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Topic Subject: City Building Census II
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posted 06-30-05 15:58 ET (US)   
On October 5, 2000 Imothep posted:
How old are you?

I've been reading these forums a bit lately, and I've noticed plentiful references to work, and to kids, and to passing bar exams (Congrats!)... It suddenly struck me... How old is everyone? For what it's worth, I'm 15...
Thus started the longest thread in the history of the City Building forums. From a simple request for people to tell their ages it grew into the City Building Census.

That thread was closed when it reached 2500 replies, the maximum allowed by these forums. This is a continuation of that thread.

If you would like to have your name included in our Members Table, please post your Gender, Age and Location. Birthday is optional, and I can get your Forum Member date from your Profile.

The Members Table is currently in Reply #266.

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posted 01-03-06 02:15 ET (US)     76 / 307  
So, how'zat cencus board comin' along?
posted 01-09-06 13:57 ET (US)     77 / 307  
Congratulations to NAT and PCDania on their recent promotions to Angel.

The Members Table has been updated accordingly.

posted 01-14-06 18:34 ET (US)     78 / 307  
Female. 55 Las Vegas, Nv
posted 01-16-06 13:55 ET (US)     79 / 307  
Welcome to our forums aqw8326.

I've added your name to our Members Table.

posted 01-22-06 00:55 ET (US)     80 / 307  
Wow im surprise of the ages of people, they sem to like city bulding games alot. I;m Carlitos I live in Florida and I'm 17 9/8/1988
posted 01-22-06 07:32 ET (US)     81 / 307  
Welcome aboard Lilcubanito

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel
posted 01-23-06 14:03 ET (US)     82 / 307  
Hello lilcubanito.

I have added your name to our Members Table. I interpreted your birthday (9/8/1988) as September 8, 1988. If you were born on August 9 instead, please post back and I will correct it.

posted 01-29-06 18:17 ET (US)     83 / 307  
Oct14,90. Male. ON, Canada.

alea jacta est. Marcus Caesar Dragonicus in Lugdunum est.

Also known as PsychoInfiltrator, when the username fits.

posted 01-30-06 13:57 ET (US)     84 / 307  
May 17, 1963. Male. Sunnyvale, California.
posted 02-03-06 16:17 ET (US)     85 / 307  
Welcome to our newest member Emporer_Dragon.

400 MEMBERS in the Table!

Treborius has established a new benchmark for the Members Table. He has been a member of HeavenGames for 6 years, but waited until now to post in this thread. For being the 400th member to post his stats in this thread, he will have his name listed in Bold Letters. Congratulations Treborius!

posted 03-04-06 00:55 ET (US)     86 / 307  
Hey all,

I'm 40, male, Indianapolis. I have to say I'm delighted at the variety of ages and locations posted.

Wow. Data. It'll give me something to play with while I try to re-teach myself Excel.



posted 03-07-06 16:40 ET (US)     87 / 307  
Iíve added your name to our Members Table jamesk144. Thank you for posting.

posted 03-12-06 17:01 ET (US)     88 / 307  
All additions and corrections prior to this reply have been included in the revised table.

Post any corrections and I will edit the tables. If you would like to be included in the list, post your information in this thread. If you wish to be taken off of the list, send me an email, and I will be happy to do so.

The Birthday column: If you didnít post your birthday, then the date that you posted your age is in this column in parentheses (month-day-year). Without a birth date, your age will automatically be updated a year after your post.

The Forum Member column: This is the ďDate RegisteredĒ from your Profile.

