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Zeus: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Zeus and Europa Walkthrough - I did it MY way.....
posted 12-02-00 20:27 ET (US)   
A.K.A. How to be a Greedy Tyrant

I hope this is ok here, if not, then sorry Angels

This is my guide on how I played through Zeus and Europa. It may not necessarily be the best way, But it is one way. Bear in mind, I've had Zeus exactly one week... It isn't a walkthrough in the strictest sense, since I'm just telling you how I did it, as a suggestion, I'm not saying "do it like this" - It's merely a guide on one style of playing...

So, let's get on with the show - Level 1!

1. The Founding of Thebes


  • Population of 1000
  • Starting date: Jan 1150 BCStarting Cash: 5000 Dr

    I started getting food production underway as soon as was possible. I wasn’t worried too much about money, since I could request it when needed. It took quite a while to evolve the housing enough to get 1000+ people in without filling the map. Even though for a while they were all hungry, they all liked me, thinking I was “The Cat’s Meow”
    While clicking around my city, I came across a young fellow called Eugrabades, who complained about being hungry, despite pushing a cart full of Wheat!
    I didn’t come out of this map with much money, but getting industry and food started was all that I needed.

  • Population: 1052

  • Ending Date: Apr 1147 BC

  • Cash: ? Dr

  • 2. The Serpent


  • Produce 48 Slabs of Marble in one year
  • Starting date: May 1147 BC Starting Cash: ? Dr

    I decided to earn money in this level since I had so little from the previous level. So I requested lots of Sculptures (Can’t remember the city who was selling them), and sold them to Argos. I also did quite a few Dr requests
    I got Hercules to my City fairly quickly, and slew the hydra. Unfortunately, I hadn’t built the Storehouses near the Quarry, so my marble production was slow for a while. This did, however, give me plenty of time to get a decent profit from my meagre city. When I finally realised my mistake, I placed a couple of storage yards near the quarry, and watched slab after slab be moved with tremendous speed

    51 Slabs of Marble produced in one year.

    Population: 3076 Ending Date: Dec 1141 BC Cash: 19232 Dr

    posted 12-02-00 20:30 ET (US)     1 / 14  
    3. Ares’ City


  • Sanctuary to Ares

  • 50 People in Residence or Better

  • 30 Wheat for Colony

  • 25 Olive Oil for Colony

  • Starting Date: Jan 1140 BC Starting Cash: Approx 19250 Dr

    (This was the first one where I was able to do any raiding, so I kinda wrote it all down, what happened and when)

    I started the level by building a version of SenetEr’s Balanced Block (post #47), with a couple of the common houses removed in favour of a Stadium, and Ares’ Sanctuary and my Palace (which I relocated) right next to it (since the Sanctuary and Palace are both appealing).

    I went for my first raid on Eleusis at the end of 1138 BC. Their leader, Acrisus, was feeling Apathy for me due to this . I used 2 Companies of Hoplites, and Ares’ two Sparti units.
    I started buying bronze, and requesting some to increase what I was getting. I also requested Sculptures as often as I could, and made a few in my city. I then sold these, for big profits
    I raided Eleusis again, in mid 1137 BC. I managed to get a whopping (at the time) 2400 Dr, more than I got from requests!
    Later that year I decided to attack Mt. Cithaeron. I sent 3 Hoplite companies, Ares’ Sparti, and then Ares offered to go help me, taking his trusty pet Dragon along with him…
    I won of course, and Mt. Cithaeron became my Vassal, paying me 10 amphorae of wine in Tribute each year.
    I then went on another raid (again aimed at Eleusis) in May 1136 BC, sending 4 hoplite companies plus Ares’ troops, receiving anything I could get. And I wasn’t disappointed.
    Later that year I decided to satisfy my Evil and somewhat greedy nature, by sending 4 hoplite Companies, Ares’ Sparti, and an Allied contingent from Mt. Cithaeron (They were the most powerful people I could get to attack with) towards Eleusis. Naturally Eleusis couldn’t stand up to such a mighty force, and became my Vassal.

    When strolling around my city, I met such Noblemen as Croesus, Midas, and Richyrichgenes .

