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Topic Subject: Discussion Thread For Beyond Poseidon's Throne
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posted 11-06-00 01:43 ET (US)   
Edes, a nearly 19 year old youth, is hidden by a tall, slender, mysterious man from gamblers seeking revenge. Edes' hiding place is a Phoenician ship soon to depart from Tyre to trade for tin in the land of the Celts which is beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The crew is being recruited by Aythadis, the tall man.

Yanil, the cook's boy, is knocked out by a cloaked stranger for an unknown reason. Aythadis intervenes to give the stranger a strong warning, but also a token to be identified with when the time is right. Shortly afterwards the ship departs for its first port o'call, Epheses. Edes achieves acceptance as other than "Boy" by tricking Zeos during an arm wrestling contest. Bartuc's suspicions about Yanil are thwarted by Aythadis. Coronis meets Mereda at the Celsius Library.

Arriving at their next port, Piraeus, Zeos saves Edes from an assault in an Athenian bathhouse. Thanos joins the crew after rejection by his father. His sister is going to be betrothed to his cousin, whom she does not love. Thanos flees his family and betrays his feelings of responsibility. The ship departs for Syracuse only to be attacked by Silesian pirates. Yanil is wounded in the attack, but while recovering, is given a flute and crutch by Edes and the crew, respectively. Edes is certified a swordsman by Cerek.

At Carthage, Aythadis is driven by a sacrifice of children to Baal and crewmates of the ship to involve the gods of Olympus against Baal. Zeus distracts the priests and followers of Baal while Edes, Zeos and others free the children. Poseidon sinks three Carthaginian warships and drowns the priests and followers of Baal. Unfortunately, a zealot of Mars on the ship angers Poseidon, who vows to seek revenge on the ship and its crew.

The trip is uneventful until Cadir where Edes arranges for a celebration of Yanil's 16th birthday while Aythadis, Cerek and Thanos visit Tartessos. Yanil is consumed with jealousy over Edes and is then accosted by thugs, only to be rescued by Edes, Zeos, and Bartuc. When the ship sets sail from Cadir, Poseidon sees his opportunity and lets loose a violent storm. Then he sends the Kraken to destroy the vessel. Thanatos, a stowaway Ares-worshipper seeking Ares' red jewel, attacks the Kraken.

Aythadis uses secret powers to freeze time and negotiates with Poseidon an end to the storm. Poseidon demands that he be honored above Ares and devises a test in exchange for withdrawing the Kraken and saving the ship. Aythadis is cautioned to not intervene. The tall man agrees, then the sea god propels the ship through a maelstrom to a new and unknown land where the Phoenicians will be trapped and eventually destroyed until and unless they show they render proper honor to Poseidon despite the travails they will experience.

The Phoenicians meet the Olmecs and their leader, Burning Mirror. Edes and Yanil are marked by a panther and given the sign of the chosen. A subsequent attack by Aztecs sees Phoenicians and Olmecs captured then freed by a counterattack by Phoenicians and Olmecs. The sole remaining Aztec is given a warning by Aythadis to cease these attacks and to halt human sacrifice or risk the wrath of the gods from over the sea.

Meanwhile, the Phoenician vessel is stolen. Marabunta (army ants) invade the jungle and Thanatos and Three Monkey are called upon to climb the Fire Mountain and seek the assistance of the mountain's god. Lava engulfs the ants and destroys them. The search for the Phoenician vessel begins.

Tyre - homeport
Ephesus - visit the library, pick up Thanos
Athens - see if Thanos stays
Syracuse (Sicily)
Carthage, where we sabotaged Baal's offering
Cartenna (Northen Africa)
Malaca (Malaga, Spain)
Cross the gates of Hercules
Cadir (play a bit with Tartessos)
Azores - Poseidon's Throne
Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Note on Cadir
Cadir (Cadiz) was a Phoenician port. It might be a nice place to visit just before the storm hits. They supposedly traded with a semi-mythical kingdom in Spain, named Tartessos. It lies where now lies Andalusia and had some 200 towns in the 7th to 4th Century BC. They ended up being conquered/destroyed by the Phoenicians, who started to settle Spain in the 7th Century.

