houses, I cannot remember properly, but that is mostly due to a road that I needed for my vendors to get their goods *ACK!*
AND, they are not all fully evolved, but that is mainly due to not having enough Horse Ranches

The thing is that the Stadium HAS to spawn competitors (roadblock honoring ones) in order for all houses to get competitor access. otherwise only the ones on the route from the Gym to the Stadium gets the access.

As for fishponds, I haven't even tried it... have never needed to

Mail me, and I'll send it to you (I am unsure of the address).

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posted 02-05-01 17:37 ET (US)     52 / 96  
I never knew that the stadium spawned competitors! That's wild and may prove to be very useful....
posted 02-06-01 07:09 ET (US)     53 / 96  
Really? i was wondering why you never used them like that in your blocks
posted 02-06-01 09:29 ET (US)     54 / 96  
Moquel,that's what I mean in the previous postm,and I think you should put 3 or 4 more commemoratives behind the houses at the top and right row.Another advice:when you are to put 1x1 beautifications behind elite houses,benches are usually better than gardens.


Fishpond won't work in such situations,the most desirable point for these houses are at the inner edge(corner),and two fishponds can only provide 25-36 points.

posted 02-06-01 10:04 ET (US)     55 / 96  

Why are benches better?

I did actually write that you should put Monuments behind the outer roads in my original brief

posted 02-06-01 12:15 ET (US)     56 / 96  

Bench has the range of 4 while garden has 3,it is less appealing when put immediately to the houses,but better from 2 tiles' of space the example of the core area of your block,if you replace the gardens between the two commemoratives,houses nearby will receive more points than gardens,and sometimes even one point makes the difference.

I like your idea of using commemoratives behind the houses and skip boulevard,Actually,I used this method quite often,the most exreme use of that is a block I've never used,it is very similar to the block which Caesar Alan posted recently,the difference is there are no other beautifications than commemoratives in the block,and as it needs at least 8 commemotaives to work,it is not very practical to my playing style(rapidly build and evolve houses).The other reason is,I can't see anything happening on the street when these houses are estates(too tall and the street is too narrow),and not very good looking.

I'll post some of my elite blocks when I finished my Aulis.

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posted 02-06-01 14:26 ET (US)     57 / 96  
Thanks Plebus Haven't given benches much thought other than to give some variety to my gardens

Now, I'm no expert on these Appeal numbers, but the way I se it, why can't you remove one Monument on each side of your block and just pack them tighter together, and then just use some other type of appeal for the end-houses of the outer lines?

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posted 02-06-01 15:11 ET (US)     58 / 96  

If you are commemting on my newly posted "commemorative block",yes,you can replace 2 or more of the commemoratives with hedgemazes(I've not tested it yet),but that means you should place empty houses gradually,and some of the houses are rellied on the interaction(chain reaction effect) of the nearby houses to evolve to the highest level.8 commemoratives can ensure that tiles on the inner ring will have more than 50 points,so that you can place empty houses.Not packing them together is to show the mininium requirement for this block:I'm of the type of "minimalist"

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posted 02-09-01 16:15 ET (US)     59 / 96  
I see all the really big blocks, but I am in Tara's and I need a really small block (common housing), with as many houses as possible. I looked at the thread for housing blocks, but I don't see any that look compact enough. Does anybody have any ideas? I saw the one that's mixed, but I already have elite housing seperate. I need a really compact block, with as many houses (and essentials) as possible.
posted 02-09-01 16:21 ET (US)     60 / 96  
Mailani, when dealing with very little space, I'd recomment that you do not go for some sort of block as a design... How many people do you need?
In the houses you will build, can you upgrade them all the way to townhouses? If so how many do you need? Once you have these facts, try to just build them and squeeze in the services you need the best you can

Great advice, eh?

posted 02-22-01 00:03 ET (US)     61 / 96  
Just a bump.
posted 02-22-01 11:52 ET (US)     62 / 96  
Thanks Do There was starting to be a flurry of discussion in the actual glyph thread. I'm going to post a link to this thread in the header Should have thought of that before

What a MarvLous block, your extreme diamond block is!!! Have you thought of doing a figure eight with it?

Please post a save to the Misc Downloads section as well as your home site

posted 04-05-01 23:52 ET (US)     63 / 96  
My favorite, most practical housing blocks from this thread are:

Pure common housing: SenetEr/Grumpus' 40 House Common Block
Basic, simple, stable, not too wide. Doesn't really need the perimeter road.

Balanced housing: DarthBane's revision of SenetEr's balanced block
This block seems to get about as much out of one set of services as is possible. It's a little wider than I would like; sometimes I leave out the row of gazebos and two townhouses, and replace an elite house with a commemorative monument, to reduce the width by two when necessary.

Pure elite housing: SenetEr's 16 House Elite Line
This block has several advantages. It is very narrow (as little as 11 tiles), allowing it to fit into crasks in the landscape. You can add bends in the roadway to avoid obstacles (at the cost of losing one or two elite houses).

