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Topic Subject: missing .dll message
posted 06-24-19 09:33 ET (US)   
Hi, everyone

I am running Windows 10 on an Alienware Aurora R5 desktop PC.

I'm trying to load Pharaoh and Cleopatra from disks: I bought the Sold-Out Pharaoh Gold package a long time ago.

Pharaoh works fine. But as soon as I add Cleopatra, I get the message
Unable to load function: FT_Thunk{KERNEL32.dll}

I've tried searching the site and found a thread about experiencing this problem with Windows XP. I know VERY little about software and technical stuff, so am not sure if this is worth pursuing. Also not sure how to 'clean out the Windows temp file'. VitruviusAIA also mentions a Program Compatibility Wizard, which also baffles me.,5075,0,all

I'd be very grateful for help with this. I played Pharaoh when it first came out but never played the Cleopatra Expansion Pack.
posted 06-24-19 12:20 ET (US)     1 / 1  
For cleaning up the Temp files, click the Start button and the type Disk Cleanup.

A window will open asking you what drive you like to clean up.

Select the C drive. After a moment a new window will open where you can select what you like to clean up.

Regarding the Sold Out version of your game, have you checked for a patch at their website?

For trying the Program Compatibility Wizard, right click the short cut for the game on your desktop, there should be a menu point for compatibility in the pop-up menu.

In my experience it is better to:
Select the Compatibility Pane
Set a check at "Run this program in compatibility for" (I would start with Windows XP Service Pack 2).
Select an operating system in the drop down menu and click OK.

Try if it works.

If it doesn't, try the newer operating systems. If you like to try the ones older than Windows XP then Windows 98 is the oldest capable of running the games.

In worst case a -legally- DRM free version of Pharaoh + Cleopatra can be bought on It is fully patched.

Their download program Galaxy is only for making it easier to get access to games, installing games and get them patched if needed. Galaxy is not required running in the background while playing a game. All one have to do is manually creating a shortcut on the desktop to the games exe file by finding the games exe on the harddisk, right click the file, select Send To --> Desktop (create shortcut).

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