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Zeus: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Reading this might spoil the fun of the Athens adventure!
posted 10-23-00 08:59 ET (US)   
I'm only up through the 6th episode, playing at Titan (Hard). The second time around I got things right. Here's an approach that works.

Episode 1: You can't make any money from taxes or exports, so you want to get done fast, depleting your treasury as little as possible.

Build far south, out of range of the Minotaur. I used a single 6 x 21 housing block, with a theater, agora, infirmary, fountain, and maintenance post, which will evolve to about 1000 people. Build lots of dairies, which will someday feed a large city. You'll get most of the goods you need through gifts, but you will also be able to import them.

Give away cheese to everyone, if only just to leave room in your granaries for fish.

Bribe your way out of every invasion. The monuments you get will be useful in later episodes.

I had about 7000 drachma left.

Episode 2: Stay south and call Theseus. Again, what you need will come as gifts if you wait. Start generating tax income.

As soon as you have wood and armor, build a trireme as far south as you can, plus a block of 8 estates for hoplites. That should suffice for the conquest you need. Armor is the limiting factor.

Make requests as often as you can for goods you really need or for money.

Start work on the Hermes santuary.

If you can avoid getting into a tribute situation, getting out with 4000 drachma should be OK.

Episode 3:
Choose Laurion for its silver. Build up a single block of housing for about 1000 people, import food and fleece, and put everyone to work mining silver. You should end up with a stable city that can generate 4K a year in cash. Request money and goods. When your treasury reaches 20-25K, mine some copper to make the 8 bronze you need and get out.

Episode 4:
You're limited by armor, fleece, and olive oil. Build lots of triremes (I had 5) and use them for labor control. Your population should be large enough to crew all the triremes, but if your housing devolves or you have to fight on land, you can send the crews home and get lots of extra workers.
I provided fleece and oil to all my common housing -- a mistake, I later realized. Try building a big block that just gets food, water, and culture, since you'll need the oil and fleece for your elite housing.

Your first conquest should be Mt. Pellion. Then you can import armor. Even before you're strong enough to conquer it, you can raid for armor.

Whenever the cities that supply fleece or oil rebel, conduct a raid on them!

Even with 5 triremes, I couldn't prevent enemy troops from landing. Walling off the river might be a prudent measure.

To conquer Delos and Sardis, I used 5 triremes, 7 hoplite companies, and help from Laurion. Attempts with less strength were a disaster.

After reading the next episode, I suspect that I wouldn't have been allowed to conquer Corinth or Sparta.

When I finished, my treasury still had about 20K.

Episode 5:

Found the other colony. This takes a lot of cash to get going but is otherwise trivial -- just mine brass, quarry marble, and cut wood with as large a population as you can feed and clothe.

One the colony is stable you can build up your treasury by exporting marble and requesting drachma. So hold off on meeting the final requirement until you're back up bove 20K or so. While waiting you can give away excess goods.

Episode 6:
This is actually easier than 4, since you will get to a state in which you can import all the fleece, oil, and armor that you need (and before then, you can raid). Build up to 6 triremes, and get 9 or 10 hoplite companies. Send them all after the Persian city, and ask for support from your strongest ally, vassal, or colony (I chose Delos).

With 5 triremes, 8 hoplites, and no allied support, I lost to the Persians.

I conquered Eretria early -- a poor move, since Sardis then took it away. But I got it back spontaneously.

Sending 6 triremes overseas (or just manning them) really hurts your workforce size. I built a 21 x 6 block of low grade houusing (just food, water, and a gym) which was a big help.
I suspect that this adventure is much easier at Hero level.
I'll edit this thread as I complete future episodes.

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posted 10-25-00 09:38 ET (US)     1 / 10  
Well, I've finished episode 7, which was fairly easy since I had access to everything needed to produce horsemen. Both Sparta and Corinth fell to a force of 3 horse companies and 7 hoplite companies, plus help from my strongest ally. A slightly smaller force failed at Corinth.

I attacked both Sparta and Corinth while they were en route to attack me. No telling whether I would have won anyway.