408 MEMBERS in the Table!

City Building Heaven Members
Forum Name Gender & Age* Birthday Location Forum Member
VIPís, Seraphs, Angels and Cherubs
BobT M 49 Sep-06-56 Canada Mar-23-01
Angel David M 22 Dec-27-83 Sweden Nov-18-99
Angel Jayhawk M 41 Mar-22-64 Netherlands Dec-02-98
Angel Kester F 37 Aug-09-68 USA Mar-10-04
Angel NAT M 16 Jun-26-89 UK Apr-22-03
Angel Socrateius M 19 Oct-07-86 USA Jun-11-00
Angel CenturionZ-1 M 17 Sep-23-88 UK Oct-28-00
Angel Civis Romanus M 57 Nov-16-48 USA Jun-15-99
Angel Draco M 30 Jul-08-75 USA Aug-29-97
Angel Dr Lorenzo M 16 Sep-11-89 Australia Jun-10-02
Angel GillB F 49 Jul-16-56 UK Mar-10-99
Angel Granite Q M 58 Nov-17-47 UK Nov-24-00
Angel Kor M 20 Oct-14-85 Belgium Nov-21-99
Angel PCDania M 44 Jan-23-62 Denmark Apr-12-99
Angel Pecunia F 21 Oct-23-84 Netherlands Jul-08-00
Angel Reckless Rodent M 26 Aug-25-79 UK Jan-12-99
Angel SNR M 18 Oct-06-87 UK Sep-09-01
Angel VitruviusAIA M 54 Mar-23-51 USA Aug-17-00
Angel Zen M 28 Jul-23-77 USA Oct-06-98
Cherub Berend M 24 May-06-81 Netherlands Dec-09-02
Cherub BP M 14 Dec-05-91 UK May-20-04
Cherub Bradius M 44 Jun-08-61 USA Apr-09-99
Cherub Film M 13 (09-06-05) USA Jul-17-04
Cherub Gweilo M 45 (01-27-03) USA Apr-18-02
Cherub Jax M 16 Mar-27-89 UK Feb-27-04
Forum Members
Abelius M 41 (10-07-02) USA Oct-08-00
Abelius F 41 (10-07-02) USA Oct-08-00
aceyjay F 32 (04-01-01) USA Mar-16-01
Actarus M 29 (03-05-01) France Feb-19-01
Adder M 16 Jul-02-89 USA Nov-17-02
AdobeNome M 42 (04-07-01) USA Apr-06-01
aegius M 18 Dec-24-87 Canada Feb-22-01
Aeon Ray M 15 (08-08-03) - Jul-11-03
Ahkmet M 42 Jul-27-63 USA Sep-06-02
Ahsha M 27 (06-26-03) UK Jun-24-03
ahura mazda M 34 Feb-28-72 Australia May-12-03
Akhen M 42 (02-15-01) Hong Kong May-14-00
Alex_pharaoh M 18 Nov-08-87 Spain Dec-20-02
allhailcaesar M 43 (07-22-04) USA Feb-04-00
allyoop1982 F 40 (04-30-05) USA Apr-30-05
alphafoetoid M 33 Feb-01-73 Canada Jan-31-03
Alphretin M 18 Jul-27-87 USA Apr-18-04
Ammra29 F 52 Oct-29-53 Canada Jul-08-04
Ammurit M 26 Aug-03-79 USA Mar-29-04
Andyblast M 30 Apr-13-75 India Sep-25-02
Ankhesenamun F 24 (07-08-01) Australia Jul-08-01
Annemhotep F 31 Mar-13-74 Denmark Jan-11-01
Annie1 F 47 Jul-04-58 UK Jun-20-03
Annie23340 F 61 Apr-29-44 Scotland May-12-02
Apophis M 26 May-18-79 Australia Jul-01-01
aqw8326 F 55 (01-14-06) USA Jan-11-06
ArKaineRevived M 14 (06-28-04) Belgium Jun-28-04
Ashur M 27 (05-01-01) USA Apr-27-01
aulus septimus lurkio M 54 Apr-07-51 UK Jun-05-00
Azash M 14 (07-21-04) Sweden Jun-28-04
Baltic M 41 Feb-22-65 Czech Republic Jan-21-99
barcoded M 36 (08-07-04) USA Jul-31-04
barryp M 61 Sep-07-44 USA Oct-17-02
Basilius M 17 Aug-08-88 USA May-14-03
becca22 F 29 Jun-22-76 USA Jan-18-05
bef M 48 Dec-18-57 USA Nov-13-01
bengel M 21 Jun-21-84 Belgium Oct-02-99
Ben The Vizier M 18 Aug-05-87 Portugal Apr-15-01
Benson M 38 Nov-26-67 USA Dec-14-99
Bernie M 38 Mar-16-67 Australia Feb-12-02
Binkythedestroyer M 20 (12-20-00) New Zealand Dec-16-00
bipo M 11 Dec-17-94 USA Feb-04-04
Blade M 20 (01-03-01) USA Dec-31-00
Bob M 20 (02-27-01) - Feb-27-01
Bolt Thrower M 36 Feb-08-70 USA Nov-26-04
