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Topic Subject: Zeus remake?
posted 04-13-21 10:21 ET (US)   
Hi there, I'm a software engineer and I've been in love with the Master of Olympus - Zeus games for two decades now.

I have two questions for you:

First: What do you think of a remake of Zeus playable in the browser without installation?

Second: Do you know of free assets that would fit this game? I can't use the original ones.

A. Matías Quezada

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posted 06-15-21 16:28 ET (US)     1 / 1  
I have been trying for years to find out about this. The only answer that I was able to find is that all the designers are scattered all over, many are retired and that no one wants city building games. But that is not true. On Ios and android there are sooooo many shitty shitty exploitative money grabbing city building inspired games. And then on the console there are so many very very bad city building games (cities skyline, Tropico) it’s like they learned nothing from what impressions did. So arrogant and so badly done. And people play those games. They have no way of controlling their economy, they have so many things that are worse than in Caesar 2 for pity’s sake! And yet people play those terrible terrible games. Tilted Mill is dead it seems. When did hinterlands come out? Not sure, butnit seems dead too!

I think there would be a demand for it if some studio took eveything that was done from Caesar 3, to Emperor to Children of the Nile, with the technology that we have now, a zeus+posseidon remake could be amazing. Everything about walkers, and zones, and made it like Children of the Nile, but with today’s technology, can you imagine? (personally I would love to play it on the console xbox or playstation)

I remember when Caesar 4 (5?) came out, I had a good computer!but it was wonky and buggy, today it would not be. at all.

I also wish for a zeus remake. Maybe if you are a software engineer and know designers, you could start a kickstarter?
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