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posted 07-10-01 11:14 ET (US)     64 / 96  
Kiranth just posted an interesting Elite Housing block as message 84 in,320,1,2

You don't need an Infirmary for Elite Housing, so long as you have decent coverage in the rest of your city. Also, I don't believe you need the second Tax Office or Maintenance Office.

On the other hand, you do need to add a Watchtower, just as insurance. In Zeus Watchtowers are sort of optional, but in Poseidon you really need them.

You may not have realized that an Elite House contributes appeal points all by itself. Residence=2, Mansion=3, Manor=4, Estate=6. If you start from one end, with high appeal, the Elite Houses will bootstrap themselves. In your layout the 5 adjacent houses will overlap and you'll get a boost of 30 appeal polnts for the 6th house. In other words, I'll bet you can sneak by with LESS of an investment in appeal structures.

Let us know what you discover!

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posted 07-10-01 11:28 ET (US)     65 / 96  
You may not have realized that an Elite House contributes appeal points all by itself.

That's an interesting point, MarvL - I usually separate elite houses with columns or something similar ... it sounds like I'd probably be better off with them touching.

posted 07-10-01 13:24 ET (US)     66 / 96  
GillB old habits die hard know those columns come from C3 and Pharaoh where control was needed for palaces
posted 07-10-01 20:08 ET (US)     67 / 96  
Did you really have problems with the watchtowers in Poseidon? I never seemed to have that problem and never had one in any of my cities but I heard from some people who did.

Tiberius1 on the web
Zeus Gametips

posted 07-10-01 23:57 ET (US)     68 / 96  
Oh yeah! Especially during the early months of an episode, if you have to wait for food, you need the Watchtowers. I typically pause the game, and lay in my entire common housing block on day one, so I might have 40 houses that need food.

I like the revenue that's generated by Very High Wages, and Outrageous Taxes, at the Olympian level. Playing Olympian, the Crime Risk Rate is 25 over a base of 10 for a Hut, compared to Townhouses with a Crime Risk Rate of 10 over a base of 0.

I haven't really looked at the other levels, but Olympian is not called Zeus_Model_Impossible for bad reasons.

Also, the Imps stated that "Crime works like it's supposed to now, in Poseidon."

Set your Taxes to Outrageous, and watch what happens when folks get unhappy. You'll get discontented citizens, with 5 lb sledgehammers, MUCH sooner than you did in Zeus.

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posted 07-11-01 17:56 ET (US)     69 / 96  
Well I play on Hero(normal) so that is probably why I've never had it happen. I will try the outrageous tax.

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Zeus Gametips

posted 07-11-01 19:22 ET (US)     70 / 96  
I have had to use watchtowers once in Poseidon, which I never did in Zeus, in the first episode of Atlantis Reborn played at Olympian. My people got very upset with me staying in debt for too long, but once debt wasn't a problem I was able to delete the watchtower and I then put in the house that was originally planned for that position. It does seem that unrest has been reworked in Poseidon, but I still doubt if I would ever bother planning a block with a watchtower as an integral part of the block. I haven't had a problem with unrest in any of the other Poseidon adventures, though I still have a couple left to play.
posted 07-31-01 12:50 ET (US)     71 / 96  
I've noticed a preference for 8x11 housing blocks here. Why not 7x12? I DO see that larger than 8 wastes too much space in the middle and 6x13 doesn't allow enough room for all the walker buildings. I put a plaza all the way around the outside rather than on the inside. This improves appeal and shields from the less appealing buildings allowing me to have food industries closer. Without the plaza on the inside I have room for an extra house (41). All the walker buildings fit neatly inside with just enough room for a bath house plus a narrow strip on 2 sides of the observatory for columns. Just wondering if there is some advantage to 8x11 that I'm missing? Welcome your comments....
posted 04-07-02 16:10 ET (US)     72 / 96  
Hey! I would like to post my own housing block, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it, like how to access all the little pictures of buildings etc. Also, how can you check a particular building's (etc) appeal value/worth?? Last but not least, how do I rotate buildings in the game, if possible?? Thanks!
posted 04-21-02 04:09 ET (US)     73 / 96  
Late reply for BillieMcGee...

To make a housing block with all those little pictures, go to the Housing Block Generator. It may take a while to get used to, but it's a great tool.

For tables on building appeal, go to my Citadel of Poseidon (link below), especially this page

You can rotate buildings (palace, sanctuaries, stadium, gatehouse) by pressing the "R" key on your keyboard. If you also have Poseidon installed, you can rotate horse ranches too


The Citadel of Poseidon - Data site for Zeus and Poseidon
The Great Wall - The first fansite for Emperor
posted 10-26-02 10:37 ET (US)     74 / 96  
*suprised* Wow! if you go on the training missions
you can pick up some great housing lay outs!
P.s And how do you do pictures?


posted 01-09-03 16:24 ET (US)     75 / 96  
Hi, I'm new to these boards, but I just noticed one thing with all the elite housing blocks I've looked at so far. I've only gotten to page nine though. None of them seem to have fountains. Does this mean that elite housing doesn't need water access? Or did everyone just kind of forget to put them in? I've found the housing blocks very good for helping me build my cities, as before I found this site I was always running out of room. Thanks all for doing such a wonderful job.
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