Bo Shee To M 50 Dec-25-55 Spain Sep-30-02
Brugle M 55 Oct-11-50 USA Jun-09-99
Brutus Caesarus M 16 (01-05-05) Netherlands Jan-05-05
Byte me Sphinx M 28 (12-20-00) UK Dec-19-00
Caesar Alan M 26 Oct-01-79 UK Nov-11-99
Caesar Constintine M 19 Aug-??-86 USA Sep-25-99
caesar_jack M 15 (08-16-03) UK Jul-30-03
Caesar Pasqualin F 42 Aug-28-63 USA Feb-10-02
caesar piyush M 17 Oct-09-88 India Jan-10-04
Caylynn F 33 Mar-19-72 Canada Dec-05-99
Cazy_1 M 27 Jun-20-78 Romania Jan-04-05
Cerrita F 19 (05-09-05) USA May-06-05
C Franziskus M 51 Apr-21-54 USA Jun-11-00
Cheetah Gal F 21 Apr-20-84 USA Jul-09-02
Chessie2u F 56 (10-14-00) USA Mar-19-00
chidojo M 22 (03-18-01) Singapore Mar-18-01
Chimera_ F 22 Feb-21-84 Sweden Aug-07-03
Chus F 39 Sep-11-66 Spain Sep-11-00
cl M 22 Mar-23-83 USA Feb-14-99
Clarebear F 19 Feb-05-87 UK Mar-27-04
Claudia Gallica F 47 Jan-05-59 France Aug-24-99
Cleofan6 F 17 (08-04-01) USA Aug-04-01
Clifford M 46 Nov-05-59 New Zealand Aug-09-01
complaint_king M 18 (04-08-01) - Nov-16-00
compmage M 29 Oct-11-76 South Africa Oct-17-02
ConLao M 28 Apr-13-77 UK Feb-09-01
cponsock M 56 (06-18-02) - Jun-16-02
c q F 25 (12-11-02) India Dec-11-02
Crusher F 38 (08-04-01) UK/Australia Aug-04-01
Czech Centurian M 18 Oct-22-87 South Africa Jul-08-03
d1zzy M 18 Jul-11-87 USA May-15-04
Da Caesar M 20 Aug-01-85 Singapore Apr-24-00
dad M 54 (11-25-00) - Nov-25-00
dadtoth M 63 (01-05-01) France/Sweden Aug-29-00
Dajango M 16 (06-13-04) - Jun-13-04
damiant M 32 May-21-73 UK Aug-16-02
Dartania F 32 Jan-22-74 Australia Oct-14-03
DarthBane M 21 Dec-19-84 UK Jan-30-00
Darth Joshua M 5 Jun-15-00 UK Nov-06-00
DaveG M 22 Jun-17-83 USA Apr-23-00
david M 33 Feb-16-73 Slovenia Oct-09-00
dbo78912 M 18 Sep-02-87 USA Jun-02-00
Debbie F 46 Feb-16-60 USA Nov-20-01
Desmondius - 38 May-04-67 UK Nov-27-01
Djaser - 19 (09-25-02) - Sep-25-02
donduk M 23 Jan-15-83 USA Dec-22-99
dp3705 F 53 (05-22-02) USA Oct-12-01
Dragon_Kahn M 22 Oct-23-83 Netherlands Jan-26-01
DreamRain - 37 Oct-??-68 USA Dec-08-02
Duane M 69 Dec-20-36 USA May-13-02
Duan Xuan M 17 May-14-88 Singapore May-28-01
Dux Decem Legis M 16 May-27-89 USA May-08-04
Eddy The Champ M 18 Feb-05-88 Portugal Jan-11-03
eds F 38 (11-02-02) Canada Aug-01-02
EJay M 18 Feb-01-88 Netherlands Mar-24-02
Elder Rat M 28 Nov-07-77 USA Aug-14-03
Elishiba F 56 (11-24-05) USA Nov-24-05
Emperor Rachel F 18 Nov-20-87 UK Apr-24-00
Emperor_Wilson M 20 Sep-14-85 Canada Sep-13-02
Emporer_Dragon M 15 Oct-14-90 Canada Jan-27-06
Enano Rojo M 27 Jun-20-78 Belgium Apr-10-01
Esbjergs Faraoh M 24 Oct-16-81 Denmark Jun-18-03
ET FLAVIUS M 60 Jun-29-45 USA Jan-26-99
fairamanda F 38 (04-05-05) UK Apr-05-05
Falco M 46 Jun-10-59 USA Nov-23-01
Fiona F 38 Jun-24-67 UK Jan-04-99
fionghuala F 36 (08-11-04) USA Aug-11-04
fogriipus F 22 Mar-06-84 Finland May-04-06
Fortuna F 31 Jul-??-74 USA Mar-09-00
FranR F 38 Jan-13-68 Netherlands Feb-07-05
Freskin M 30 Jul-17-75 Belgium Aug-10-00
frond F 34 (06-28-04) Singapore Jun-04-04
Gaiseric M 19 Oct-04-86 Singapore Jun-16-01
Gandalf M 28 Jan-23-78 France/Brazil Dec-14-00
generaljohn M 26 Jul-09-79 Canada May-10-02
