posted 04-18-18 05:26 ET (US)   
I am attempting to set up the GOG Caesar III on a new Windows 10 machine, and would like to have it played without the UAC prompt that comes every time I simply double-click the executable.

Instructions for this say to create a task in the task scheduler, then a shortcut that runs that task. When I create a task, however, it will not run.

I am setting the action to the full file path to the "C3.exe" file, and setting it for "highest privileges" and "windows 10". I also have "allow task to be run on demand" checked, and removed checks on "run on AC power only".

I haven't tried creating a shortcut for the task yet, as I understand I should be able to run it directly from the task scheduler. But when I right-click on the task and choose 'Run', the status indicator on the task changes to "Running", but nothing else happens that I can see.

Is there some problem doing this with full-screen programs like C3?