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Topic Subject: Agoras have Back Doors! True Concentric Blocks, Anyone?
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posted 11-06-00 10:48 ET (US)   
Observing my latest city, Athens, I noticed that an agora that butted against a boulevard was sending it's buyers out the back of the shops onto the boulevard.

So I played around with it and I have a true concentric block. The inner road surrounds the schools, culture items, tax, etc... The agora backs onto a boulevard to gain supplies and discharges it's vendors into the inner ring.
The gymnasiums not likely able to dispatch competitors is the only drawback I can see.

I can't wait till my next city so I can put this to full use. If I have time tomorrow, I'll glyph one out.

Try it for yourself.

posted 11-10-00 14:59 ET (US)     26 / 37  
Slightly modified to be more esthetic (at least to me )


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posted 11-10-00 17:08 ET (US)     27 / 37  
I'd like to add one minor but very important detail to Senets designs:

The location of the underlying roads (before bouleward/avenue)on the inside circle are not trivial.

The actual road has to run closest to the inside and can't run along the outside housing - touching the outside housing must be the 'avenue/boulevard overhang part'. - I know, I've tried it - it will not give complete water and healer coverage otherwise.

Otherwise - I love this design - looks great

aargh....just saw, in front of infirmary the road is the middle tile, not closest to inside (all the ones with three parallel tiles)

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posted 11-10-00 19:31 ET (US)     28 / 37  

Could you send me a saved game featuring this block? I can't really visualize these glyph thingies. Appreciate it much.

I downloaded your Athens from the downloads section, but everytime I try to crank it up, Zeus crashes with an illegal operation error.

My email is

posted 11-10-00 19:58 ET (US)     29 / 37  

while on the subject of asking for things , how do you get to display the glyhs on the forum. I have gg1.2 from Pharaoh, made test picture, copy/pasted in test forum and got all white cells with red x-es - what am I missing?


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posted 11-10-00 21:53 ET (US)     30 / 37  
You need to use the forum directory for the glyphs instead of the local directory.
posted 11-12-00 10:57 ET (US)     31 / 37  
Theatre coverage is not a requirement for evolution to townhouses. Much like C3 and Pharaoh, entertainment coverage works on a points system, with bonus points available for overall city coverage. I have noticed that access to a Podium and Gym, together with perfect coverage for Gyms, Podiums, and Stadiums (i.e. you need to have a stadium) orovides sufficient entertainment points for evolution to townhouses (on Titan difficulty at least: I haven't checked the model files to see if this is difficulty-dependant).

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
This season I will be mostly doing... Microwave Spectroscopy
posted 11-13-00 09:09 ET (US)     32 / 37  
I missed your post as only a blind dumb-dumb can do. I'll mail you a save when I get home from work today. The only map where I have it is my Athens map but I'll try again.
posted 11-15-00 20:47 ET (US)     33 / 37  

Thanks - looking forward to seeing it.

This Agora-back-door stuff is great! I just got around to really looking at it, and I can see some ways to really improve my blocks using this info.

Good catch!!

posted 11-15-00 23:14 ET (US)     34 / 37  

I left a present for you in the Test Forum.

posted 11-16-00 11:24 ET (US)     35 / 37  

In your post #26, what is the yellow 2x2 structure above the Tax Collector? What are the five 1x1’s to the left of the Infirmary?

posted 11-16-00 11:41 ET (US)     36 / 37  
I haven't been happy with the glyphs so I've experimented with a lot of different things. Hence, I am not too consistent between posts. I even used C3 fountains as avenues in one post and I think I have everyone confused.

In post#26, the aqueducts to the left of the infirmary are columns and the oracle behind the tax office is a gazebo.

BTW, thanks again for the tip on labelling

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posted 11-16-00 13:17 ET (US)     37 / 37  

Thanks for the info. I have updated the table and your housing block in the test forum. If you would like to add a new post here, or edit your post #26, with the “updated” version, then even Grumpus The Elder could interpret it correctly. heehee
(Us old guys have to look out for each other.)

Do you have any other housing blocks in the forums that you would like for me to perform this “magic” on. It’s really kind of fun, and I would enjoy doing it for you and the other forum members.

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