Genius Maximus M 13 Mar-10-92 USA May-26-03
Gold Cow F 14 Mar-03-91 USA Nov-01-02
Gomericus M 76 Feb-19-30 Canada Feb-02-99
grapedog M 28 (02-20-01) USA Feb-14-01
Grohan M 16 Aug-10-89 Finland Jun-18-04
groseille M 38 (02-06-05) France Feb-06-05
Grunthex M 30 Jun-16-75 Canada Dec-19-02
Gteat Cornholio M 39 Aug-31-66 USA Mar-29-02
Gustavia F 58 Sep-28-47 USA Jan-26-99
Guzzardo23 M 14 Oct-08-91 Costa Rica Dec-05-04
Hand of Ra M 20 Jan-02-86 UK May-22-06
Haarball M 18 (06-15-02) Norway Jun-15-02
Hakeem928 M 24 Sep-28-81 Canada Aug-26-00
Hathornefer F 38 Jan-05-68 UK Sep-12-01
Hawk M 50 (12-06-03) - Oct-24-03
HeatherMcCa F 29 (12-08-03) USA Dec-07-03
Henrica F 38 Nov-16-67 Italy/Canada Mar-17-00
Hero_Acamas M 15 Jun-30-90 USA Aug-26-03
HeroPatrick 111 M 14 Jun-15-91 USA Dec-08-04
homegrown M 40 Jan-17-66 USA Dec-22-99
Hwr chtwy M 32 Nov-09-73 Netherlands Aug-08-02
Ice M 32 Apr-17-73 Singapore Feb-13-01
Ilion M 47 (07-05-01) USA Jun-27-01
imhotep3147 F 24 (07-19-04) USA May-18-04
Imothep ** M 20 (10-05-00) - Sep-24-00
ImothepII M 28 (02-07-01) Germany Sep-17-00
ingviol F 32 Oct-31-73 Sweden Jan-19-02
Iset F 41 Mar-19-64 USA Aug-15-03
Isetemkheb F 50 Feb-28-56 USA Dec-03-01
Isetnofret F 18 (12-30-00) USA Dec-30-00
Istinlndry F 41 (10-13-02) USA Oct-10-02
Jack Noir M 54 Aug-07-51 USA 1998/99
Jaguar F 32 Dec-12-73 Canada May-19-00
Jamesk144 M 40 (03-04-06) USA Oct-20-05
Jampal M 38 Jul-31-67 Australia Jan-30-02
Jay10 M 12 Apr-13-93 UK Jun-23-03
Jehanne F 40 Oct-29-65 Netherlands Nov-21-02
jemol M 39 May-11-66 Ireland Aug-18-03
jerome M 32 Apr-21-73 France Mar-19-01
Jia Pei M 27 (05-19-03) China May-19-03
Jimhotep M 35 Apr-10-70 USA/Canada Apr-09-00
johnleemk M 15 Apr-14-90 Malaysia Dec-07-99
Jonathon Clark M 13 Oct-01-92 UK Sep-18-04
Jomazz M 55 (05-13-01) Australia Jan-02-01
jorgecastillo M 26 Nov-17-79 Chile Aug-26-02
Judy Wu F 57 (10-28-02) - Oct-28-02
Jules F 30 (12-04-00) UK Dec-04-00
Jupiter 2000 M 16 Aug-12-89 UK Dec-11-03
kach F 57 (06-12-02) Australia Jun-12-02
Kailash F 36 Jun-14-69 Germany Jun-30-03
Kamikaze San M 18 Aug-04-87 Netherlands Nov-07-02
KanGemosis F 47 Mar-05-58 UK Aug-17-01
KanGemosis M 38 May-11-67 UK Aug-17-01
Karlthegreat M 21 Jun-12-84 Luxembourg Nov-17-04
Katharone F 32 (02-16-04) Finland Jan-22-04
Katjdani F 37 Feb-24-69 Sweden Nov-27-01
Katjdani M 35 Oct-07-70 Sweden/Italy Nov-27-01
Kedi F 31 Mar-05-74 Australia May-13-04
Kendogg M 23 (10-05-00) USA Mar-05-00
keti F 50 (07-11-04) USA Jan-25-04
kevingamer M 15 Sep-11-90 USA Jan-05-03
Khasekamen M 17 (02-02-01) USA Mar-09-01
koppi M 50 Mar-05-55 Austria Aug-20-01
Krissotep M 33 Dec-15-72 France Jul-30-03
Kublai Khan M 49 Jul-24-56 India Dec-19-02
LaDee F 33 Apr-08-72 USA Mar-06-04
latus M 23 Dec-28-82 Canada Feb-26-00
Leather F 41 (10-11-01) Australia Oct-06-01
Legion123 M 27 (10-06-00) USA Nov-30-98
LeMort M 40 (03-10-01) Norway Mar-08-01
lilcubanito M 17 Sep-08-88 USA May-29-04
liong_jia_yang M 18 (09-03-03) Malaysia Sep-02-03
Lizzie F 43 Aug-22-62 USA Oct-02-02
Lorentius Orientalis M 54 Jun-26-51 Japan/USA Apr-23-01
Lucy Pevensie F 40 (10-05-01) USA Aug-20-01
