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Topic Subject: Browser Hijacker spyware removal - desperate help needed !!!
posted 01-03-05 16:39 ET (US)   
Hi all,

First of all, happy new year to everybody. I am having a problem regarding Spyware (PIII, WinME, IE5.5, 312 RAM, 650 mHZ).

On 30th Dec, I got this spyware - CoolWebSearch, (hadn't gotten ad-watch till then). This has integrated into my system & now shows up in Ad-Aware (latest definitions) & Webroot Spy Sweeper (latest definitions too) as browser default pages-hijack attempts (change of search & home pages). These spy-detectors are not able to detect & remove the place from where the registry-modifications are coming from, although they are able to partially correct these (only to get screwed at the next reboot ).

I'm going nuts here as I have to transfer some files from this desktop PC to a clean new laptop. Any help would be highly appreciated.

PS: I have tried manually deleting the main & search related entries for the IE-5.5 from my registry as the Webroot Spy Sweeper often displays a message:

....\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main or ....\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\search

could not be deleted, try deleting manually.

I have setup for IE 5.5 too if that could do the trick...

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posted 01-03-05 18:13 ET (US)     1 / 8  
try spybot. This and switching to foxfire instead of using explore has fixed this problem for me completely. I haven't had a popup or an unwanted download since switching. It is a totally free program written by several different people. Unfortunately spyware programs are written into your explore program. You can still use explore but must run spybot at least once a week or so. Let me know if this works for you. the link only goes to spybot. let me know if you are interested in foxfire

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posted 01-03-05 18:29 ET (US)     2 / 8  
First you will have to disable System Restore for making sure it's not simply reinstalled when a restore point in used, if you like you can enable System Restore afterwards when all spyware have been removed.

Then try download, update and run "Spybot Search&Destroy" which you can get here:

After you have got the spyware removed run the Immunize function in Spybot and on the same page Enable permanent blocking of unwanted pages in Internet Explorer.

You might also like to Enable Teatimer which you can find by activating the Advanced settings, click the Tools pane (Bottom left) and set a check at Resident "TeaTimer".... TeaTimer is a tiny program that will show up in the taskbar. When any program tried to write to some specific areas of the registry you get a warning with the possibility to block or allow. You can also at the same time tell TeaTimer to remember what you chose so you will not be asked another time when the same unvanted program tries to write to the registry again.

On the IE Tweaks pane you can lock the default start page and the Hosts file of which the latter is often used by Hijackers.

On the Hosts-file pane you can add a special Hosts file that will block a lot of bad internet sites and banners from showing up on your computer.

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posted 01-03-05 18:35 ET (US)     3 / 8  
i have no idea about anything computer like. All I know is that adware was shuting down my computer and my computer smart son told me about spybot and that program fixed it. Thank you for explaining it better. I just knew it was broke and this fixed it.
posted 01-03-05 18:44 ET (US)     4 / 8  
I think that hi-jacker is LOP which I had awhile ago. If it is, there's a removal tool on LOP's site itself ... I did some googling and found how to lose it (if it is LOP, I think it shows up in the add/remove programs screen though it doesn't go even if you uninstall it from there.) Adaware and Spybot don't remove it.
posted 02-28-17 11:48 ET (US)     5 / 8  

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posted 02-28-17 12:10 ET (US)     6 / 8  
^ Most likely a sophisticated spambot bumping a decade-old discussion.
posted 03-29-17 02:16 ET (US)     7 / 8  

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posted 03-29-17 10:14 ET (US)     8 / 8  
Closing this since it seems to attract spammers.

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