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Topic Subject: Binkw32.dll is missing error
posted 09-01-18 10:26 ET (US)   
Hello everyone,

I cant start the game. Every time I try, I get this message: bink32.dll was not found.

Furthermore I'm getting this error when I try some other games as well. This is kinda weird.

I need your opinions to fix this without having to delete my saved game files. When I searched other sites I got to know that we can download dll files from any sites. Do you recommend doing so?

What do you think about downloading & replacing the dll file from above site.
posted 09-01-18 12:10 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Now you don't tell what game it is you have that problem with.

You could download the file from that site, unzip it and place it in the games main directory.

Alternatively move your saves elsewhere, uninstall the game, reboot your computer and reinstall and patch the game if necessary, start the game, make a save, shut down the game and move your old saves back where they belong.

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