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The Town Square
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Topic Subject: Aztec City Sim
posted 04-19-19 03:32 ET (US)   
I am a huge fan of the old classics from impressions games.
The Aztec History always fascinated me and I always wanted to have a game with aztecs in the impressions games genre.

Since there is no such game I decidet to create one myself together with a coder.

We are in development for over one year now but there is still a lot to do. Here you can see a screenshot from one of our latest versions.

For more informations check our devlog:
or our twitter

It would be so great to hear your thought, opinions and wishes about the impressions Games so we can create a solid game.
posted 04-20-19 09:40 ET (US)     1 / 3  
This looks very attractive.

I am not a typical gamer so you shouldn't pay much attention to what I'd like. That said, my one suggestion is to not have multiple ways of doing essentially the same thing (as Nelvin suggested in the old reply #3 of the devlog).
posted 04-21-19 05:43 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Hey Brugle,
this is a good suggestion. We are also checking this all the time.

In some way this will still exist in the game.
For example the Korn and the Pumpkin at the moment.
Those are two different resources, but they got pretty much the same production line.
Farm -> fields -> Granary
There is no further prcession needet for both so except of their visual appearence they are pretty much the same.
But in the end you need both (the variety) to make your citizens happy.
We still want to make some differences in them anyways.
-Maybe the pumpkins will take more time to grow
-Maybe the Farm building got a different size
-Maybe the pumpkins will not reset all the way back when harvested
-Maybe all of these =D
There are so much possibilities.

Its so much fun to play around with values

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posted 06-30-19 15:34 ET (US)     3 / 3  
Hey there Frece-

I actually tried to get in touch with you on twitter- I had some fairly extensive notes for a hypothetical aztec citybuilder myself- but I didn't have much luck so far. If I get the chance I might download the current app and give some feedback.
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