Luke Gevaerts M 21 Jun-05-84 Netherlands Aug-07-00
Lynne F 63 Mar-31-42 Canada Mar-07-04
M2K M 26 Dec-28-79 USA Jun-01-99
Marcus Julius Britannicus M 45 Dec-08-60 UK/Spain Feb-24-00
MarcusMaximus a.k.a. Grumpus the Terrible M 48 Jun-24-57 USA Jan-28-00
Margaret F 63 Dec-03-42 UK Feb-12-00
Mariakles F 41 May-01-64 Canada Jun-13-01
Maridorus M 28 (07-26-03) Romania Jul-24-03
MaryC F 53 (05-22-06) USA May-06-06
maskerade123 M 16 (08-18-04) UK Aug-18-04
Mavilu F 35 (09-28-02) USA/Argentina Sep-10-02
Maximus Minimus M 27 Jul-17-78 UK Apr-23-03
mbegley M 37 (09-03-04) USA Oct-18-02
McCool M 40 Aug-06-65 USA Mar-05-05
mcnichba F 48 (10-13-01) USA Apr-23-00
Memsurs M 35 Nov-02-70 USA Mar-24-01
Merepatra F 47 Oct-22-58 Australia Mar-19-00
Meridien F 17 (04-08-01) - Sep-04-00
metria F 31 Oct-19-74 Malaysia Aug-06-02
Micah Aragorn M 53 Jun-12-52 USA Oct-06-00
Mick M 18 Feb-21-88 Netherlands Apr-27-02
Miranda F 22 Aug-05-83 USA Aug-13-03
Misato F 33 (12-03-00) USA Sep-07-00
Miut F 55 Feb-15-51 UK Jun-12-02
Moquel M 21 May-08-84 Sweden Apr-15-99
Morphin M 16 May-22-89 USA/Romainia Jul-21-02
mouse F 64 Jun-24-41 USA Dec-02-98
MRed94 F 46 Jun-25-59 USA Dec-23-98
MrVilla M 31 (06-15-01) Norway May-10-01
MsKitty F 32 (05-05-05) USA Apr-19-05
mulluane F 45 (08-04-04) USA Feb-16-04
Natalinasmpf F 15 May-18-90 Singapore Feb-01-03
Neferjili F 64 Dec-09-41 Australia Apr-23-00
Nefermenu M 43 May-12-62 Finland Mar-31-01
Nefer_to_old F 60 Oct-22-45 USA Feb-18-00
Neferset F 44 (05-24-03) USA Mar-10-03
Nero Would M 52 Oct-31-53 USA Feb-09-99
Neshi M 19 Mar-23-86 Romania Dec-19-03
Niempie F 29 May-13-76 Netherlands May-08-03
Nimlot Persson M 43 Apr-03-62 Denmark Mar-22-00
norahs2000 F 29 Oct-12-76 Malaysia Aug-05-01
Nubia F 37 Sep-03-68 France/Madagascar May-12-01
Nutmegger M 40 Dec-28-65 USA May-15-00
Octavian II M 18 May-25-87 USA Dec-24-99
Octavian III M 19 Jun-20-86 New Zealand Apr-24-01
Octavius Maximus M 35 Mar-29-70 USA Apr-25-02
OHMY M 50 (08-05-01) UK Aug-02-01
Olix - 17 (10-30-04) UK Oct-30-04
Outlaw Star M 17 (08-04-04) USA Aug-04-04
Ovidius M 28 Mar-12-77 South Africa Jun-04-03
Pajeh Southwind M 24 (01-17-02) Brazil Mar-24-00
pashies F 22 Jan-26-84 UK Jul-04-00
paultheo M 19 (12-22-00) Canada -
Paul Uraeus M 27 (10-06-00) Israel Mar-09-00
Peregrin ** M 20 Oct-20-85 India Mar-19-02
peter M 46 May-14-59 Netherlands Jul-09-00
Peter Kane M 53 Jul-10-52 UK Nov-07-03
Peter S M 43 (01-04-01) UK Dec-21-00
Phanatic M 51 Jul-31-54 USA Aug-21-02
pharaohchris M 18 May-13-87 Australia Jan-01-01
PharaohFan F 16 Feb-14-90 USA May-08-02
Pharaoh Inarus M 51 (04-24-01) USA Jul-29-00
Pharaoh Snofru M 14 (03-30-01) USA Mar-12-01
Pharaoh Tutankhamen M 19 (04-16-01) - Apr-16-01
philon M 33 May-??-72 Turkey Nov-16-02
pirlouit M 30 Jul-21-75 Indonesia Nov-05-03
PitMit ** M 37 (02-22-01) France Feb-21-01
Pixsiperfek F 25 Jul-13-80 Australia May-15-01
Pompey M 56 Oct-03-49 USA Apr-19-03
Pounce the Unfortunate M 40 Jul-18-65 Australia Sep-26-99
Ptah M 17 Mar-05-88 UK Dec-04-01
Ptassie F 21 Nov-09-84 Australia Feb-25-04
PtaW M 54 May-03-51 Scotland Mar-09-01
