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Topic Subject: Problem with Windows 10
posted 05-14-18 14:14 ET (US)   
Hi everyone,

after last windows update, i can't
move the map with mouse, only by
clicking on the little windows,
and in the streets there aren't walkers...

Someone can help me?


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posted 05-15-18 05:32 ET (US)     1 / 1  
I suspect that after the update you
1. elected to use an option to "fix" fuzzy game graphics.

2. previously let the "Compatibility Wizard" setup the game automatically.

a. Try navigating to "Zeus.exe" in whatever folder you installed the game into.
b. Right Click "Zeus.exe" selecting 'Properties'
c. Click the 'Compatability' tab, pressing the 'Change setting for all users' (Admin access/password needed)
d. enable(check mark) 'Run this program in Compatibilty mode for:
e. Use 'Winows 98 / Windows Me' setting, no other checkboxes need to be enabled. Press 'Change High DPI settings' button. Clear(no check mark) checkbox 'Program DPI fix scaling problems.. '
f. apply changes and Start > Power > 'RESTART' your computer.

If a popup appears again about fixing fuzzy graphics dont use it and if possible disable it. I have not seen the popup after the initial first time but cant remember if there was a disablement. The 'Program DPI' checkbox seems to be new from my recollection (shrug).

Images added for clarity. I use widescreen patch for Zeus and Nvidia graphics card. Changing from 'Display' to 'GPU' may produce a better 'blackbox' experience for those that don't use widescreen patches.

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