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Topic Subject: Question thread for favorite housing blocks
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posted 01-12-01 14:52 ET (US)   
This I intend to put as a place where we can put our questions about these great housing blocks. I also think it is sensible to have it as an archive. This place is going to hold my question at least but all are welcome to post here.

It is probably my habit from C3 days that I go very heavy on desirability (or appeal as in Zeus) when building estates. And yet when I look at these blocks, ie. reply 18 ,I see that very little desirability structures are used. Does it really work like that? Am I exagerating by puttting at least 12 gardens per estate? Just wondered...


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posted 01-17-01 16:24 ET (US)     26 / 96  
This may work. It's is 72 houses. There are ten across the bottom that are cut off by the glyphy program. It's daring. I don't know what the gym or the theatre will do but culture walkers are pretty forgiving.

posted 01-17-01 16:25 ET (US)     27 / 96  
This is the bottom to the block

posted 01-17-01 16:34 ET (US)     28 / 96  
Don't think it will work . It is 2 52 tile loops so the infirmary and the fountain are fairly predictable based on what I've done so far. The tax collector is predictable. And the culture walkers are really wild.

The m.o and the agora should not make it around the big loop, however, as it is a 92 tile loop and I think they'll only do an 88.

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posted 01-17-01 17:11 ET (US)     29 / 96  
This may work. There are 4 houses not shown on the top and 4 not shown on the bottom.

posted 01-17-01 18:55 ET (US)     30 / 96  
Impressive SenetEr

You're gonna break 70 LOL. I wonder what Impressions is thinking. We're exploiting every nuance in the game to come up with these behemoths.

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posted 01-17-01 21:31 ET (US)     31 / 96  
I almost got it. 72. One quadrant seems to be losing food. A five-wide is tough because it's hard to place the agora.
posted 01-18-01 09:17 ET (US)     32 / 96  
I have a long thin block that holds 72 and is completely stable except for food as the agora walker makes alternating line trips rather than a true loop. It is finicky. I have to run it for a while still to see if it stabilizes.

I have a broader block that holds 71 but you have to skip the theatre and place a stadium, evolving it with two culture item. There is a theatre but it doesn't cover everyone. I'll keep working and post them if they work.

Jag, I don't know how you're going to do 73 but good luck!

posted 01-18-01 12:22 ET (US)     33 / 96  
It looked good on paper, but didn't work so well when I tried to play it 72 may be the max...
posted 01-18-01 13:04 ET (US)     34 / 96  
72 only works for me if you don't mind it being massively unstable for the houses at the far end from the agora. The vendor won't make the loop so he alternates sides. This means the amount of time between passes at the far houses is real short, lessening the chance that the agora has the right good at the right time. I have the granary and SYs about 10 tiles from the agora and I don't think it will stabilize at townhouses. All the houses get every service consistently and regularly but it doesn't necessarily translate to stability. There has to be goods in the cart for the cart to mean anything.

I have to run it for a few more years to see if it works better when it fills up. I screwed up the experiment when I let my granary empty. That'll destabilize any block

My 71 house block works great. I have it the 'My Favourite Blocks' thread if you want to look.

posted 01-18-01 15:20 ET (US)     35 / 96  
Excellent work SenetEr!

I'm currently ocuppied with Ithaca and Taras(try both colonies,I don't want to leave a city not built),but your discussions reminds me the Pharoah Olympics city,Harmmanat,where Bridius invited us to fully exploit the capability of a single water carrier. All entries mannaged 10000+ population ended with a similar design,a "windmill" pattern.I think your theory about walkers intended to continue their trip can explain why Mr.WC can repeat the 4 loop pattern( but still cannot explain the 3:1 or 2:2 pattern on straight lines).Although it's hard to fit all services at a proper position that all of them will loop all directions(space!,I've tried that in Harmanat,but not successful).I guess if some one can device a similar "windmill" block,the maxinum number of houses can break 100!

One more thing: One agora is quite difficult to feed more than 3000 people,if the granary is not very close to it or you are evolving houses rapidly.I had a hard time keeping all 40 townhouse from devolving in Ithaca(the granary was a bit too far away,about 25 tiles,I finally fixed it by moving the granary closer).The distance of agora to granary should be a few tiles under 1/2 loop length( the food vender need some extra time to set out buying food),so that the food lady can restock the agora before it is emptied.

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posted 01-18-01 15:29 ET (US)     36 / 96  
It would be very possible to windmill a fountain but you wouldn't be able to use 1 set of service buildings for the whole thing. It would be a nice, seperate problem to tackle. It is getting me thinking if I could stick the fountain on the corner of three loops. Of course, I'd have to do the same with the infirmary...
posted 01-18-01 17:14 ET (US)     37 / 96  
I think the best place to start would be to try this layout for a single fountain block. You would need to have multiple of the other building types to do this.

posted 01-18-01 17:21 ET (US)     38 / 96  
I think one fountain is definately possible,except the loop should be smaller than in Pharoah,one infirmary is also possible...but I'm afraid we need at least 2 agora to supply 100+ houses,and 2+ m.o is also neccessary,especially when doing at Olympia level...Entertainers should not to be a big problem,since we can use a mixture of destination walkers and random ones.
posted 01-18-01 17:24 ET (US)     39 / 96  
I can't wait to test this to see how the walker would behave. It would be interesting to see what you would get if you took the roadblocks out...

