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The Town Square
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Topic Subject: City Building Census II
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posted 06-30-05 15:58 ET (US)   
On October 5, 2000 Imothep posted:
How old are you?

I've been reading these forums a bit lately, and I've noticed plentiful references to work, and to kids, and to passing bar exams (Congrats!)... It suddenly struck me... How old is everyone? For what it's worth, I'm 15...
Thus started the longest thread in the history of the City Building forums. From a simple request for people to tell their ages it grew into the City Building Census.

That thread was closed when it reached 2500 replies, the maximum allowed by these forums. This is a continuation of that thread.

If you would like to have your name included in our Members Table, please post your Gender, Age and Location. Birthday is optional, and I can get your Forum Member date from your Profile.

The Members Table is currently in Reply #266.

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posted 05-27-09 14:45 ET (US)     276 / 307  
Pharaoh Aah, Brianicus and Petlurius have been added to our Members List.


posted 07-15-09 19:56 ET (US)     277 / 307  
Tenochtiman: January 30th 1994 (15)

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, suffering leads to the Dark Side.
To truly be great warrior is to never fight a battle you can't win.
The Empire of Star Wars represents all democracies, they always go corrupt.
posted 08-04-09 04:44 ET (US)     278 / 307  
cloudburst:m:jan 1 1990:swiss
posted 08-04-09 15:50 ET (US)     279 / 307  
M; 68; birthday every year!;
Surprised to find Kach is F! (or is that a misprint?)
posted 02-19-10 11:52 ET (US)     280 / 307  
In honor of the 2010 US Census, I'm happy to announce that I'm still alive. Still living in Texas. Still playing games.

A Tale in the Desert
Flogging will continue until morale improves.
posted 02-20-10 11:15 ET (US)     281 / 307  
18 years old..Birthday Jan 27, so I just barely turned 18
posted 03-14-10 07:21 ET (US)     282 / 307  
Okay, I'll sign myself too

Gender: Male
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Age: 23
Birthday: 14th February 1987
posted 05-28-10 18:41 ET (US)     283 / 307  
I wouldnt call myself a regular, but I dont intend on permanently leaving the citybuilding world anytime soon.
Sir Matcat9
New Zealand
posted 06-02-10 13:49 ET (US)     284 / 307  
mp4747 or mp747474
62 yrs. old
Washington State, USA
posted 06-10-10 13:56 ET (US)     285 / 307  
A player of the French version of the game (I live in France), I'm not the oldest city builder but a grandmother nonetheless. 54 years old in July. Currently struggling for promotion to Proconsul; prosperity is hard to come by in both Caesarea and Damascus! Casear IV awaits but only when I've completed Caesar III and upgraded my graphics card.
posted 06-27-10 14:11 ET (US)     286 / 307  
Welcome to the latest members to join the City Building Census:



Tony Devon UK



Sir Matcat9


Ma Agrippina

Thank you all for signing up. Your names have been added to our Members Table (currently located in Reply #266).

posted 07-13-10 23:36 ET (US)     287 / 307  

Gender: Female
Location: London, UK
Age: 52, 31/8/1957

Have been city building for around 10 years, with Caesar III being my all-time favourite. I've been visiting Heavengames on and off for years, but forgot myself and recently re-registered. I'm currently having a small break from city building to try Age of Empires (should I mention that here?). It didn't take long for me to wander back into a CB forum.
posted 07-19-10 17:48 ET (US)     288 / 307  
Thank you for posting Novicia20.

I've added you name to our Members List.

posted 07-19-10 20:44 ET (US)     289 / 307  
Somehow I've been a member of HG for a decade and never got around to posting my stats in this thread.

Gender: Male
Location: NE USA
Age: 25, b-day: 4/4/1985
posted 01-02-11 19:34 ET (US)     290 / 307  
Finally got around to adding GovernorSimulus to our Members Table.

It took me several months to add his name, but it took him a decade to post his stats so I guess he can’t complain.

posted 03-16-11 05:25 ET (US)     291 / 307  
I was thinking of trying to make a city building type game, somewhat like sim city,Would it be better to try and mod an existing game, or program it myself, or find some middleware that would allow for it.

