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Topic Subject: sound not working in Pharaoh/Cleopatra
posted 07-23-04 12:57 ET (US)   
When I go into this game there is no sound whatsoever, ive checked if my speakers were muted or the sound option was off; everything is on. my speakers are definatly not faulty because everything else works perfectly apart from this game. Can you tell me whats wrong with my game?
posted 07-23-04 14:02 ET (US)     1 / 22  
Hi Mighty
Welcome to HeavenGames

Have you checked on your harddisk if the soundfiles are in the Audio folder?
Have you checked the in-game menu if the sounds are enabled?

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24
posted 07-23-04 14:26 ET (US)     2 / 22  
Yes, all pharaoh sound files are in the audio folder and in the game menu all sound is enabled. Any other ideas whats wrong?
posted 07-23-04 14:29 ET (US)     3 / 22  
by the way, i got the cleopatra patch as soon as i installed it, if this may be the problem.. i cant reinstall cause my original pharaoh disk is scratched. would the patch have any effect on the sound?
posted 07-23-04 15:02 ET (US)     4 / 22  
The cleo patch... not that I know of. *scratches head*

Have you tried running dxdiag from Start --> Run and running the sound tests? Also check if it shows yellow marks at any of the sounddrivers.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24
posted 07-23-04 17:10 ET (US)     5 / 22  
sound drivers working perfectly, sound in test being heard. i dont see any yellow marks at all, it must be something to do with the game itself. can you help?
posted 07-23-04 17:38 ET (US)     6 / 22  
You could try reinstall the sounddrivers hoping that will solve the problem that seems to be the game having lost contact with your soundcard. It would be better though if you were able to reinstall the game itself...

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24
posted 07-23-04 18:10 ET (US)     7 / 22  
yeah thats probably whats wrong with it, I'll try and get another copy of pharaoh and reinstall it sometime, if you ever have any more ideas just let me know. thanks for your help.
posted 07-26-04 16:46 ET (US)     8 / 22  
I have this game on Windows NT Service Pack 5 because it doesn't work with XP (i used the compatiabilty wizard). It doesn't seem to work on windows 98 or 95, would windows NT support sound?

PS. i used compatiability wizard because it came up with the error message: Cannot find kernal.dl or something like that.

posted 07-27-04 04:26 ET (US)     9 / 22  
Before I get confused.. are you using XP as your OS and applying WinNT SP5 in the compatibility panel? Firstly, historically NT is not a great OS for games..and not very sound friendly without specific drivers in place.

The kernel error..can you replicate this? Is it a Win32..whichever dll is noted could indicate a source of your problem.

Thanks for your patience

posted 07-27-04 18:42 ET (US)     10 / 22  
when i first installed cleo it came up some error message like this: cannot load FT_Thunk (kernal.dl)then i installed the cleo patch and it just sits there silent, even if i leave it there for 20 min it stays silent. same to all other compatiabily options, Windows NT is the only one that loads the game.

PS i am using windows XP

posted 07-28-04 14:32 ET (US)     11 / 22  
Any ideas whats wrong now? (Thanks in advance )
posted 07-29-04 06:45 ET (US)     12 / 22  
There's been a number of player who have discovered the FT Thunk issue. Most of the successful solutions occurred using Win2K in the compatibility Tab for installation. Win2K doesn't make any Thunk calls so this particular item is averted.

Clear your Temp folder and if you know how to search for specific registry items (NOTE: DO NOT.. if you are unsure, the registry isn't an area for beginners to practice editing). If you DO have the expertise then check to see if there's any stranded Pharaoh registry listings...after uninstalling and Temp cleaning. All this gives you a fresh slate toward a successful re-install of both Pharaoh and Cleo..with a friendlier compatibility setting.

It's my contention that using anything associated with NT..there's a greater chance for problems with sound...or basic quality of said item.


posted 07-29-04 11:55 ET (US)     13 / 22  
OK, i will do that, however there is one small problem which i have noted above, my Pharaoh disk is scratched so i cant reinstall. I guess I'll have to get another copy of it unless you have any other ideas whats wrong?

Thanks to all who helps in this forum, you are great!

posted 07-31-04 02:59 ET (US)     14 / 22  
If I may insert a recent Pharaoh/Cleo install while we are waiting further developments.

Today I added another PC to our LAN, and installed with new out of the box game discs..Caesar III, Zeus/Poseidon, Pharaoh/Cleo, EmperorRotMK, Stronghold/Crusader, RON, AoWII, LotR, 1503AD, ..and others strictly for M/P entertainment.