    By this time, I had placed 8 commemorative monuments, and had another 6-7 saved for later on, to increase appeal in new elite housing areas.

    150 in Residences. All other requirements met.

    Population: 5326 Ending Date: Nov 1135 BC Cash: 26810 Dr

    posted 12-02-00 20:31 ET (US)     2 / 14  
    4. The Cretan Princess


  • 30 planks of Wood

  • 30 Amphorae of Wine
  • Starting Date: Dec 1135 BC Starting Cash: 26688 Dr

    I had to get this done fairly quickly, so I started out by building a condensed version of the Balanced Block (post #47) on the low ground (coast, next to the beach), but with common housing only. A little while later I replaced some of the common housing with 5 Manors. To get the maximum number of workers into the smallest space, I upgraded all common housing to Townhouse level. I never built in the top left corner since Talos was lurching around up there, but I built a stadium along the road at the bottom left corner. You’re able to build there; he doesn’t come near there at all. I worked as quickly as I could to get the wine put aside, but hung on with the wood. I decided not to leave until I had more than I came with (since I actually went into debt setting the city up, until I had enough to produce most things on my own). Eleusis and Mt. Cithaeron weren’t very happy with me, and decided to try on rebellion for size, multiple times actually…

    Population: 1338 Ending Date: May 1122 BC Cash: 37716 Dr

    posted 12-02-00 20:36 ET (US)     3 / 14  
    5. The wedding present


  • Slay Talos

  • 2 Sanctuaries
  • Starting Date: Jun 1122 BC Starting Cash: 37929 Dr

    I got on with setting up the City so Jason would come to it immediately, setting up another SenetEr-style block, modified slightly again (I made a boo-boo and got some dimensions wrong ), and set up about six horse farms. By the time all the other requirements were met, I had 32 horses, and 5 horseman companies (with more to come). In 1114 BC I turned Calydon into my Vassal (I was hoping to get a tribute of Sculptures, but, alas, it wasn’t to happen). Everyone who was my ally got extremely mad with me, so I buttered them up with the appropriate gifts. Argos + Thasus stopped trading with me though, they didn’t get their gifts in time (whoops is all I can say, I needed to manufacture more to be able to send lavish gifts).

    To make lots of money here, I traded Marble (since I had too much – much more than I needed, even for four sanctuaries), and occasionally weapons, when I had a large stock. For more bronze, I launched four simultaneous Raids upon Mt. Pelion (my army was a fair size at the time, and I managed to get ally support from my vassal Knossos (who submitted willingly), and bought some from them and Cilicia.

    Sanctuary conpleted: Athena

    Population: 7130 Ending Date: Dec 1114 BC Cash: 52159 Dr

    6. The Wine Crisis


  • Rule Mount Cithaeron

  • 3 Sanctuaries
  • Starting Date: Jan 1113 BC Starting Cash: 52301 Dr

    Since I had taken over Mt. Cithaeron earlier in the adventure, I’d already completed one of the goals. Now all I had to do was build a Sanctuary quickly. I knew exactly which Sanctuary I wanted to build – Aphrodite’s, because:

  • It was fairly small

  • Quick to build

  • Would fit in a housing block (so that it would increase appeal and allow her to get people to move into the newly built elite houses)

  • Aphrodite would protect me from the coarse Gods
  • Lava struck at the Western edge of the map (as usual). Luckily my housing and industry were far away from it. It did manage to kill a sheep that wandered too close though…

    Sanctuary Competed: Aphrodite

    Population: 7468 Ending Date: Jul 1111BC Cash: 58609

    posted 12-02-00 20:38 ET (US)     4 / 14  
    7. The Maenad’s Revenge


  • 11 Trading partners

  • Slay Maenad(s)