Pumarah F 53 (12-06-03) - Oct-24-03
QueenAnka F 20 Oct-27-85 USA Jul-08-00
Queen Hatshepsut F 18 (10-06-01) Canada Apr-15-00
Raccoon_TOF M 27 May-13-78 USA Dec-25-04
Ramesses M 18 (11-28-00) USA Dec-04-99
Ramses III M 19 May-17-86 Germany Mar-26-02
RaSekhmetAmun M 39 (01-02-02) USA Jun-13-01
Rat M 40 Sep-19-65 USA May-24-00
Ravenankh M 32 Sep-22-73 USA Dec-09-03
Rayotep M 44 Aug-04-61 USA Jul-31-04
Rcee ** M 48 May-10-57 Netherlands May-14-02
Reckless K ** M 22 Oct-24-83 India Jun-10-03
Regina F 46 Dec-22-59 USA May-29-00
Richenkhamun M 30 (07-27-01) UK Jul-20-01
RichieRich567 M 45 May-12-60 USA/Australia Jun-30-03
Rocky M 44 Dec-01-61 UK May-02-00
rommelus M 24 (06-26-03) France Jun-26-03
romojo M 46 (01-08-01) Italy/N. Zealand Jan-08-01
Rubicon M 37 (01-04-05) USA Jan-04-05
Rufus Leviticus M 35 (01-27-05) USA Jan-25-05
Sabrina Augusta F 24 Jun-30-81 Netherlands Apr-25-04
Samwisethestrong M 18 Apr-??-87 USA Dec-19-00
Sandra Linkletter F 51 (10-05-00) USA Sep-12-00
SanFranSteve M 49 (12-03-00) USA Oct-23-00
Sat Nebthet F 40 (04-06-01) USA Dec-13-00
Savko M 26 Nov-14-79 Poland Feb-21-00
Scandreid M 12 (12-30-04) Scotland Dec-30-04
Scared Little Weird Chic F 20 (03-19-01) Australia Jan-27-01
schnurbart M 41 (07-11-01) USA May-16-01
Scipio M 29 Oct-04-76 USA Apr-17-01
ScottishFinn ** M 15 Nov-13-90 USA May-24-04
Secateur M 28 Nov-29-77 Norway Mar-01-00
Sekhmeth F 18 (12-09-03) Portugal Dec-09-03
Selket F 40 (01-09-01) - Jan-05-01
SenetEr M 41 Jan-16-65 Canada Nov-29-99
Sergius Laudius ** M 24 Jun-24-81 Portugal Jun-27-05
setti3 M 18 (10-07-00) USA Aug-13-00
Shackman M 20 (11-30-00) USA Feb-14-00
Shamil Basayev M 29 (03-06-02) UK Feb-12-02
shaun M 44 Aug-15-61 USA Dec-20-02
shelper M 20 Apr-13-85 Netherlands Dec-23-02
Shelshula F 35 Aug-04-70 USA Jan-16-04
Shiek Babaloo M 28 (03-10-03) USA Mar-09-03
Sir Dumbicus M 71 Dec-26-34 USA Mar-20-99
SirStockwell M 40 (12-27-00) USA Dec-27-00
Siseth Ah M 17 Jun-02-88 USA May-17-05
Skari F 33 May-18-72 USA Mar-12-01
slim31r M 35 Mar-09-70 USA Feb-19-02
Spemb M 30 (01-03-01) Australia Sep-07-00
Spirit_of_mars M 20 (05-18-03) India May-18-03
Spuddicus Minimus M 23 Feb-27-83 New Zealand Dec-11-00
Srooc9 M 30 (06-30-02) USA Jun-14-02
StarKey ** M 53 Nov-06-52 USA Oct-19-99
StenSture2 M 35 (04-08-04) Sweden Mar-08-02
StephAmon M 50 Aug-25-55 USA Aug-23-01
St Michel M 47 Apr-07-58 USA Nov-07-01
SueMcT F 54 Nov-25-51 Canada Oct-19-00
Sukey - 50 - USA Feb-12-03
Sunshine F 23 Nov-18-82 Canada Nov-18-97
tab - 33 (12-04-01) - Dec-04-01
Talia F 31 May-08-74 USA Sep-12-02
Talos M 31 Dec-10-74 Portugal Feb-13-01
Tawaret F 32 (12-27-00) USA Dec-27-00
TealWanderER M 43 Feb-24-63 Canada Aug-09-03
TEP M 35 Jan-26-71 Denmark Mar-24-00
tetisheri F 27 (12-04-00) Indonesia Oct-01-00
Thanh2006 M 22 Feb-12-84 USA Apr-22-99
TheaH F 39 Mar-30-66 British Virgin Islands Aug-27-03
TheDoc F 16 (12-26-04) USA Dec-26-04
The Fox M 18 Oct-07-87 Norway Jun-05-00
Thelenaptra F 23 Jan-29-83 New Zealand Feb-12-02
Themes II / Xerxes2 M 64 Jan-27-42 USA Jan-14-01
The_Muse1977 F 29 Jan-11-77 USA Sep-11-02
Theodoeraus M 41 Nov-06-64 Canada Oct-20-99