Never once did I need to use a compatibility other than my own personal PC has this been accomplished. This PC has XP Pro..fully updated, great ATI graphics, and Creative Audigy Sound. An ASUS/Intel CPU..and a 100GB HD that is filling up fast

I really anticipated some possible insight on the recent issues posted about Zeus and Pharaoh.. My son play tested Pharaoh for a few hours..he likes the music so not a hard sell ...everything is as it should be.

*scratches head* Luck maybe??


posted 07-31-04 11:20 ET (US)     15 / 22  
ET as you know I never had a single problem installing any of the city builders on my XP systems (never used compatibilty mode)
posted 08-01-04 02:31 ET (US)     16 / 22  
Yes mousetechlady..I suspected so.. Looking over the other systems I've had to fiddle with to get all the CB games up and running... The difference looks to be those subtle items like Gamespy..multiple Instant messaging groups. Then there's Music Players..with more than one in use for those special deals my teens opt to call favorites

Even with adequate blocking apps in place..SpyBS&D still has a field day after my guys are online for a few hours...may be the first utility I wear out from use. I don't even share the same router with them anymore. hehe

I did find that by getting their systems back to a normal or original configuration (default Media player, plus disabling a long list of background tasks..a real chore with XP startup threats...after editng) All these CB games slide right into place once the OS has a chance to work in an environment where other third party apps are no longer making the call.

..ahh I yabber on..thanks for the confirmation mouse.


posted 08-01-04 03:11 ET (US)     17 / 22  


All these CB games slide right into place once the OS has a chance to work in an environment where other third party apps are no longer making the call.

Must admit neither I am that good at working if a whole bunch of people are running around in the background screaming or disturbing in other ways

A tiny update from my work: Thursday a woman got quite embarrased.
2 month ago she RMAed her PC to us, I fixed it easily -the CPU heatsink was blocked with dustbunnies making the CPU run so hot she got software errors. Well, Thursday she RMAed the PC again. My boss opened the PC and then made a call to the woman: the problem was the exact same (after only 2 months!!)
She got a quick course in how to clean a PC

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24

[This message has been edited by Proconsul Creaticus Dania (edited 08-01-2004 @ 06:12 AM).]

posted 08-01-04 08:32 ET (US)     18 / 22  
Gee whiz PCD where was she running that PC to get big dust bunnies in just two months The worst PC I'de ever seen for dust bunnies hadn't been cleaned in 5 years The spiders had even setup webs inside that one Like you I try to keep a very lean running system.

ET you won't even share a router with the boys anymore rofl lol Shaun has gotten much better about keeping his system leaner and cleaner running but still has a ways to go

posted 08-01-04 09:45 ET (US)     19 / 22  
So, how should we keep the inside of the casing clean? My Antec casing has a filter which can be cleaned, and I've cleaned it a couple of times already so far. I open up my casing from time to time to have a look, and it's quite clean so far.

However, is that filter really sufficient? I doubt so. If you take a look at the case, you'll see that Antec has punched a few holes at the side to form their brand name (quite a lame idea, IMO... >_<). Dust can enter and over time the inside would become dirty. What should I do then?

posted 08-01-04 14:06 ET (US)     20 / 22  
How to clean your computer:
Using a pencil or some other thing to block the fan(s) so it(they) can't turn, it might sound funny when they are spinning really fast but the bearings are not made for it. Then take a brush with natural hair (plastic hair can get static electric, your PC hates static electricity) and your vacuum cleaner and using the brush clean out making sure to catch the dust with the vacuumcleaner without the latter touching anything (static again).
For cleaning the PSU block the fan with a pencil or something similar taking care not to stick the thing you use too far into the PSU. Then vacuumclean it, it will not get totally clean but removing a lot of the dust is much better than nothing.

You can also use the natural hair brush for cleaning the slots not in use or if you prefer and can afford it compressed air from a can made especially for cleaning computers.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24

[This message has been edited by Proconsul Creaticus Dania (edited 08-01-2004 @ 02:08 PM).]

posted 08-02-04 04:37 ET (US)     21 / 22  
Does dust accumulate on the inside areas like the motherboard, for instance? Mmm, a vacuum cleaner... Looks like I'll have to go get one. Time to clean my keyboard too.
posted 08-03-04 03:45 ET (US)     22 / 22  
Good advice PCD My cleaning brushes are from a cosmetic kit..hehe. whatever works I guess. My vacuum was originally designed for copier service techs(looks like and attache case)..I liked the unit because the attachments were usable and didn't threaten anything on MB

Ah yes with teenagers either makes one wise and sage enough to recognize the utter reckless abandon seeking whatever they are after on the Net. It costs them..but that hasn't dampened their spirit...yet.


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