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posted 05-10-11 10:28 ET (US)     292 / 307  
Hi all,

I have been around for a couple of years, when I was trying to find tips for Caesar III, my first CBG. I was feeling that it was a good game when I first started to play and the reason why I wasn't able to progress in the game was something that I was doing wrong. That brought me here after a little bit of help from (I guess) Uncle Google, and in the end I realized that I was wrong: it wasn't a good game, it was great! Trying Caesar IV nowadays after being able to play on Win7.

Anyway, I thought I would sign myself in as well.

Gender: Male
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Age: 36, 1975
posted 08-04-11 22:41 ET (US)     293 / 307  
Male, 27 (about to turn 28 in 2 months though) MO, USA (VitruviusAIA sound familiar ) (Birthday 10/06/83)

Very helpful place here, and here as well I also play WoW when I can! Guild Site
posted 10-13-11 15:33 ET (US)     294 / 307  
I guess now that I posted elsewhere in this site, it is time to introduce myself and enroll in the Census. I’m male, 50 (4/2/1961), and live in Lafayette, Indiana.

Many, many thanks to the stalwarts that have kept this forum alive, relevant and extremely useful to less experienced players when they encounter problems. Although none of you know me, many of you seem like old friends to me, and I want to thank you for the wonderful knowledge base you have created and maintained here. I’ve been playing since about late 2000 or early 2001, discovered this site in 2003 or 2004, registered in 2008 so I could search threads (or maybe regain this ability) and finally switched to very hard (starting with Dunqul Oasis of all places) earlier this year (hello Tryhard!). Some of the following will probably never see my thanks, but I would be remiss if I did not specifically thank:

Brugle – for his many great contributions and for teaching me how to play better and at harder difficulty levels

VituviousAIA – for his many great contributions to the site and his constant encouragement and good cheer to the newcomers

Memsurs – for starting the post “Links to Pharaoh Heaven’s most useful posts”, the single most important post on this site

SenetEr, Grumpus the Elder, StephAmon, the entire roster of contributor’s to Memsur’s post, as well as all the rest of you whom have kindly offered tips and help to players in need of an assist.

Finally, since I know VAIA will see this post, a request (if I may be so bold). I think many intermediate and advanced players would profit from having some of StephAmon’s wonderful work on walkers being a little closer at hand. Any chance you might add a couple of his posts to Jimhotep’s entry under “Walkers” in Memsur’s post? Either way, I thank you and the rest of the Pioneers and Stalwarts that have kept me coming back here for many years.
posted 02-06-12 17:37 ET (US)     295 / 307  
I guess I never noticed the census thread back in the day (when Zeus was new to me). I was 39 when I joined CB Heaven, turning 40 that summer. You may use 1-Jul for my anniversary day.

-- Jeff Fisher, Vancouver WA
posted 02-06-12 18:28 ET (US)     296 / 307  
bday- nov 6 1989. Gender Female. Location BC Canada

I like the idea of this list lol. I've been playing for 8 years now.
posted 05-11-12 14:28 ET (US)     297 / 307  
My fiance (now husband) built me a new computer and bought this game (I played Caesar III several years back and got the urge again).

Location - Missouri, USA
Birthday - 07/25/85

I just got married last week too. :-) Hee hee!
posted 09-02-13 18:37 ET (US)     298 / 307  
I a guy, I live in Vandenberg AFB, California and I'm 13 years
old. My birthday is October 11th. I've also never posted anything before today (labor day 2013). I'd like to be on the list.

Also, if anyone needs my occupation, tell them I'm Gordon Freeman.
posted 01-17-14 23:53 ET (US)     299 / 307  
Well, I've been posting a few stuff here in this forum so maybe its about time for me to introduce myself.

I'm male, 21 years old and living in UK. My birthday is on 17 August 1992 and studying uni . I bought Zeus and Poseidon and played it since I was around 12. Still addicted to it though . And that's how I stumbled upon this forum

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posted 04-23-15 07:21 ET (US)     300 / 307  
Had my first taste of C3 in 1999, and now after a 15 year hiatus, back at it. And looking forward to exploring the rest of the CBG universe this time. Realise this is the first post on this topic in over a year, but in case anyone's watching -

Gender - Male
Age - 36
D.O.B - 21 May 1978
Location - London, UK
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