Writers: Please post your questions and general discussion here rather than within the actual story thread. Your fellow writers and I will respond to your questions or issues as quickly as possible.

Click HERE to find the story thread.

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Just wanted to comment that I'll contribute as soon as I can. Either lunch hour or tonight, depending on when I have the time.

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A quick thing to ask:
Why so many bone stuff?
Is it because bone has meanings other than the calcium compound (skeleton) I know??
posted 11-06-00 11:29 ET (US)     3 / 404  
The ancients didn't have plastics. Bone is relatively soft, easily carved and can be painted. What has not been said yet (and will be) is that these bone artifacts are actually a form of ancient scrimshaw. The time is not right in the story yet. As far as Edes knows, all bone is simply bone, taken from animals and carved like wood.

Welcome aboard, Cyber Paladin and Caylynn.

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Civis, I presume this is in the 600 - 400 BC range. Wine for tin is fine, but no one would realistically sail from Tyre to the Atlantic. That is why Sicily, Malta, Massilia, Nova Carthago and other western Mediterranean cities were so important.

Putting my quibbles on realism aside, how many mates does your trading ship hold? Is there a separate navigator, helmsman, sailmaster, etc.? A journey of that length would have interim stops for trading and re-supplying, do you have any itinerary in mind?

I am considering joining the voyage and want the most possible details before leaving on a long adventure.

posted 11-06-00 12:05 ET (US)     5 / 404  
I am trying to think of away to come aboard as well. A little scroungy looking person (unable to tell wheather male or female). I don't have time until later today or tomorrow to work on my entry, but perhaps someone could facilitate a gender-neutral name.
posted 11-06-00 12:41 ET (US)     6 / 404  
I've got a way to appear, is it ok?

I'm basically going to just stand in the corner most of the time, wearing black clothes, and a black cloak. It'd be best if I wrote appearing there through somebody else's eyes though.......

posted 11-06-00 14:47 ET (US)     7 / 404  
Jayhawk, please icq as I hae lost yer number

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posted 11-06-00 15:29 ET (US)     8 / 404  
Nutmegger: There be strange powers at work beyond the Pillars of Hercules... Do you think Poseidon would let a little geography get in his way? Size of ship and crew? Think of the largest ocean-going ship the Phoenician culture might construct. That's us... There are small cabins on board for passengers. I don't know how many. There is a Captain, a first mate, a carpenter, a cook and a tillerman. All of the rest are versatile able seamen, 20 in number, 10 per side. The able seamen attend to the sail, riggings and rowing. None are slaves. All are fighting men, except Edes, who hasn't been trained.

Jaguar: Would being the quiet cook suit you? You can seem to be a lot less than you really are. (Remember Long John Silver?)

Darthbane: Some advice... Unless you are active on your own in these stories other writers will tend to overlook or lose track of your character. Being in the background is okay, but usually a background character will only be carried for awhile and then will disappear. You can be any number of characters, some of whom survive, some of whom do not. It's best you introduce your character(s) yourself to help your fellow writers know how to work with your creations.

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posted 11-06-00 15:31 ET (US)     9 / 404  
The time period is correctly guessed (as was concocted in one of the earlier threads)

On the subject of tin, according to some sources, Odysseus journey took him outside the pilars of Hercules as far as Scandinavia. Cornwall is know for it's tin mines and I believe evidence has been found that suggest trade with the Early mediterranean civilisations, which is which I suggested to trade for tin there.

As you may have seen we need to get out side the Mediterranean basin and will then take some more liberties with actual history.
Hope you won't mind. .

I'm not sure on the numbers of crew for a Tyrean trade vessel, but I assume. they'd have a fair sized crew.

Seems I put in a sort of cross-post as where I (re)named the captain. The name is however more suited to the period, so I'll leave that to the next person's discretion.
However, I'd like to claim the tall person as Aythadis (and mine)...for reasons that will become clear (one hopes).

Jaguar, that seems quite possible to get away with.

Darth, I don't think there's a way a person wearing dark cloaks would be able to stand in corners watching during a sea voyage on a crowded vessel, though...