I build some extra low-grade housing to keep up the number of workers. Supplying fleece to everyone is chancy, though -- probably better to build an extra block and supply only food.

Winning the Olympic Games and hosting the nice ones was a nice boost.

For funds, ask Laurion -- in addition to 1500 tribute, they'll donate 2500 from time to time if asked. When they revolt, a raid will get 3000. I now immediately raid any vassal that revolts. Raiding Mt. Pelion gets 16 statues worth many thousands of drachma. It's probably worthwhile to keep them really angry.

Episode 8 looks pretty easy, but I'm off to Europe on a business trip so it will have to wait.

I'm going to switch to playing at Olympian level. It's just too easy to get money and buy off all invaders at Titan.

posted 10-25-00 21:48 ET (US)     2 / 10  
Another tip -

It'll get your allies really mad...but this really helps:

Eventually, Sparta will become your ally. DON'T STOP THERE!! Conquer them - the 12 armor tribute will be REALLY REALLY nice .


posted 10-27-00 10:25 ET (US)     3 / 10  
Can't believe you did it on hard - just finished episode 6 on normal - on the bright side - it only took 2 restarts and the entire night to get that persian rascal to surrender
First I wasn't very diplomatic and the entire greek nation kicked my butt right out Athens

Then, I believe it was around 4a.m in the morning I accidentally klicked the defend button instead of bribe , so I watched them take my city apart - again, thought, no problem, just reload autosave and klick the right button, guess what, waited too long when I reloaded it was in the middle of the battle - not fair, not fair at all...

I don't see how a human can master this episode on harder than normal - there seems to be so little room for error even on normal - love the 'somewhat challenging' description of the authors

posted 10-27-00 17:49 ET (US)     4 / 10  
About halfway through episode 7 (on Titan) at the moment... and I currently rule the entire world. Hardly surprising given that I have more soldiers than the game will let me put into companies (14 cavalry companies and enough for 6.5 hoplite companies - you are limited to 20 companies). Nobody messes with me - ever

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
This season I will be mostly doing... Microwave Spectroscopy
posted 10-28-00 09:20 ET (US)     5 / 10  
Athens is done, dusted, and submitted to downloads

I really like this city... especially since I used none of the farmland in the North. I just LOVE building sanctuaries and Elite Housing... so I really went to town on the latter in this adventure. Onwards to Jason's voyages, or perhaps Hercules' labours

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
This season I will be mostly doing... Microwave Spectroscopy
posted 10-28-00 10:05 ET (US)     6 / 10  
Me too CA.

just as hero though, so please master, lead they way and say where you're going next - so I can follow.

At hero level to me, episode 6 was by far the hardest - so far, if you play adventures and episodes in sequence.
Because of this though 7&8 ended up to be a walk in the park most every goal checked off at start - which was very nice, so you could enjoy the labor of your work for a little while - nice going Impressions.

PS, can't wait to see your city - hope it gets posted soon

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posted 10-28-00 10:58 ET (US)     7 / 10  
I'll take a crack at Jason this evening, I think.

But not before... I have to squeeze some work into my busy Zeus schedule

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
This season I will be mostly doing... Microwave Spectroscopy
posted 10-29-00 21:07 ET (US)     8 / 10  
My experience matches that of Caesar Alan -- episode 8 is completed almost before you start. Some of the monsters got slain without any action on my part. A bit of an anticlimax.
posted 10-31-00 21:17 ET (US)     9 / 10  
I'd actually suggest not taking over Mt. Pellion. Raiding, on the other hand, is most profitable.

Everytime I raided, I got 24 units of whatever I went looking for, if you ask them as a Vassal they give you 8. I got 24 when I sent Jason along with four Hopolites as well as when I sent 8 horse/8 hop. The manual claims that spoils are dependant on the size of army you use, I don't believe it.

One thing though: I figured I'd get the size equivalent in Sculpture as I did for the bronze, so I was expecting 6 sculpture...I got all 24. It made finances quite easy after exporting.

posted 11-02-00 20:55 ET (US)     10 / 10  
I am at the episode where ares is going to come to my city or something like that. What does Theseus need to kill the dragon?
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