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Had tons of money from previous chapters, didn't feel like building once again a functioning city so the Cuello.

This adventure demands little (and reminded me a bit of the first colony where Talos appears; you don't need to defeat the monster; just ignore it and focus on mission objectives).

And what is needed to meet mission objectives? A quarry for black marble and a place to build 3 monuments to the sky. Easy:

[PNG, (2.67 MB)]

[PNG, (1.88 MB)]

Now obviously a medium sized town could support such a venture but that would require setting up a whole support structure of husbandry, hygiene, science and tax services. And at this point I (and many here, I imagine) have done that so often that I decided to have some fun with my 60 000 drachmas and see if slums would suffice for this mining town.

[PNG, (2.24 MB)]

Even with the hospitals every so often plague will strike (just ignore it, the healers will fix it and new immigrants will replace the departed).

One nearby rival launched two invasions but they were easily bribed.

Not sure what would've happened if I decided to fight. As you can see there's no palace.

The lack of a palace presented Ares' goons with a bit of a conundrum. Every time Big A showed up, they would just stay near their spawn point outside of the slums. Ares would strut over to the construction site and smite some blokes before despawning. At that point his soldiers would walk off the map (sometimes roughing it through nature, other times deciding to walk via the most northern street of the slums and taking some lives on the way out).

It was ... a different play style

I kinda regret the adventures don't offer more variety in how to build cities. You always end up with variations on the same kinds of city blocks.

That, or there should've been some optional mission objectives (such as larger tribute/more military strength/... if the dragon is defeated) or a grading scale (low quality colonies such as these would be able to import/export lower amounts in trade, they would make more requests of the parent city to make up for their shortcomings, ...)

Hey everybody! There's a really cool sound file in the Zeus game. It can be found in this map:

Master of Olympus - Zeus\Audio\Music\Ekplixi.mp3

I found it accidently and laughed my head off the first three times [img][/img]