  • Annual profit of 2000 Dr

  • Population of 4000
  • I knew I could do this fairly quickly, since I had one objective done already (my population was already 7648). I managed to get the profit objective done by the end of the first year there. The first Maenad appeared in Nov 1110 BC. I built Achilles’ Hall immediately, and was able to instantly call for him, since all of his requirements (32 Armour in Storage, 3+ Hoplite or Better companies, Sanctuary to Athena, No unrest, and 16 Amphorae of wine in storage) were already met. He arrived in Dec 1110 BC, and promptly slew the Maenad. The second Maenad appeared in Sep 1108 BC, and I would not have had to fight it if the 11th Trading partner had opened trade earlier, since you only have to slay one of them, any others are just a bonus…

    Profit: 18712 Dr
    2 Maenads Slain

    Population: 7862 Ending Date: Nov 1108 BC Cash: 89181 Dr

    posted 12-02-00 20:44 ET (US)     5 / 14  
    8. The Pretender to the Throne


  • Rule Calydon

  • Rule Argos

  • Rule Orchomenos

  • 4 Sanctuaries

  • 100+ Estate Dwellers
  • Starting Date: Dec 1108 BC Starting Cash: 89297 Dr

    At last, the final Level! I had actually already completed the Housing requirement goal, so it was just the others left. I started building a Sanctuary to Apollo, since I wanted to try out the Oracle I immediately sent my Men to retake Calydon (since they had become Rivals again). I then sent my Troops off to Argos, to take them as well (I enjoy conquering other Cities ). I was attacked by Hephaestus a couple of times, but I had Aphrodite to protect my from the coarse gods, so I was safe
    Before I conquered Orchomenos (with a pretty large army, more about that later), I made sure every other city loved me, so I had no Vassal/Colony rebellions, no allies stopping trade, and a selection of allies to request Money/Offensive strikes from. Even Orchomenos was Docile (and I was able to request things from them several times), until I raided them multiple times (splitting my force into detachments, who simultaneously raided them). Then they were Hostile. So I attacked Orchomenos with 6 Horsemen and 12 Hoplite companies, plus allied troops (can’t remember where from, possibly Mt. Pelion), Ares’ Sparti, and Ares Himself (with trusty pet Dragon). I, naturally (with such a large force it would be rather embarrasing, not to mention downright strange, if I hadn't), won the battle, and the adventure!

    Population: 9174 Ending Date: 1104 BC Cash: 114866 Dr

    I’ve submitted the final game to the Downloads Section (the point right after winning). Military might differ slightly, since my houses were fluctuating somewhat, but they were roughly:

  • 3 Triremes

  • 6 Horsemen Companies

  • 12 Hoplite Companies

  • 2 Rabble Companies
  • I had the following Commemorative monuments at the end:

  • Population – 2

  • City Defence – 4

  • Colony – 1

  • Conquest – 5

  • Happiness – 6

  • Slain Monster – 3

  • Scholar – 2

  • Athlete – 5
  • posted 12-03-00 08:17 ET (US)     6 / 14  
    All I can say is...WOW! That is good solid work. Now all I can do is play!

    Playstation, Nintendo64, Dreamcast.... Playtendocast64??
    posted 12-03-00 08:42 ET (US)     7 / 14  
    I've forgotten to add a couple of the details, I'll add them ASAP where they're needed.......

    posted 12-05-00 11:34 ET (US)     8 / 14  
    very nice Darth Good work
    posted 12-05-00 11:35 ET (US)     9 / 14  

    btw, all this was played on Hero.

    posted 12-19-00 08:14 ET (US)     10 / 14  
    *bumping so that my cousin here in the Philippines can read it*

    posted 08-04-01 15:48 ET (US)     11 / 14  
    Whoa, this brings back some memories I think I might go back and play all the episodes again, and do some write-ups for them
    posted 01-05-10 19:59 ET (US)     12 / 14  
    can someone tell me which post is the balenced block one or tell me what you have to do to make the balenced block
    posted 02-15-10 13:57 ET (US)     13 / 14  
    Maybe try the "Housing blocks" sticky in this forum.

    Susie, if you want to see your doll again, leave $100 in this envelope by the tree out front. Do not call the police. You cannot trace us. You cannot find us.

    Sincerely, Calvin.

    posted 04-11-10 19:28 ET (US)     14 / 14  
    Thats a good walkthrough, next time I play Zeus (oh its coming) I will get back to this for reference.
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