The Tea Farmer M 33 Aug-05-72 India Jun-16-05
The Ztolk M 18 Jun-20-87 Canada Mar-24-01
Ticaios M 17 Mar-01-88 Finland Feb-07-03
Timhotep M 50 Jan-11-56 Finland Apr-08-01
Tim The Great M 19 Jun-17-86 USA Jun-10-99
Tinchen F 32 Jan-03-74 Germany/Sweden May-19-02
TNK M 19 Feb-27-87 USA Feb-28-01
Tominaptra M 36 (08-14-03) USA Aug-14-03
Toot Uncommon M 39 Oct-05-66 USA Oct-26-01
Treborius ** M 42 May-17-63 USA Jan-23-01
Tryhard M 40 May-24-65 Burundi Jul-17-01
Twinkle F 17 Sep-05-88 USA Dec-30-02
Uameti F 34 Aug-??-71 USA Jan-15-01
Uma Palata F 33 Jun-16-72 USA/Russia Mar-15-02
unic_ M 31 Oct-19-74 Sweden Mar-06-04
User Maat M 68 (12-10-00) USA Dec-08-00
Vectorgod M 38 May-23-67 USA Dec-2001
vikkilea1001 F 17 Jun-16-88 UK Mar-18-03
violinist F 18 Jul-29-87 USA Apr-10-04
VisMaior M 27 Apr-20-78 Hungary May-13-05
Vriesea M 62 Sep-27-43 USA Jan-23-00
warrior M 24 Jun-26-81 India Apr-18-01
WaterScribe M 53 Oct-02-52 USA Apr-02-01
WeaveCaesar M 21 Jan-02-85 UK Jun-26-01
Wendoolicus F 54 Mar-14-51 Australia Apr-24-99
Wilhelmus Sergius M 36 Jan-14-70 Belgium Jan-28-00
wolf M 49 (09-28-02) USA May-02-01
Wolfer M 46 (09-11-04) France Sep-05-04
wolfie M 44 Jul-29-61 USA Sep-19-01
Wooly M 47 (01-07-01) USA Jul-09-00
Wu Su Zheng M 15 May-15-90 UK Mar-24-02
Xaphire F 30 Sep-17-75 Netherlands Apr-07-99
Yahmatu - 22 (11-27-04) Estonia Nov-27-04
yesiambroken - 51 (12-09-03) USA Dec-09-03
Ynna F 37 (01-31-01) Netherlands Jan-02-01
YouKnowWho M 17 Mar-16-88 Finland Jul-23-02
yuffie_mom F 41 (01-03-05) USA Dec-18-04
zafzuf M 26 (01-18-05) Greece Nov-30-04
Zeusades M 13 (11-30-03) USA Nov-30-03
Ziegel M 18 Jul-14-87 Russia Aug-07-05
ZigZac M 23 Nov-23-82 USA Jun-14-01
** Imothep has his name in bold letters for the honor of starting this thread on October 5, 2000
** PitMit has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the 100th member to be added to the Table, Reply #290 on February 22, 2001.
** StarKey has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the person with Reply #1000 on January 31, 2002
** Rcee has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the 200th member to be added to the Table, Reply #1430 on July 3, 2002.
** Reckless K has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the person with Reply #2000 on June 21, 2003
** Peregrin has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the 300th member to be added to the Table, Reply #2128 on October 18, 2003.
** Sergius Laudius has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the last member to be added to the Table before the original census thread automatically closed at 2500 replies, Reply #2496 on June 28, 2005.
** ScottishFinn has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the first member to be added to the Table after the original census thread automatically closed at 2500 replies, Reply #16 of this thread on July 14, 2005.
** Treborius has his name in bold letters for the honor of being the 400th member to be added to the Table, Reply #84 on January 30, 2006.
*Age updated for birthdays through February 28, 2006.

