posted 01-26-19 14:36 ET (US)   
Installed Zeus + Poseidon a few days ago, was working fine in compatibility mode (XP service pack 2).

Then, last night my laptop (running Windows 10) gets a huge update, and this morning when I try to run the game it crashes.

When I click the shortcut, the screen goes full black, then minimizes to about half it's size in the upper left corner, then about a quarter of the size in the upper left corner, and then disappears. Uninstalled Zeus, tried to uninstall Poseidon but got a "catastrophic failure" every time I tried the latter. Reinstalled Zeus and same problem.

Figured I'd try downloading from Steam, but before I did decided I'd buy Cleopatra + Pharaoh. When I load Cleo+Pharaoh through steam, I get the same problem with the screen.

Any ideas? Zeus was working fine before this update.