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Topic Subject: C3 Recovery: The Uncorrupted Thread
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posted 04-10-00 17:13 ET (US)   
Welcometo the latest C3 Recovery Room!
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Claudia GallicaCaesar Alan'sCyber Paladin
Mighty Pizza Parlor
The PCD Meatlover
beef, mushrooms, small sausages, pepperoni, pineapple, onion, capiscum, and Gorgonzola---the connoisseur's choice
The Caesar Alan
prawns, salmon, dill and triple Monzarella
The Claudia Supreme
Six cheeses on extra thick base
MenuThe Milkyway Oand double, triple as well
The ultimate pizza-with everything!-
registered trademarkof Moquel Enterprises
The Marcus Lindicus TexMex
lots of jalapenio peppers, grilled skirt steak, cilantro, jicama, guacamole, and Monterry jack cheese
The Cyber Paladin Hot to Trot!!
Party size with tomato paste, sausage, beef and lots o' pepper
The AJay Special
Tallegio and walnuts
Create Your Own! want something different???
Toppings: Monzarella, Brie, Gorgonzola, Cheddar, Parmesan, EdamPork, Beef, Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Sausage, Peperoni, Salami, Salmon, Prawns, Crab, Lobster, Halibut, Shark, Swordfish, Tomato, Pepper, Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple, Walnuts, Milky Ways, and ANYTHING not too exotic!
Copyright Recupero Restaurants PLC-proprietor- Mama Wendoula Head Chef: Caesar Alan Second Chefs: Moquel, PCD Wine waiters: ET Flavius, Marcus Lindicus Pastry Chef: caecus_praetor
posted 04-11-00 17:09 ET (US)     126 / 146  
OK Marcus L. ..see you in a little while..fountain and all

A Jay's off to "nod" ...the wine always works..

Angel ET Flavius

posted 04-11-00 17:11 ET (US)     127 / 146  
Nooooo! Don't say I'm too late for the fountain?? I just got here...

Good news that your Mum is feeling better, Alan, you must be relieved!

Another Brit checking in btw, Xeno. I'm generally on half an hour in the morning, before work, half an hour or so at lunch time, then maybe a couple of hours in the evening. Going by how many of us there are in this forum, it's amazing how many of us feel that we're often on here alone


posted 04-11-00 17:12 ET (US)     128 / 146  
As you did the honours yesterday Fiona....I saved you a tankard full
posted 04-11-00 17:12 ET (US)     129 / 146  
Thanks all.

I'm off to study some more as dinner is over. I'll likely be back after my exam tonight.

Until then!

Cay - happy this is her only exam that isn't open book

posted 04-11-00 17:14 ET (US)     130 / 146  
'Night AJ, Marcus. I think I'll steer clear of the poppies, but a good Chablis will do. And I can reactivate that fountain, fiona - Marcus left the key behind

Caesar Alan
Forum Wordmaster
Forum Pizza Chef

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posted 04-11-00 17:17 ET (US)     131 / 146  
How many Brits are there now? Any idea?..Notice that we have a new apprentice bar person at Pharaoh from the UK
posted 04-11-00 17:21 ET (US)     132 / 146  
Hey, thanks PAC, I knew I could count on you!

Looks like we're getting quite a few Brits these days - I'm sure we used to be in a minority!

What is the beer actually coming out of with this 'ere fountain, Alan?? I hope it's nothing too off-putting!


posted 04-11-00 17:26 ET (US)     133 / 146  
You're welcome Fiona....hard to tell with the fountain lol..seems to come at a person from all directions!

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posted 04-11-00 17:33 ET (US)     134 / 146  
Yes - I was beginning to wonder.. it seems to be coming from that eagle's mouth....


posted 04-11-00 17:34 ET (US)     135 / 146  
Hi everyone! Did my Recovery Room corrupt all ready. Well I'll have Well Water and i have brought some of my own tacos that have lettuce, meat, olives, and sour cream on them.

A well water addict

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posted 04-11-00 17:39 ET (US)     136 / 146  
Cheers, Seti. Looks like you need to change a [ for a < in your sig there...

Caesar Alan
Forum Wordmaster
Forum Pizza Chef

posted 04-11-00 17:41 ET (US)     137 / 146  
yeah i just noticed that Ceaser Alan.

A well water addict

posted 04-11-00 18:15 ET (US)     138 / 146  
Looks like everyone's vanished... anyway, it's bedtime for me, so I'll be off too

Caesar Alan
Forum Wordmaster
Forum Pizza Chef

posted 04-11-00 18:20 ET (US)     139 / 146  
You know when you have a restaurant and then there's a flasher new restaurant built across the street? Well, reminds me of these two Rec rooms. I get dizzy following the flock...
posted 04-11-00 18:49 ET (US)     140 / 146  
Just to tell I'm still alive. And no, I don't think there is anough hours in a day, needs about 28 hours a day

Am currently playing the Brit-map, either Caesar is trying to bribe Pharaoh or Pharaoh has become the ruler of Rome

It's late here in Denmark, and I've got to get up early so goodnight everybody out there, -take care

With more people like all of you at the C3- and Pharaoh forums, there would be a lot more happiness in the world!

posted 04-11-00 19:14 ET (US)     141 / 146  
I am back in time to see all of you Europea types head for bed. Night cap any one? Well, plenty of daylight left here so let's keep it going everyone!


-----I always wanted to be someone....I guess I should have been more specific.-----

posted 04-11-00 20:28 ET (US)     142 / 146  
quiet on both sides of heaven.......
posted 04-11-00 20:49 ET (US)     143 / 146  
I'm back from my exam! yay! The next two are open book, so I have no worries there (that doesn't mean they'll be easy, it just means we have to know how to apply the material in our notes to be able to write the exam successfully - which not everyone can do.)


Okay, this exam was on Human Development. The prof told us to study the major theories of development, the experimental methods used, the course notes, etc. She mentioned that she would be picky on some little details. Nowhere did she mention that there would be statistics or a need to know statistics on the exam.

Well, we get to the exam, and about a quarter of the stupid multiple choice questions are statistics!!!! ie. the percentage of women giving birth over the age of 30 _________ in the past 20 years, and you have to fill in the blank. Or, what percentage of women with children under 6 were in the work force in 1986.

To me, those are ridiculous questions. They don't show that I know or understand the material at all. All they prove is that I am capable of memorizing some useless numbers out of a book.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm an engineer. We engineers don't bother memorizing numbers. When we need a number, we look it up in a book (that's why my other exams are open book - profs don't expect us to memorize long formulae or what the latent heat of vapourization of water at 273 K is.).

Now, if the prof had told us to study statistics, I would have made an effort to commit those percentages (and many others) to memory. But no one in their right mind, without that kind of guidance, would sit there and memorize percentages when there is so much more material to be understood!!!

I just can't believe it. I've never been so disappointed in an exam I've written. Not disappointed in myself, but disappointed in the prof, for preparing an exam that didn't test our knowledge of the subject.


Okay, I'm in need of a big glass of orange juice now. Thanks!

posted 04-11-00 21:07 ET (US)     144 / 146  

Time for some tunes!

Proud to be Canadian! Fière d'être canadienne!

posted 04-11-00 21:12 ET (US)     145 / 146  
Sorry to hear about the poorly designed test Cay. Maybe this tankard of OJ will make you feel better?
-----I always wanted to be someone....I guess I should have been more specific.-----

posted 04-11-00 21:24 ET (US)     146 / 146  
This room is getting cramped so I started another called "The Recovery Room Rolls On". Stop on by and let me fix you a drink.


-----I always wanted to be someone....I guess I should have been more specific.-----

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