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posted 03-12-06 17:05 ET (US)     89 / 307  
I had a little extra time today, so I updated the Members Table for all of the birthdays that we have had through February 28, 2006. If you have posted your birthday, then your age should be correct now (unless your birthday happens to fall between March 1 and March 12, in which case, Iíll catch you next time).

posted 03-26-06 10:41 ET (US)     90 / 307  
Aug 10, 1989
posted 03-28-06 16:16 ET (US)     91 / 307  
Thank you for posting in this thread Grohan.

I've added your name to our Members Table.

posted 03-29-06 11:56 ET (US)     92 / 307  
Male all the way
51 years young
born July 31, 1954
Houston, Texas, USA
member since August 21, 2002

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posted 04-05-06 17:35 ET (US)     93 / 307  
I finally got your name in the Members Table Phanatic.

Thank you for posting in this thread.

posted 04-23-06 19:05 ET (US)     94 / 307  
Not critisizing you or anything, but wouldn't it be better to have it in the OP?

Exilian - a website for mods for Mount&Blade, Rome Total War, Empire Total War and news about Shogun 2: Total War
"There is no extreme metal, death metal, progressive metal or vegetarian metal." - Tryhard
"Light infantry, rangers, and riflemen all have the unique ability to pull yard-long poles from their arseholes and plant them in order to stave off cavalry." - BurningSushi460
posted 04-28-06 16:39 ET (US)     95 / 307  

Quoted from Marcus Orentius:

but wouldn't it be better to have it in the OP?

The table is much too large for that. The forums maintain a copy of every post that is edited. The Members Table is edited every time a new member posts, so the edit history would become huge if it was kept in the same post. This can cause problems for the forum software.

I try and keep it on the opening page, and always list the reply number where the latest version is located in the OP.

posted 04-29-06 12:42 ET (US)     96 / 307  
I'm green now
posted 05-04-06 01:47 ET (US)     97 / 307  


I'm green now

Yes, you are.

posted 05-04-06 18:28 ET (US)     98 / 307  
Hello, I'm new, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be here! About a year ago I had a problem with installing Pharaoh (or Cleopatra, to be exact) after changing to win xp and tried to find help, only to realize that the official site of Pharaoh was gone and the only thing I found was some forum which had about three post. Now I wanted so desperately to play that game (I'd been playing other games for a year) that I tried to look again - I got help, problem solved - and then found Pharaoh Heaven site and from there this place. And I thought no-one else was playing these games anymore!

gender: female
age: 22
birthday: March 6, 1984
location: Finland

Patience, I'm new.
posted 05-06-06 15:16 ET (US)     99 / 307  
Welcome to our forums fogriipus! We are glad that you found us and decided to join.

Pharoah/Cleopatra may be an old game, but many of us believe that it is still one of the best. If you have any questions about game play, there are many here that still play and will be able to reply.

posted 05-15-06 21:43 ET (US)     100 / 307  
found HG around end 1998, enjoyed the AoE I, C III, Pharaoh, Zeus and AoK-Heavens (and the mass of scenarios), registered for Forum in 2004 only, did my first post somewhere around middle of 2005 and, well the second post at all, shall also be number 100 in this thread .

Forum Name: Karlthegreat
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 12th of June 1984
Location: Luxembourg, Europe

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