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Topic Subject: Emperor ROTMK keeps crashing
posted 09-29-19 06:37 ET (US)   
I'm currently playing the custom campaign Fall of the Song by the great Gweilo. I'm in mission 3, The Great Khan's Edicts, but from a certain time onward, (can look it up if that's relevant) the game crashes every single time when I scroll to the island with the stone and tigers.

I've restarted the game at least a 100 times, I've restarted my PC, I've started the mission over, I've re-installed the campaign and then re-installed Emperor. I've even gone so far as installing Emperor on my laptop and loading the save I had from the mission, but the same thing keeps happening. As long as I leave the quarry's be, it's all fine. I tried winning the mission by simply not scrolling to the quarry after a certain time, but it seems like the game is also ignoring any stone that is stored in the 'glitchy' part of the map (not sure of this one, partly because I cannot scroll to see how much stone I have in my warehouses over there), so it's near to impossible to mine enough stone to win the mission.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do about this?
posted 09-29-19 08:14 ET (US)     1 / 4  
Hi Hellen;
Would of been better to post in Emperor Help or under the Download to attract Gweilo's attention.

As I recall, it is a known bug which sometimes happens on that map.
1. Do not use Sun Wu Kong to bless Stoneworks, which is a standard play bug.
2. Stoneworks can be place quite a distance(20-30 tiles) from the quarry without losing much productivity. The Quarrymen are cross country walkers so no road network needed, just a working Ferry or bridge if your brave enough to handle the tigers with towers.
3. The bug is triggered less often when using Compatibility Mode (Win98) and when avoiding the area(using pointer 2 above), IMO.

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posted 09-30-19 05:26 ET (US)     2 / 4  
Hi Heleen,

No one has reported a crash simply by scrolling to the island, but look for all the things user3 described. Also, I would suggest NOT putting stoneworks or warehouses directly on the island with the stone, but rather put the stoneworks on a nearby island and let the stonecutters use a ferry to reach the island with stone.

It's ok to put a couple of towers on the island with stone to suppress the tigers.

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posted 10-01-19 07:32 ET (US)     3 / 4  
Thank you, User3 and Gweilo for your help. Not using Sun Wu Kong for blessings fixed the problem. I was trying to get my stone production amped up more early in the game in the hope I could convince Khan Baliq to start trading earlier, because I cannot for the life of me earn enough money to win this mission. I did not know it was a bug tied to this specific campaign, but thought it might be a more general technical problem, which is why I posted it here.

I have to say though, this campaign just may be beyond my capabilities. I am not a particularly good player and I've never been good with time restricted missions. I don't know the intricacies of the game well enough to plan ahead, know how much is needed to produce a certain amount, etc. Mind you, I'm only playing this one on "hard", yet it feels like I'm playing on a difficulty beyond "very hard". And even if I'm not counting all the tries when the game kept crashing, I already failed this mission twice. (With only 20K of the needed 50K in cash.)

So I take my hat of to you, you've really made this one a challenge. I've struggled before; I remember in Servant of the White Lotus that I failed quite a couple of times before I finally succeeded, some of A Xia's campaigns were quite challenging for me and even during the Tale of the Kitchen god I had to start one of the missions from scratch. I've never thought I couldn't get there though, but this one.. I really wonder if it's finally time to admit defeat and just try another campaign. I'm not someone to give up easily though, so it'll probably keep knawing at me and I'll end up coming back to it if I do.

(That was quite a lot of words to say: thank you, I'm really enjoying it, and hopefully sharpening my skills along the way.)
posted 10-02-19 05:19 ET (US)     4 / 4  
Heleen, I'm glad you isolated the issue and resolved the crash; however, I would like to clarify that the game crash due to Sun Wu Kong blessing a stoneworks will occur in ALL campaigns or Open Play sessions, it is not specific to this custom campaign.

I hate to see you give up on this campaign after winning some of the other ones you mentioned (which, to my mind, are harder than TFOTS). Did you look for tips to win each mission inside the 'TFOTS_Readme.txt' file that came with the download? I can't remember what I wrote so long ago but I'm sure there are a few things that should help you.

Happy gaming!

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