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The Town Square
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Topic Subject: City Building Census II
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posted 06-30-05 15:58 ET (US)   
On October 5, 2000 Imothep posted:
How old are you?

I've been reading these forums a bit lately, and I've noticed plentiful references to work, and to kids, and to passing bar exams (Congrats!)... It suddenly struck me... How old is everyone? For what it's worth, I'm 15...
Thus started the longest thread in the history of the City Building forums. From a simple request for people to tell their ages it grew into the City Building Census.

That thread was closed when it reached 2500 replies, the maximum allowed by these forums. This is a continuation of that thread.

If you would like to have your name included in our Members Table, please post your Gender, Age and Location. Birthday is optional, and I can get your Forum Member date from your Profile.

The Members Table is currently in Reply #266.

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posted 05-01-15 09:34 ET (US)     301 / 307  
I guess I'm lucky as C3 is my first ever CB game. I started around 2000, but at some point it was too hard in career mode and too frightening with all those wars. So I was just building random cities and enjoying peaceful commerce.
Now I'm back, and my goal is to become caesar.

It was a great surprise to find this site, and a pleasant one as well. So I want to lurk around for a long time and play a lot of great maps.

Gender - Female
Age - 28
D.O.B - 22/06/1986
Location - Hungary
posted 05-26-15 11:47 ET (US)     302 / 307  
Greetings and salutations!

Good to see that some people still enjoy these games. I've been hooked on Caesar 3 for years and then played the Pharaoh for awhile. Here's some perspective on how good these games are.

I have PS4 in my possession with the latest games that cost $60 each, a gigantic 140 inch screen with an blu-ray quality projector, the most comfortable gaming couch with recliners you can imagine. I built all of this somewhat recently yet I barely ever use it, as the games don't seem to be that entertaining to me. I thought it was because I got older, I'm 29 now. However, yesterday I came across GOG and purchased/downloaded the Pharaoh again. It was around 2 pm when I started the game. Then I turned around to see what time it was and it was 2 am. I played for straight 12 hours and couldn't stop. Then I realized that I'm just as hooked on it now as I was when I was 13 years old.

A game that now costs $5 and can be played on the cheapest possible PC is much more entertaining than any newest console games. It doesn't make any sense, but it seems that the late 90s were a golden age of amazing games and nothing today comes close.

Gender - Male
Age - 29
D.O.B - 5 May 1986
Location - New York, USA
posted 07-29-15 11:26 ET (US)     303 / 307  
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Location: California, USA
Birthday: Nov. 11

I can still remember the exact day I played Pharaoh for the first time, on a friend's computer, and went home and begged my parents to buy it. Fifteen years later, and I'm still playing it.

I think the slow death of the citybuilder genre is tragic. I enjoy an RPG or FPS as much as the next person, but there's always been something both calming and fascinating about the strategy of the city games (traits not shared by today's glut of freemium crap).

I'm so glad this website and board is still around; I've never done more than lurk, but it's nice to have a resource when I boot the game up! ("Now how do I build that city block again....?")

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posted 08-06-15 20:27 ET (US)     304 / 307  
Gender: Male
Location: U.S.

My parents introduced me to Caesar 3 when I was 7, the computer that ran XP in our home broke down so we stopped playing. Just recently I have found out that my grandfather has an old computer that can run the Caesar 3 software. I'm so glad this amazing community still exists in this niche part of the internet. Maybe now I'm finally old enough to beat Lugdunum.

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posted 12-10-15 02:35 ET (US)     305 / 307  
Gender: Male
Location: Japan

I bought the city builders pack when i was 15 been playing it ever sense, even today. Hope to see more of us play Emperor in game ranger.
posted 12-11-16 19:30 ET (US)     306 / 307  
Gender: Male
Location: China

When I was 12 and I first saw Caesar 3, It feels like "God I didn't know video games could be like that".

And thus begins my long way of collecting all city building games.
posted 08-10-22 09:39 ET (US)     307 / 307  
I am a young 63 year old.
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