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posted 11-06-00 15:36 ET (US)     10 / 404  
Everyone: Jay and I cross-posted somewhat just now, but I don't see any glaring inconsistencies. Go with the spirit and content of both posts and I think we shall all do well.
posted 11-06-00 15:44 ET (US)     11 / 404  
He's not exactly watching, just minding his won business. I've got a plan, he will be active, just dark and mysterious at the beginning, with more to be revealed.....

EDIT: I accidentally forgot to log out, whoops.....


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posted 11-06-00 16:29 ET (US)     12 / 404  
AJ, there is very nearly conlusive evidence that the early Classical Greek culture certainly traded for tin with the south of england, and I'm pretty sure that some historians are trying to prove links between the even earlier Mycenean culture and south england.

Pillers of Heracles? That's the Rock of Gibraltar, right?

Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori
posted 11-06-00 16:30 ET (US)     13 / 404  
as far as i know (which isn't very far, since the last we did on greece was when I was 7ish)

posted 11-06-00 16:57 ET (US)     14 / 404  
The cook sounds good. Hhm. Now for a name.. Greek is not my strong suit.
posted 11-06-00 17:32 ET (US)     15 / 404  
Jag, since this is pre-Roman Tyre, you actually have a fairly wide range of ethnic groups, from Phoenician (Philistine [now Palestinian]) to Judean/Hebrew to Greek to Egyptian to Assyrian to Babylonian, Scythian, Dacian, Persian, Illyrian. So, the ethnicity is whatever you want. How about that nice Philistine name, Goliath? Uriah the Hittite? (ooops, too late for him) Have some fun, you'll be living with the choice for a while, so make it one you won't mind seeing six months from now.

(Uh, how about the Greek name "Flounder" )

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posted 11-06-00 18:11 ET (US)     16 / 404  
Well, I'll join in as the good ol' Aztec. If anyone wants to be an aztec with me, join in

I'll post some links to sites I've loved about them later so you can all find out everything you need/want to know

and if the timeframe is after all unacceptable, please tell me ASAP


p.s. you can go back to the ship, I'm just sort of introducing the other side of the earth... so I can talk about that while the others continue the ship story...

posted 11-06-00 18:48 ET (US)     17 / 404  
Perhaps Ilyena will work. Now for a nickname... Yanil perhaps? Something that does not imply a feminine name. After all, if she looks scroungy, skinny and a little like a boy, nothing should indicate that she's not a boy. Cook's help is probably better than the cook if my character is a bit younger. (ie. 15 or so)
posted 11-06-00 19:54 ET (US)     18 / 404  
Is the dark shape supposed to be something, or is it an open-ended idea?
posted 11-06-00 20:11 ET (US)     19 / 404  
Jaguar: I like Ilyena, since your character is actually a girl masquerading as a boy. Yanil as the boy's name is perfect. Suggest you introduce her as being the cabin boy. Be ready for some humor as the masquerade will certainly set up poor Ilyena for some embarassing moments. She/he should be prepared to blush profusely and run at times.
posted 11-06-00 20:13 ET (US)     20 / 404  
Smack: The dark shape was a set-up for introducing Darth's character. He went a slightly different direction it seems than to follow the tall man and Edes.
posted 11-06-00 20:44 ET (US)     21 / 404  
Ooh, I was about to post as it. I guess Darth wouldn't be too happy with that.

Are we still going with the idea of having the poor suckers end up in the New World?

posted 11-06-00 20:47 ET (US)     22 / 404  
Yes, Smack. They will be in the New World, but that will be quite a few posts down the road. These stories move along at only a modest pace.
posted 11-06-00 21:03 ET (US)     23 / 404  
I plan to come in as the smelly,hairy barbarian guy,but when?
It'll be awhile before the get to the New World,might i join as a crewman?
posted 11-06-00 21:12 ET (US)     24 / 404  
Windplume: You can be any number of different characters now or later or both. Yes, you can be a crewman and you also can introduce the "hairy barbarian" later on when the time is right. Welcome aboard.
posted 11-06-00 21:17 ET (US)     25 / 404  
Writing in as we speak
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