If it went reliably without roadblocks, there would be potential for this to work with a single m.o.

This may be a better detail of the intersection. I think that you can drag a boulevard onto two avenue. It would ensure a single tile entrance for the water carrier better than how I've done it. As well, the fountain is not on a corner for the horizontal section so it may not go random after finishing that section of the loops.


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posted 01-18-01 22:40 ET (US)     40 / 96  
Pharoah had 100 house single service blocks? Never played Pharoah; Caesar3 just the demo. I think I played C2 or C1 though.
posted 01-19-01 04:51 ET (US)     41 / 96  
My block

Only 32 houses, may not seem much but good for those places where there are a lot of land restrictions The most number of these block I had to use was three(Zeus and Europa and Athens through the Ages). The monument could be replaced with anything which gives the same appel, but I haven't tried anything other than a monument(partly because I have too many monuments to spare)


*note: there are actually supposed to be two roadblocks each on the road adjacent to the Theatre and Infrimary leading out of the block but I couldn't put it in the glyph...

posted 01-19-01 09:32 ET (US)     42 / 96  
Da Caesar... that's a block in my taste
It's adaptable, and it doesn't "cheat" the game, by really making ridiculously large and horribly unrealistic blocks (No offense, Senet and you other big-blockers out there).

My kind of block

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posted 01-19-01 10:10 ET (US)     43 / 96  
LOL moquel No offense taken.
I don't build big blocks for use. They are merely 'academic' exercises. I stick with my 40 block when I city build.

For a really big block, go to 'Maximum # of Houses' and check out my single service 94 house block.

posted 01-19-01 10:56 ET (US)     44 / 96  
Moquel, I like stretching the limits of the services and see what they can do. After all, you never know when this might come in handy In my standard block I end up having about 30 to 35 houses. (I can't remember the exact number at this time)
posted 01-19-01 17:57 ET (US)     45 / 96  
I usually go with my regular block at 27 houses... Though I almost always add another one like it right next to it, at least if it's going to be a big city... It looks like this then:


This allows me to get effective infirmary access as well

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posted 01-19-01 18:02 ET (US)     46 / 96  
I've been working on a rather free block also... working around the pattern of the walkers in crossroads etc.
Here's the glyph:


I don't think I will use this very much, but it looks nice, and is very stable

Quite proud of it... Though it requires a couple of Comm. Monuments on the outside (one on each side CAN be enough... depends on what other structures are near). The appeal will stretch all the way into the inner houses too
It does require a Stadium in the city in order to fully evolve though...

Note that the small pieces of road on three places in this block are so that the corner houses will "touch" road. All services are recieved from the inside though.

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posted 02-04-01 04:55 ET (US)     47 / 96  

In the block you posted in #46,the two houses at the inner ring are beyond the reach of commemorative(range=6),I can't see any possiblility for them to evolve above shack level.

As SenetEr had set the "no discussion" rule for the "MFHB" thread,I'll discuss your new elite block here(post#51).I guess you forget about the boulevards around the "core" area,or some more commemoratives behind the supposed 10 more houses,otherwise,the 6 houses on left and right side cannot evolve to estates(according to my calculation,they cannot get over 70 points which is needed for manors).

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posted 02-04-01 07:22 ET (US)     48 / 96  

yes indeed the two absolute inner-ring houses cannot evolve. I had not thought about that and to be honest hadn't even thought about having any houses there prior to posting that. I deeply apologize for it.

As for the Elite block in the other thread... I am very, very certain that it works. I've thuroughly tested the block. However You need to also place some Monuments by the enclosed road in order to pump up the Appeal for some houses, in case I didn't make that clear in my original post.

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posted 02-05-01 15:30 ET (US)     49 / 96  
I have now updated my Elite Block. I have thuroughly tested it at have come to the conclusion that my earlier conclusion was correct () and that I could squeeze in another 2 Elite houses for a total of 22 Houses.
I managed to get them all fully evolved.

Please do send me comments or post them here, I'd really apreciate it.

The block is in post #51 of the Favorite Housing Blocks - thread.

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posted 02-05-01 15:49 ET (US)     50 / 96  
That's looking good Moq
Two questions, can fishponds work in the center?
You mentioned something about the stadium spawning competitors? Is this a typo? Would this give coverage to all the houses considering your roadblock in the southeast corner of your top loop?
Do you have a working save that you can post or e-mail to me. 22 houses=11 companies and that's enough of an army for any scenario...
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