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Topic Subject: Pharaoh Imperial Record Transfer !!!
posted 06-19-03 17:45 ET (US)   
Hi All,
I've recently got Great Empires II as gift & wanna install Pharaoh with Cleo. I've already played Pharaoh (unexpanded, not patched, ??1.0) till end of mid-kingdom & don't want to lose all the imperial record. Any way that that can be done??

Thanx as always.

posted 06-19-03 20:18 ET (US)     1 / 3  
I recommend that you copy the Save directory (perhaps under C:\SIERRA\Pharaoh) and everything it contains (including subdirectories) to somewhere else. (That shouldn't be necessary, but why take chances?) Then install Cleopatra. (If you have a problem, search this forum for the reason.) If Cleopatra installs with the same directory structure, then everything should be fine. If not, copy the contents of the saved Save directory to the new one.

I don't know if Cleopatra in Great Empires 2 is already "patched" (v2.1). Check the version--if it's 2.0, download and install the Cleopatra "patch" immediately.

posted 06-20-03 20:01 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Thanx Brugle,
It says on the box=v2.1

BTW, it was suggested for Emperor (When I was reformatting my PC) that save folder should be zipped & copied to another location to save the files from becoming read-only. Does the same go for Pharaoh?

posted 06-21-03 17:11 ET (US)     3 / 3  
Well, zipping wouldn't hurt, and it would save space. Some backup/recovery procedures lead to files being made read-only, but it's not hard to change file properties.
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